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23 Honeymoon Fund Ideas for Every Couple

Apr 13, 2020
By Wedding Spot

Looking for classy and simple honeymoon fund ideas? If so, you’re not alone. According to the U.S. News Family Finance, engaged couples are embracing minimalist lifestyles. This means fewer pots and pans and more life experiences they can share together, which also explains why honeymoon fund ideas are typically so in demand — with the exception being during a time such as the COVID-19 pandemic. But as Cvent CEO & Founder Reggie Aggarwal said, “the only way through is together. We prepare now for the better times ahead.”

With that in mind, we hope you can explore these 23 digital and physical honeymoon fund ideas that cover everything from niche registry websites to personalization. Then, learn the answers to your most important honeymoon fund questions and start your own! 

Discover 23 of our favorite honeymoon fund ideas:

Add a honeymoon fund to your regular registry 

1. Include a cash fund on your Zola website. 

Choose to fund specific parts of your honeymoon such as dinner for two or a couples massage. Or collect money towards the total cost of your trip with their general fund option.

2. Select the “Fund a Honeymoon” option on MyRegistry.

Consider funding your honeymoon with MyRegistry’s cash gift service or start a collection towards a specific experience you’d like to have as a couple, such as an African safari or tickets to a Broadway play. 

3. Put travel necessities on your Amazon wedding registry

Ask friends and family to help upgrade your luggage or even purchase their most-loved eBooks you can read on the flight. 

Go with a honeymoon-specific registry 

4. Skip high fees with Honeyfund.

Browse their worldwide destination ideas, add them directly to your own registry, and save money all at the same time. 

5. Get inspiration from sample itineraries on Unforgettable Honeymoons.

Copy any of their curated honeymoon itineraries and fund descriptions for popular destinations such as Las Vegas, Tahiti, and Jamaica to save time with trip planning.

6. Use Honeymoon Wishes if you want a full-service experience. 

Complete your entire travel wishlist with direct booking options for important honeymoon details such as hotel room upgrades, local tours, and spa treatments.

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Fund a unique, international honeymoon with a niche travel registry

7. Book exotic and multi-destination trips through a honeymoon fund on Traveler’s Joy.

Get inspiration from their many destination guides and firsthand tips from honeymooners who have gone to these locations.

8. Get cash towards any of Wanderable’s one-of-a-kind international experiences. 

Consider this option if you and your partner would rather cross off a bucket list item than lay on a beach. 

9. Crowdfund a resort honeymoon in the Caribbean, Hawaii, or Mexico with Pixie Honeymoon.

Rely on this all-inclusive honeymoon booking and fundraising app if you want the experience of a personal travel agent without the added cost. Take advantage of their price-match guarantee by shopping around for deals on travel websites such as Expedia or Travelocity before adding the items to your honeymoon fund. 

Simplify the process with popular cash exchange websites 

10. Set up a dedicated wedding PayPal page through a third-party honeymoon site.

Prioritize this option if your guest list mostly consists of people from out of the country because PayPal offers one of the lowest international transaction fees at 4.4%. Use PayPal through other honeymoon fund websites such as Honeyfund or Wed and Wish if you prefer to make the transaction experience feel a bit more personal for guests. 

11. Match your honeymoon fund Venmo handle with your wedding hashtag. 

Add a description to this option that notes how convenient it is for out-of-town guests or for anyone who may have left their checkbook at home. Note that guests want wedding gifts to feel more special than the everyday transactions they use Venmo for, so let them know they’re also welcome to bring cash or check in a card to the wedding. 

12. Add a CashApp link to your digital shower invitations. 

Include additional wedding registry options for more traditional items if you go this route since most wedding guests prefer to see brides open presents at their shower. 

Personalize your ask

13. Request contributions toward specific honeymoon itinerary items. 

Start with an explanation of why your honeymoon is more important than any kitchen, bedroom, or home item guests can give you. Then, zero in on why this particular destination is so important to you and your partner — your reason doesn’t have to be original, just genuine! 

Afterward, create a list with the name and price of each item alongside why you chose it. Include practical items such as plane tickets and fun items such as private surfing lessons so gift-givers of all kinds can choose which part of the honeymoon they most want to support. 

14. Add a little humor to your message. 

Bring in your own personality when you write your honeymoon fund description. Pretend you’re talking to a close friend. Consider a poem or a joke as one of your honeymoon fund description ideas if that feels natural for you.  

15. Focus on how their contribution makes you feel. 

Emphasize the emotional impact your wedding guests’ honeymoon cash will have on your experience through feeling words in your fund description such as gratitude and happiness. Reassure your friends and family that their contributions have a real impact since guests often dislike the intangible experience of sending money online. 

Add a video to your wedding registry or website of you and your partner expressing joy about your dream vacation so guests can better understand how much it means to you and feel good about giving. 

Collect money in person

16. Modge Podge your honeymoon destination photo onto a stylish clear jar. 

Use wide-mouth jars such as this stylish yet affordable option available at Target. Place the photo (pictures on regular printer paper work best) inside the back of the jar, add the Modge Podge, and wait for it to air-dry overnight. 

17. Make a papier-mâché globe. 

Add papier-mâché to a balloon. Let it dry then carefully pop and remove the balloon to reveal a round ball shape. Paint it to match your wedding colors and draw an airplane traveling from your wedding venue to your destination. Alternatively, use an actual paper or cardboard globe for your base and cut a slot into the top for guests to slide cards. 

18. Cut a cash or card deposit slot into a large disco ball. 

Purchase a 15” silver or rose gold disco ball for less than $35. Carefully cut a halo into the top of the ball and gently remove the mirrored plates to reveal an opening (they’re usually hollow on the inside but double-check before you buy it). Cover any sharp edges with clear hot glue to make it safe. 

19. Use a glass jewelry display box. 

Display this stylish honeymoon fund box idea on a bed of faux Monstera leaves and a gold tray to create an elegant and tropical look. 

20. Turn a shadow box into a cash collection unit. 

Order this rustic boho honeymoon fund box from Etsy or make one of your own with this simple DIY tutorial that you can customize with your names, wedding date, and theme. 

21. Use an empty suitcase.

Choose between a vintage latch suitcase or a sleek and modern one depending on your style as a couple. Leave it propped open with a sign that lets guests know what it is. Add flower arrangements, candles, and strands of pearls to the table decor around the suitcase to complete the look. 

22. Set out an extra-large piggy bank. 

Select a travel-themed version such as this gorgeous world map jar or go with a sleek, minimalist honeymoon fund piggy bank for something even more stylish (which you can smash together after the reception). 

23. Create a fun vote by cash competition.

Challenge your friends and family to a live honeymoon fund poll with two jars (one for you and one for your partner) and a board with high stakes polls. Try the popular game, “Who Takes the Cake?”, in which the person with the least amount of money in their jar gets a slice of cake to the face when it comes time to cut it. 

Discover answers to FAQs about honeymoon funds:

Finalize your honeymoon fund decision-making with these simple rules, tips, and guidelines for modern couples. 

How can I raise money for my honeymoon?

You can raise money for your honeymoon by not registering and spreading the word among family and friends that you’re accepting cash gifts. Or, set up a digital honeymoon fund and place a honeymoon cash box or jar out during your reception. 

What should I write in my honeymoon fund?

Write all the reasons you and your partner would prefer a honeymoon fund over traditional gifts. Include descriptive details such as what guest contributions will pay for. Emphasize how grateful you are for their presence and generosity. Also, lighten the mood with cheeky humor or a clever poem. 

How do you ask for a honeymoon fund instead of gifts?

All you have to do is put your request on your wedding website. Also, have close friends and family members spread the word. Do not put this information on your wedding invitation, as it is largely considered inappropriate. Remember to send personalized thank-yous that include honeymoon related mementos for things each person specifically contributed towards within three months of receiving the cash gift. 

What percentage does Honeyfund take?

Honeyfund takes 2.4% + $0.30 for each WePay transaction or 2.8% + $0.30 for each PayPal transaction. 

Finalize your honeymoon fund with these ideas!

Start planning your trip with these unique honeymoon destinations your wedding guests will be excited to help pay for. Or combine your honeymoon fund with one of these great wedding registry gift ideas so guests can still buy you something physical if they want to. 

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