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Fairytale Wedding Theme: Everything You Should Know

Jan 17, 2020
By Wedding Spot

Dreaming of your perfect fairytale wedding? There are lots of wonderful options to choose from, so we went ahead and narrowed it down to some of the very best ones (meaning those that are easy to duplicate, DIY, or buy on a budget). In this guide, we’ll go over all the main wedding categories and include some helpful resources, examples, and ideas to help you get started planning your fairytale wedding theme. Let’s dive in!

Planning a fairytale wedding theme

The difference between planning a traditional wedding and a fairytale themed one is all about the details. While the main components are the same (you’ll need a dress, venue, etc.), your choices will revolve around the magic and wonder of this dazzling theme. We’ll go over some examples and ideas for a variety of wedding categories that will surely inspire you!

How to choose colors for your fairytale wedding theme

There are tons of options for wedding colors out there, but these three ideas will help you narrow down your choices.

  1. Seasonal Palettes. Choose colors based on what time of year your wedding will be held. For winter fairytale weddings, lean towards gold or silver glitters with deep reds or blues. For spring fairytale weddings, seek out candy-colored pastels. For summer fairytale weddings, choose a dark and moody theme (with black accents, earthy greens, and lacey whites) or vibrant rainbow tones. And for fall weddings, think rich maroons combined with splashes of pink or gold. Here are some month-by-month ideas we know you’ll love.

  2. Disney Princess Worlds. Pick your favorite Princess and emulate her style by using the movie’s main colors as your inspiration. For example, a Cinderella-themed fairytale wedding would include a lot of blues, silver glitters, and translucent whites. Here are some more Disney-inspired wedding ideas to get the ball rolling.

  3. Real-Life Royalty. If you like a little more real-world inspiration, take a page from real-life princesses for your fairytale wedding theme. The classic color palettes in these examples are universally flattering and can be pulled off with almost any wedding budget.

5 practical venues for your fairytale wedding theme

Regardless of where you’re located, there will be one or more options available to host your fairytale wedding. Even though some of the options sound expensive, there are ways to book them for less. For example, you may opt to host a Friday or Sunday service. Or, you might be able to partner with a historical society or non-profit with access to one of these magical spaces:

  1. Forests. As long as the weather cooperates, a fairytale wedding in the woods might be the perfect venue solution for you. Here are some whimsical ideas.

  2. Villas, Estates, and Mansions. Any venue that has a grand ballroom will do. Check out these gorgeous options from Vogue.

  3. Public or Private Gardens. Fairy lights and fresh blooms make this venue rustic and appealing. Here’s a handy checklist for this venue type.

  4. Backyards. There are lots of ways to glam up a backyard for your fairytale wedding. Take a peek at these helpful ideas and tips.

  5. Castles. The ultimate fairytale wedding venue, castles work for both ceremony and reception locations. Here are some of the best options in America.

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3 gorgeous wedding dresses and styles for your fairytale wedding theme

The wedding dress is probably the most exciting part of a fairytale wedding theme. Here are some examples of styles that best fit the theme.

  1. Ball Gown. A full skirt is the epitome of a fairytale wedding dress. Check out these dramatic and classic examples.

  2. Sweetheart Necklines. Feminine and soft, a sweetheart neckline pairs well with a jeweled corset and tulle skirt. And there are a few different ways to incorporate it into your wedding day look.

  3. Themed Designer Lines. From Disney-themed wedding dresses to entire princess collections, you have a lot of great options to choose from.

3 interesting invitations and styles for your fairytale wedding theme

Even though you’re planning a fairytale wedding, there are lots of different flavors of fairytales. Use your wedding invitations to set the tone and give guests a taste of what they can expect with these great ideas:

  1. Gothic. Medieval calligraphy and castle images bring a mature and stylish take to the theme.

  2. Vintage Storybook. Use images from your favorite real-life fairytale book to inspire your invitations. Overlay wedding details on an image like this one.

  3. Rustic. Glowing fairy lights, magical trees, and even some woodland creatures complete the look of these invitations. Anything that emulates the feeling of this example will work like a charm.

15 DIY fairytale wedding theme decorations

These ideas work both indoors and outdoors for most budgets. Pick the ones that feel right for your unique take on the fairytale wedding theme.

  1. Silk flower bouquet centerpieces. Grab a premade arrangement from an artist on Etsy or follow this amazing video tutorial using dollar store products.

  2. Blooming archways. Here’s a step-by-step crafting guide that even beginners could pull off.

  3. Vintage candelabras and candle holders. The most challenging aspect of this decor idea is actually finding them. But the good news is that they look beautiful grouped together even if they’re mismatched. Check out eBay, estate sales, garage sales, and even Amazon for some great options.

  4. Chandeliers. Even if your chosen venue doesn’t have them, you can still incorporate chandeliers into your design.

  5. Rustic skeleton keys. Tie tags onto them and use them for table markers or gather them in small piles as tablescape fillers.

  6. Cinderella carriages. Grab mini candle holder versions (like this one) for conversation-starting centerpieces.

  7. Rose petal runners. Sprinkle real or fake petals down the center of a table. Or take inspiration from these gorgeous flower petal aisle runners.

  8. Hanging lanterns. This paper rosette version works well for fairytale wedding themes.

  9. Fairy light mason jars. Use battery-powered string lights inside oversized jars for some extra table lighting outdoors or indoors.

  10. Lace covered tea light holders. Here are four ways to make them.

  11. String of pearls. Drape these across doorways, archways, chandeliers, or tree branches.

  12. Tree slices or stumps. Here are a bunch of ways to incorporate them into your design.

  13. Antique picture frames. Fill these with old family photos like your grandparents’ wedding day pictures.

  14. Single stem roses in clear glass vases. Use tall, thin vases for the entire stem or place just the heads in small bowls.

  15. Lace curtains draped across archways. Check out this gorgeous Etsy version.

Your fairytale wedding will be a dream come true!

Now that you have a pretty good idea of what your wedding will look like, make sure to review our wedding planning timeline guide as well as our tips for how to plan a wedding while working full time.

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