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24 Fall Wedding Food Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Jan 7, 2021
By Wedding Spot

A fall wedding is all about warm color palettes, rich flavors, cozy vibes, and embracing the season — and that goes for the food you serve, too!

When it comes to fall wedding food ideas, ingredients and flavors such as cinnamon, squash, and apples immediately come to mind. But you don’t have to fall victim to the traditional styles. The options are literally endless. With that being the case, we put together 24 fall wedding food ideas to ensure that you and all of your guests won’t ever forget what was served on your big day! Each idea links back to a recipe that you can either follow to a T or use as inspiration.

Discover 24 fall wedding food ideas your guests will love:


1. Cranberry chicken salad on apple slices. This unique take on your usual chicken salad is sure to be enticing for guests. For the sauce, you can substitute mayo with Greek yogurt for a healthier option.

2. Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. The creaminess of the tomato soup. The crispiness of the grilled cheese sandwich. There’s a reason this has been a childhood favorite for generations. But don’t worry — the kids at the wedding aren’t the only ones who will be asking for seconds.

3. Bacon-wrapped dates. These may not be the most filling appetizer option, but they sure are tasty. Add goat cheese to the recipe and secure it all with a toothpick.

4. Butternut squash apple bruschetta. While traditional bruschetta usually utilizes tomato and basil, you can always twist it to suit the mood of the season. For this take, combine two of the fall’s favorite ingredients — butternut squash and apples roasted in spices — placed on top of warm french bread slices and some fine ricotta cheese, and top it off with a balsamic glaze.

5. Slow cooker cranberry BBQ meatballs. Meatballs are always a party hit, especially if you spice them up to embrace fall flavors with some cranberry BBQ sauce. This dish is an explosion of flavor, and it’s sure to go quickly.

6. Butternut squash and deviled eggs. Deviled eggs are always a pre-dinner favorite, and this version incorporates fall flavors in the perfect way. When you pair the butternut squash puree, a pinch of nutmeg, some cayenne pepper and crispy bacon pieces, this dish is guaranteed to disappear when served to your guests.

7. Butternut squash soup topped with blue cheese and bacon. This simple slow-cooker recipe includes onions, marjoram, cayenne pepper, nutmeg, and more, and produces a delectable sweet and creamy soup that everyone will love. Top if off with blue cheese and bacon bits to make it all the more enjoyable.

8. Potato leek soup shooters. Nothing says fall comfort food like some warm potato leek soup, and serving it in the form of shooters makes it even more enticing. Add some croutons on top for an extra crunch or garnish them with bacon bits or a little bit of cheddar cheese.

9. Shrimp cocktails paired with fresh veggies and tomato soup. We haven’t forgotten seafood lovers, and what could be better than incorporating shrimp with fresh vegetables and some spiced tomato soup? This is a really simple appetizer which can be a great palate cleanser for your guests before they move onto the main course.

Main course/entrees

10. Pork chops with fig and grape agrodolce. Paired with fresh figs and grapes and cooked in balsamic vinegar and honey to make an exquisite sweet and sour sauce, this is an ideal fall wedding food idea.

11. Cider-braised chicken with apples and kale. Not much is more autumn-y than a whole chicken leg rubbed with mustard and spices and braised in apple cider and white wine. This dish tastes just as good as it looks.

12. Butternut squash ravioli. Sticking with the fall theme, this butternut squash ravioli is paired with a delicious sage brown butter sauce and topped with parmesan cheese and fresh sage. To make it a vegetarian option, substitute chicken broth for vegetable broth.

13. Eggplant with cashew butter and pickled peppers. Slow-roasted eggplant placed on a creamy cashew sauce and topped off with some lime? Yes please. This dish is sweet and creamy, ideal for an excellent vegetarian main course. We haven’t tried it yet, but the recipe claims: “make this cashew butter once, and you’ll want to use it on roasted vegetables year-round.” Sounds good to us!

14. Pork tenderloin with Brussels sprouts and squash. Spiced up with an ancho chile rub, this sweet and zesty dish is great when paired with some warm roasted veggies like squash and Brussels sprouts. You can always add more color with some cilantro leaves and lime wedges.

15. Cornish game hen with apple-cranberry rice stuffing. This dish is as beautiful as it is flavorful, and it opts for rice instead of bread when it comes to the stuffing. But beware: Choosing this option may leave your guests’ mouths watering as the scents reminiscent of Thanksgiving dinner fill your venue.

16. Pan-fried sea bass with miso, lemon, and thyme-glazed roasties. This dish is ideal for seafood lovers, and can be altered to incorporate many different types of fish. Add local veggies like country carrots, sweet potatoes and parsnips.


17. Spiced churros with hot chocolate. Not only are these churros phenomenal on their own, but they make great stirrers for the hot chocolate, too! If you’re not a fan of hot chocolate, opt for spiced apple cider instead.

18. Pumpkin roulades with mascarpone and white chocolate. If you’re looking to elevate the traditional pumpkin spice cake, this version is an appetizing — and gorgeous — take. Pair it with some candied pepitas for an extra touch of fall.

19. Blackberry, pear and white chocolate crumble. It may not be the prettiest option on this list, but the flavor is out of this world.

20. Berry tarts and pumpkin spiced lattes. This version features red cranberries reduced in cognac, but you can also opt for strawberries, raspberries or blackberries. Paired beautifully with pumpkin spiced lattes, this dessert idea will keep your guests satisfied.

21. Praline pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie is one of the most popular fall desserts, and with good reason. But why not take it up a notch? This version, which pairs the traditional creamy pumpkin pie with crunchy, chewy brown sugar pecans, is out of this world.

22. Spiced carrot cake. Carrot cake is already a fall favorite, but this option incorporates pepper, clove and cardamom for an absolutely delicious fall treat.

23. Apple butter donuts with a maple glaze. These fall-flavored donuts aren’t your typical circular treat. They’re incredible on their own, but you can also spice it up a bit by serving them warm with a scoop of pumpkin ice cream.

24. Plum and almond galettes. If plum doesn’t intrigue you, you can use other seasonal options like caramelized apples or even chocolate pecan.

Use these fall wedding food ideas as inspiration for your big day!

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