5 All-Inclusive Wedding Factors to Consider

5 All-Inclusive Wedding Factors to Consider

When you first embark on your wedding planning journey, all of the options available to you can seem overwhelming. You not only have to find a picturesque venue, but also all of the supporting vendors that can help bring your vision of the perfect day to life. It can be a stressful (check out our complete stress-free guide for help!) and expensive process, which makes all-inclusive wedding venues a very tempting option for many couples. But is it the right option for you and your beloved?

Read up on factors you should consider before booking an all-inclusive wedding venue:

1. Your personality.

All-inclusive venues take care of all of the little details for you, which can either sound like a blessing or a nightmare depending on your personality and preferences. If you’re a “hands off” bride that doesn’t have the patience (or the stress threshold) to worry over every detail of the big day, then booking an all-inclusive venue might be your cup of tea. However, if you’re a Type A personality that wants everything to be exactly as you’ve always imagined, then you may want to pick-and-choose your vendors instead of going all-inclusive.

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2. Time available for wedding planning.

Want to be involved in every detail of the wedding planning process? Then be prepared to put in a lot of time and effort. If you’re rushing to the altar or already have a very busy schedule, then an all-inclusive venue might be a great option for helping you cut down on planning time.

3. Desired level of wedding venue personalization.

While an all-inclusive wedding venue is certainly easier from a planning perspective, you might not get as many personalized touches as you might like -- at least if you get a venue’s “standard” package. However, don’t let the fear of a “cookie cutter” wedding deter you from an all-inclusive option. If you opt for an all-inclusive venue but want to spice things up, you can always choose to upgrade certain aspects of the package to create a big day that’s truly your own.

4. Where you’re having your wedding.

Having a destination wedding? Imagining exchanging your vows overseas? An all-inclusive venue may be an easier option. Researching vendors that are located far away can be incredibly difficult, particularly if there’s a language barrier involved.  

5. Your wedding budget.

It’s a myth that all-inclusive wedding venues are always better for your budget, but they certainly can be better for your budget. If you shop around for a good deal, many all-inclusive venues will offer fantastic prices on food, decor, flowers, linens, music, photographers, and more. All-inclusive venues generally provide the cost upfront in a near package (though it’s always important to read your contract and ask the right questions). This allows you to easily keep a grip on your budget. However, if you opt for a lot of upgrades, understand that you will likely be paying more than you originally agreed to.

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