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6 Clever Ways to Find Wedding Venue Prices

May 27, 2020
By Wedding Spot

Looking for clever ways to find wedding venue prices? Narrow down your options and get instant pricing with these simple search tools. Stay within your wedding budget with tips on how to save money on any ceremony and/or reception space. Then, learn the answers to your most important questions about wedding venue prices. 

How to save money on your wedding venue:

  • Consider a Sunday wedding. Cut costs further with a morning or afternoon brunch reception and aim to book weekends that don’t fall near a holiday. 

  • Try unconventional spaces. Look into affordable venues such as legion halls or museums.  

  • Look for all-inclusive wedding venues. Get deals on catering, decor, and entertainment by bundling your venue with their onsite vendors. 

  • Choose one space for both your wedding ceremony and reception. Or elope and host a reception for friends and family — one venue rental will always be cheaper than two. 

Discover 6 clever ways to find wedding venue prices:

Find wedding venue prices with six tools that are all free to use, show upfront pricing on both traditional and unconventional spaces, and offer dates at least 18 months out. 

1. Wedding Spot

What it is: Wedding Spot is a venue search tool that allows users to easily search for spaces within their budget. Wedding Spot’s curated directory lists wedding venue prices and directly connects visitors with beautiful locations for custom quotes. 

Why we love it: Use Wedding Spot’s unique budget estimate tool — which includes venue rental prices, food and beverage cost, and miscellaneous taxes and fees — to easily find the most accurate wedding venue prices. Discover award-winning wedding venues such as this beachfront mansion in a Hawaiian rainforest or these dreamy boho SoCal gardens for under $5,000. 

How to find wedding venue prices: Search by price range or go to an individual venue’s profile and view the wedding venue price on the right-hand side. Get a customized quote with their “Price This Venue” option. 

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2. Airbnb

What it is: Airbnb is an online marketplace where individuals list their private homes and spaces for rent all over the world. 

Why we love it: Find quirky wedding venues that you can’t find anywhere else such as Harry Houdini’s former estate in Los Angeles or this actual mini castle in Connecticut.

How to find wedding venue prices: First, check the price on the listing. Then, contact the owner before you book to discuss their event rates, as they might be different than those advertised. Prepare to discuss wedding party sizes, dates, and any special rules/regulations their property must abide by. 

3. Natural Retreats

What it is: Natural Retreats is a venue search engine that focuses on the beauty of the outdoors. Their spaces are located in parks, by oceans, and/or surrounded by lush natural views all over the United States. 

Why we love it: Book a wedding venue surrounded by unparalleled natural beauty such as their smoky mountains cabin featuring three decks and a hot tub or their luxury farm estate that has 46 acres of rolling hills.  

How to find wedding venue prices: Search for spaces available at your chosen location and on your chosen date. Select the option to include 10+ people in your booking and view their largest options, which allow up to 28 overnight guests. Consider booking a venue that can work as your ceremony, reception, lodging, and honeymoon solution in the quiet peacefulness of nature. 

4. Peerspace

What it is: Peerspace is a venue search engine for business and personal use that features unique spaces all over the country.  

Why we love it: Peerspace includes weddings as one of its many searchable event types which makes it easy to explore sites such as their gothic boho loft and roof deck or this hidden rainforest garden in the middle of a city. 

How to find wedding venue prices: Search for indoor and outdoor options for a wedding ceremony, shower, or reception venue just by entering your chosen activity plus your location and date. Narrow your search down by choosing your number of attendees (estimated or exact) and then filter out spaces in the best price per hour range for your budget. Check out reviews from actual wedding and event planners who previously booked these same spaces right on the website. 

Note that Peerspace venues have average capacities of 100 guests or less so this tool for finding wedding venue prices is best for smaller gatherings. 


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5. TripAdvisor

What it is: TripAdvisor is yet another vacation rental search engine you can use to find the best spaces and wedding venue prices on any budget. Read reviews from past renters and price compare various locations and venue types to find the best possible option.  

Why we love it: TripAdvisor has many tropical venues and luxury rentals all over the world that are suitable for weddings large and small. Discover a Mexican oasis in the mountains that features an infinity pool for stunning post-ceremony photos. Or enjoy a cozy winter wedding at a ski chalet with plenty of opportunities to snuggle up in front of the fire or spend part of your honeymoon hurtling down the mountains with close friends and family. 

How to find wedding venue prices: Search by location, dates, and overnight guest count. Each venue will display its nightly rate along with a star rating and comments from past guests. Note that TripAdvisor lets you search by points of interest, which is ideal if you want to find wedding venue prices for locations near or around a special attraction. 

6. Splacer

What it is: Splacer has creative venues you can search for based on a specific activity, such as a wedding ceremony and reception. Find unusual suggestions for parties of any size in most major U.S. cities. 

Why we love it: Splacer is similar to Airbnb in that you can find eccentric wedding venues with upfront pricing. But it also lists wedding-specific sites and corporate-owned ceremony/reception spaces, which may be more comfortable for couples who prefer a formal venue agreement process. Check out creative venues such as this Greek-style landmark with painted ceilings and marble columns. Or take a peek at this gorgeous modern mansion that features two-story floor to ceiling windows and lavish pool area. 

How to find wedding venue prices: Search by location and event type then filter options by price to get an instant estimate. Note that you do have to make a free account or log in through Facebook or Google to view search results. 

Frequently asked questions about wedding venues prices:

How much should you spend on a wedding venue?

You should spend 50% or less of your total budget on your wedding venue. 

What is the cheapest wedding venue?

The cheapest wedding venue is any location that is open to the public such as parks or beaches. Consider unconventional spaces such as aquariums, bars, or libraries to save money on a private wedding venue. 

How much does a hotel wedding cost?

A hotel wedding costs anywhere from $5,000 to $73,000 depending on the star rating of the hotel, the city the hotel is located in, the size of your wedding, and the time of year your wedding takes place. 

View wedding venue prices and choose the best option!

You can now search for spaces with ease thanks to these simple tools that display wedding venue prices. You also have some actionable tips for how to get a good deal on any wedding venue. And, you know how much to spend on a wedding venue, how to get the cheapest option, and what to expect for hotel wedding prices. Continue your virtual wedding planning journey with this detailed guide on the different types of wedding venues to choose which one is best for your celebration. 

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