5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Day

5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Day

It’s no secret that for many couples, the wedding budget dictates what kind of day you are going to have. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative! There are many ways to achieve the wedding you’ve always imagined while honoring your budget, such as picking an affordable wedding venue.

Here are five tips to help you stick to your wedding budget:

1. Prolong the engagement.

Give yourself a lot of time to plan and buy. Having a longer engagement of a year or more provides you and your beloved with ample time to plan smart, save money, and purchase items when prices are at their lowest. The less time you have until walking down the aisle, the less choosy you be be about what to spend your money on.

2. Track your wedding expenses.

It’s easy to let your budget get away from you if you’re not tracking what you spend. Keep a spreadsheet that tracks how you are spending your money. Whenever you make a purchase, plug it into the spreadsheet. This will allow you to know when you’re going over budget for a non-priority expense and where you can cut back.

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3. Tap into your social network.

Have a friend who is a florist? Have a family member who can bake cakes? Remember a friend from a high school who has started photography as a side gig? Tapping into your social network’s talents can be a great way to stick to your budget while still getting the knockout wedding elements you’ve always wanted.

4. Go secondhand.

People use most wedding items for one day, whether it’s the decor or the dress. If you have expensive tastes without the budget to accommodate it, consider going secondhand when possible. Raid second hand dress stores and consignment shops. Join local wedding Facebook groups and other online communities to keep an eye on used items you might be interested in. You may be able to save big money on high ticket items this way.

5. Look for alternatives to onsite catering

As Money Crashers shares, “Some venues are more strict about allowing outside food and beverages than others. If your venue doesn’t require you to use its catering service, definitely make arrangements to bring in your own food and utensils. You can buy plastic cutlery, cups, and paper plates at a warehouse store for less than $75, depending on the size of your party. For the food itself, local specialties may help reduce your costs.”

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