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45 Must-See Halloween Wedding Decoration Ideas

Oct 29, 2020
By Wedding Spot

Looking for the perfect Halloween wedding decoration ideas for your venue, tables, altar, and more? If so, then you’ve arrived! Make the most of this popular holiday and nontraditional wedding date by going all out with decor that plays into the unique theme yet retains a sense of elegance along with the fun. Add vampire teeth to your seating cards, venus fly traps to your bouquets, and much more with these creative Halloween wedding decoration ideas. 

Explore 45 of our favorite Halloween wedding decoration ideas:

The best Halloween wedding decoration ideas lean heavily on black, purple, and silver/gold color schemes as well as crimson, beige, and dusty pink to pay homage to fall. They also combine the elegance and class of a traditional wedding with takes on the theme that are either gothic, boho, or whimsical. By adding the items guests usually associate with this holiday into decorations in creative ways (like the ones outlined below), you’ll truly wow guests with a one-of-a-kind celebration. 

Keep reading to explore Halloween wedding decoration ideas for centerpieces, tables, altars, and flowers. Then, find great DIY ideas you can use to create elegant and unique decor pieces for your special day. 

Halloween wedding centerpiece ideas

Keep in mind that small gothic touches such as adding black paint, fake cobwebs, and plastic skulls to items you would use at any other wedding will elevate the look and tie in the theme. 

1. Spray paint faux rose stems black then nestle them into clear vases with tissue paper, black tulle, or clear glass beads in the center.  

2. Using a 28” clear, plastic trumpet vase, submerge a stack of flower heads that are all the same color or alternate between black and white. 

3. Group a variety of gold foam pumpkins and gourds together in a basket and overflow the arrangement onto the table. 

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4. Place black candlesticks in a black candelabra and drape faux spiderwebs and plastic critters around the arms. 

5. Surround a black lantern with a wreath made of wrapped ribbon, plastic bats, and some tulle for texture. 

6. Wrap three sizes of floating candle holders with varying styles of wide black lace or rhinestone ribbon and stagger them down a long table. 

7. Place your flower arrangement in skull-shaped vases on top of black fishnet pieces, cut roughly and layered. 

8. Paint old hardcover books a matte black shade, stack them from largest to smallest, and tie them up with a black and white checkered bow. 

9. Mix candelabras at varying heights with faux spider web and scattered skeleton bones

10. Place a chunk of green florist’s foam in a black cauldron-shaped Halloween candy bucket and stick flower stems inside. 

Halloween wedding table decor suggestions

Remember to combine texture, light (whether it’s battery-powered or real flame), and common Halloween symbols such as bats and pumpkins to your tablescape to bring more of the theme in. 

11. Run an oversized and hand-dyed gauze table runner in black, dark purple, or cream down the center of your table and artfully arrange the excess fabric on the floor. 

12. Try mixing an overabundance of black, gold, and white candles on top of a bat and cobweb table runner.  

13. Layer a textured gold dinner plate underneath a smaller, plain black one and top it all off with a white pumpkin-shaped plate

14. Fill clear pumpkin punch bowls with an orange or red drink with plenty of fresh orange slices, pomegranates, and cinnamon sticks for single, self-serve beverages at every table. 

15. Layer matte black foam pumpkins with burgundy and forest green velvet ones to add more texture to the look. 

16. Run garlands of leafy faux greens and eucalyptus down the length of the table and dot the arrangement with drippy black candlesticks held up by gold holders on top of a black tablecloth. 

Halloween wedding decoration ideas for your altar

For elegance, add more gold accents, candlesticks, and moody pieces. But for more whimsical, consider forest themes and classic Halloween products such as foam pumpkins or candy cauldrons. Regardless, your altar decor is an important part of your ceremony, so be sure you put some thought into it!

17. Use a gold archway or upcycled door frame as the base for black, gray, and white tulle curtains, and top it all off with a large flower arrangement. 

18. Place a faux headstone behind the altar then light it with a small key spotlight and some smog if you’re feeling extra spooky. 

19. Place four, five, and six-foot-tall candle holders on either side of the altar, arranging them from smallest to tallest on either side to mirror one another. 

20. Tie a rope or thick string between two nearby tree trunks, then drape crimson fabric, dried vines, and dried flower heads down from it, tying off the fabric to one side for a chic asymmetrical look. 

21. Use extra large black tree branches with plenty of textured mini twigs to form a natural arch around your altar then add groupings of dark purple, lavender, and white flower buds to various spots. 

22. Stack one crate on top of two others and fill them with an assortment of witchy props such as ravens, skulls, candles, spell books, apothecary jars, and crystals. 

23. Stack a large pile of crimson, black, silver, and white skulls against the archway or in a pyramid shape directly behind where you’ll say vows. 

24. Add moody floral arrangements to a hexagon archway then use black chairs for guest seating to contrast it. 

25. Create a witchy altarpiece made up of a square, natural wood structure plus plenty of dried tree branches and strings of dark red berries spilling over the edges. 

26. Lay down a black runner in the aisle way then line with candelabras, lanterns, and/or pumpkins. 

Halloween wedding flower arrangement ideas 

Add unusual-looking blooms, dried versions of traditional bridal bouquets, and fun extras such as plastic venus fly traps to show off the theme without cheapening the look of the arrangements. 

27. Fill a skull-shaped vase with loose blooms that are two or three times taller than the piece itself for a boho look. 

28. Add plastic venus fly traps to any floral arrangement along with a tiny “Beware” sign.

29. Look for interesting and unique blooms such as scabiosa combined with stock and lavender in a clear vase. 

30. Opt for a bundle of pitcher plants, roses, artichoke, amaranthus, caspia, and bear grass in hues of black and purple. 

31. Go simple yet elegant with bridesmaid bouquets made up of farm fresh long stem roses in black or orange. 

32. Add large black ostrich or raven feathers to floral centerpieces to pump up the drama. 

33. Swap black for navy or plum blooms and pair with beige, dusty pink, and orange flowers for an unexpected color palette. 

34. Make it leafy by adding real foliage to a bouquet of dried flowers.

35. Stick with greens like ferns, pine tree stems, and eucalyptus for an understated yet woodsy Halloween themed bouquet, then complete the look with a wide black ribbon. 

DIY Halloween wedding decoration ideas

Purchase supplies from your local dollar or craft store and source unique pieces such as vintage picture frames and books from thrift stores to save more cash. 

36. Hot glue styrofoam crows onto fake skull heads and place them on top of black candlesticks or pumpkins.  

37. Spray paint three mason jars orange then stencil the letters B-O-O onto each one. Fill them with faux leaves and twigs that have fall-themed beads on them. 

38. Get a large fake branch with a little curve to it and plenty of spooky smaller branches for a statement centerpiece. 

39. Layer faux acorns and white pumpkin-shaped candles inside of hurricanes then vary the heights of each by placing them on top of pedestals. 

40. Create a variety of black and white designs such as checkers, polka dots, and stripes on foam pumpkins in a few different sizes and pile them in a bare corner. 

41. Cover plastic vampire teeth in gold or silver paint then place guest name cards between the chompers for an unexpected seating chart. 

42. Spray paint wine bottles black then stick a tall white candle inside and let it burn until the wax drips onto the bottle

43. Tie guest names and seating numbers to the stems of mini pumpkins using burlap ribbon.

44. Group a couple dozen plain white candles in varying sizes together on a staircase, fit them into clear glass vases featuring both smooth and textured exteriors, then tuck in moss around the base of the display. 

45. Write “I put a spell on you” or “Til Death” on a large chalkboard sign near the bar. 

Put these Halloween wedding decoration ideas to good use!

For more inspiration, check out our favorite fall wedding food ideas to get a sense of what you should serve for appetizers, drinks, and meals.

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