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19 Unique Wedding Themes You Have to See

Jun 11, 2020
By Wedding Spot

Planning a theme for your wedding is more than just decor and choosing a color scheme or wedding cake flavor. It’s about the personalization of one of the most memorable steps in your journey as a couple. This experience should be one that you and your guests can cherish forever. In fact, a theme makes planning a wedding a bit easier, as it gives you a starting point and something to build off of throughout the wedding timeline. With that being the case, we rounded up some of our favorite unique wedding themes — that is, themes that go outside-the-box and make your big day uniquely you — along with a photo for inspiration and a handful of ideas.

Explore 19 of our favorite unique wedding themes:

1. Star Wars

You don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to replicate one of the most popular movie franchises of all-time on your big day. With 40+ years and 10+ movies to use as inspiration, the options are endless. Here are a few of our favorite Star Wars wedding ideas.

  • It may be cliche, but it’s as on-theme as can be: Choose May 4th — otherwise known as Star Wars Day — as your wedding date.

  • This Star Wars opening credit-inspired aisle runner is absolutely everything.

  • Make your grand exit by having your guests form a tunnel and, instead of holding up the traditional sparklers, have them hoist replica lighsabers.

  • When it comes to theme weddings, some couples add a few elements here and there to complement their otherwise “traditional” day — while others go all out. Want to be the latter? Have the bridal party dress up as stormtroopers.

  • Why have a first dance when you can have a lightsaber battle with your new spouse?!

2. Fairytale

A fairytale wedding theme, also known as a Cinderella wedding, is a wedding that incorporates elements that make you and your guests feel as though you’re princes and princesses. It’s one of the more popular themes on this list, and with good reason. Who doesn’t want to feel like royalty on their big day?

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3. Superhero

Superhero is a unique wedding theme that’s easy to customize and appeals to both kids and adults.

4. The Great Gatsby

A Gatsby wedding theme is all about elegance and eye-catching details. This authentic yet nontraditional way of celebrating your day can be extremely romantic.

  • Give your wedding decor some Art Deco flair — use lots of gold, metal and black props.

  • Book a band that can play the classics.

  • Use ivory cutlery and go wild with a champagne fountain.

  • Display extravagant blooms of flowers, white feathers for 1920s elegance, and draped strings of beads.

  • Plan a croquet game for guests as they enjoy signature cocktails, which should, of course, be Gatsby-inspired!

  • Getaway in a classic vintage car.

  • Book a Gatsby-inspired mansion venue.


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5. Rock and roll/biker

This is one of the easiest themes on this list to pull off, so if you and your partner really love bikes and rock and roll, you’re in luck!

  • Skip the usual tux and gown and instead opt for leather jackets and jeans paired with rustic leather boots.

  • Hire a live band to play rock and roll music, and have your guests try out karaoke for classic rock ballads.

  • Ride down the aisle on a motorcycle.

  • Book a local brewery to serve craft beers instead of the usual cocktails.

  • Use oil lanterns and vintage helmets for centerpieces, and hang biker bells and glass jars with votive candles over the aisle.

  • Send invites on biker patches and use motorcycle key chains to designate seats for your guests.

  • Plan your getaway on a vintage motorcycle with a sidecar.

  • Tie the knot at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

6. Social media

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a social media influencer to have a social media themed wedding!

  • Create a personalized and creative wedding hashtag and ask your guests to use it while sharing their photos. That way you’ll create a gallery full of memories to revisit.

  • You can stream your wedding live on Instagram or Facebook, or create custom Snapchat filters for your special day.

  • Engage your guests with a social-media scavenger hunt and every task completed (be it talk to a stranger or have a drink with a bridesmaid or groomsman) can be uploaded with your wedding hashtag.

  • Include a social media wall displaying live hashtag updates or create a video/GIF photo booth.

7. Ski lodge

If you’re a skiing fanatic or want to hold a holiday getaway wedding, then this theme is perfect for you.

  • Set the tone with a unique ski-pass save-the-date or invitation.

  • Bring the theme to life by creating miniature ice sculptures on your tabletops.

  • Wear mini ski boutonnieres and use a faux ski rack to hang up your decor.

  • Set up cozy fireplaces with wooden logs to sit on.

  • For a unique drink, offer warm mulled wine, and of course, a customized shot ski is a must.

  • Provide your guests with personalized mufflers and woven mittens with your monogram or wedding hashtag as their parting gift.

  • Book a venue in the mountains, or better yet, an actual ski lodge, like Montana’s Bridger Bowl.


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8. Kentucky Derby

Before you start planning your Kentucky Derby-themed wedding, know that there will be lots of pastel-colored suits, flashy dresses, and lavish hats.

  • Roses are the official flower of the Derby, so make sure you make that a priority when working with your florist.

  • Book a caterer who specializes in southern comfort food — finger foods like fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, and buttermilk biscuits will fit this theme perfectly.

  • It goes without saying, but have Mint Juleps as your signature cocktail!

  • Make your entrance/exit on horseback.

  • As for the venue, a barn, farm or rustic location — such as The Barn at Southern Grace in Kentucky — would work best.

9. Travel

This unique wedding theme pays homage to your love for wanderlust and symbolizes the great adventures that are yet to come.

  • Set the tone with travel-themed save-the-dates and invitations.

  • Use an around-the-globe seating style for your guests.

  • Feature globe decor and themed-signage with your favorite travel quotes.

  • Turn your favorite cities or wonders of the world into centerpieces.

  • Ask your guests to leave a note with their suggested honeymoon destination for you, and rather than gifts, ask for honeymoon fund travel donations.

10. Halloween

Halloween-themed weddings don’t have to be a mixed bag of orange and black decorations, costumes and jack-o-lanterns. They can be as spooky or as autumn-themed as you desire!

  • Use a dark red and black combination for a spooky feel or do an alternate black and rich purple for extra boldness.

  • Use wild and natural elements such as pumpkins and cobwebs along your aisle, and give it a more sophisticated feel with subtle green ferns and hanging wildflowers or red roses and blue lilacs.

  • Use hanging candles or black and orange paper lanterns.

  • Create a custom bat chandelier right over your wedding arch.

  • Create Ouija Board save-the-dates.

  • Have the ring bearer carry your rings in mini coffins.

  • Combine dark luxe velvet linens and mini-forest tree centerpieces, and deck your venue up even further with black feathers and skull-shaped candles.

  • Opt for a black wedding dress and an all-black tuxedo.

  • For a dramatic getaway, hire a magician and vanish in style within a smoke-filled room.


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11. Harry Potter

A Harry Potter-themed wedding is a great way to bring some extra magic to your special day. Harry Potter has inspired kids and adults alike for years, and if you live and breathe the wizardry and fantasy of Hogwarts, this theme can be a magical way to celebrate your special occasion.

  • Set the tone with a Marauder's Map invitation or Hogwarts acceptance letter.

  • Ask your guests to choose a house and seat them according to their choices.

  • Set up the decor with long tables and extended tall flickering candles, just like Hogwarts’ Great Hall (Baltimore’s Chase Court is the perfect place to do just that).

  • Dress up the aisle with hanging candles or lights and add elements such as golden keys and feathers.

  • Read out your vows from scrolls and then toss them into a goblet of fire.

  • Play a game of Quidditch to entertain your guests.

  • Distribute drinks themed as potions in goblets.

  • Have your guests use hand quills to write well wishes on scrolls, and give away house scarves and wands as wedding favors.

12. Pop-art

If you’ve ever been inspired by Andy Warhol creations, Keith Haring graffiti, or even dot ensembles by Roy Lichtenstein, you should consider setting your wedding up to look like an art show.

13. Jungle

If you loved The Jungle Book as a child, were inspired by the heroics of Indiana Jones, or find yourself re-watching The Lion King, a jungle-themed wedding could be the perfect pick for you. You décor color palette can include various shades of greens and browns, and faux animal-themed skins.


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14. Twilight

A Twilight wedding theme is perfect for die-hard fans who want to bring the magic of the hit franchise to life as part of their own celebration. It’s also perfect for anybody who pictures a magical wedding with outdoor influences and green and white color palettes.

  • Focus on a venue that features a forest ceremony space, white floral accents, and gothic architecture.

  • Line your aisleway with overflowing glass vases of baby’s breath and greenery arrangements for a lush yet inexpensive outdoor wedding design.

  • Purchase artificial wisteria blossom vines in bulk and secure them to your wedding venue’s ceiling.

  • Use an oval archway at the head of your altar to capture the iconic look from the series.

  • Top natural tree trunk stumps with gold votive candles to achieve the woodsy centerpiece look from the movie.

15. Carnival

A carnival theme creates a fun, joyous vibe, and brings back nostalgic memories of cotton candy, popcorn, funnel cakes, and lots of fun.

  • Turn your wedding into a whimsical event with fair food options such as cotton candy and lollipops, or offer elephant ears and funnel cakes.

  • Get creative with your paper goods: Incorporate fair graphics like blue ribbons, ticket-shaped escort cards and ride-themed table numbers.

  • Have a mini hot-air balloon release ceremony.

  • Up the merriment ante with some unique wedding entertainment ideas like a bouncy house or a ferris wheel.

  • Keep guests entertained with carnival games like ring toss. Kids will love this theme!

16. Game of Thrones

While most of the weddings in the ultra-popular TV series didn’t end happily ever after, that doesn’t mean you can’t use ideas as inspiration for your big day and throw a Game of Thrones-themed wedding.


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17. Desert

Saying “I do” overlooking the sunset-colored desert mountains with prickly decadent cacti scenery underneath makes for a stunning scene, don’t you think?

  • Spruce up your décor with shades of muted pastels, potted cacti and succulents, wooden accents, Navajo patterns, crystals and geodes, eclectic textiles, and reflective surfaces.

  • Be resourceful and eco-friendly by using miniature potted succulents and cacti as escort cards and gifts for your guests.

  • Write out your menu on rocks from the canyon or geodes.

  • Use cacti paddles as table numbers.

  • Use cacti and succulent terrariums as centerpieces.

  • Make a dramatic exit on horseback.

  • Pick a venue like California’s Living Desert Zoo & Gardens.

18. Poolside

What could be more refreshing than hosting a poolside summer wedding?

  • Incorporate your pool as part of your main décor to create an elegant setup featuring floating candles, flowers, or lanterns, or go a little more fun and deck it out with balloons.

  • Place your aisle next to the pool for a stunning backdrop or have an arch built right in the middle of the pool.

  • Use colors like shades of white and blue, shades of yellow and red, or even peach and pink to make your décor relaxing and comforting.

  • Host a late-night pool party for your guests complete with a game of sharks and minnows.

19. Winter wonderland

The winter wonderland wedding theme can bring your ideal fairytale wedding to life — as magical and romantic as the movies.

  • Use sky blue, mauve, and gold and silver colors to create a stunning look.

  • Create frosted trees and display twinkling fairytale lights across the aisle, and consider having faux snow fall as you read your vows.

  • Adorn your tabletops with fake snowballs and white candles.

  • Add white feathers bundled with crisp white lilacs to take it a level up. You can even include snowflake glass table numbers.

  • Create ice luges at your bar and offer DIY single-serve chocolate fondue with flavored marshmallows.

  • Use silver framed mirrors and glass ornaments to add some flair.

  • Go for all-white bouquets using crisp white tulips, roses, lilies, and hydrangeas.

  • Hire a pianist to set the mood while you make your getaway.


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Now you know our favorite unique wedding themes!

A myriad of weddings take place every year – add a bit of flavor to your special day and stand out from the regular. Memories last a lifetime, paint them with what defines you!

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