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15 Beautiful Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Jan 1, 2020
By Wedding Spot

Bridal bouquets are a lot easier to choose, buy, and work with than you might think! Besides being a wedding tradition, the right flowers can help elevate your color palette, complete your wedding party look, and add personality to your ceremony decor. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the decision-making process and provide some truly inspiring bridal bouquet ideas you can actually use! 

5 Ways to Choose Your Bridal Bouquet 

The options may seem overwhelming, but if you choose one or more of these guidelines you’ll be able to find something you love quickly and efficiently! 

  • Consider the tone or theme of your wedding. Flowers all have their own unique personalities and meanings, making some more appropriate for your wedding than others. 

  • Say yes to the dress before the bouquets. Busier wedding dress patterns do well with simplified wedding bouquets and vice versa. The same is also true for dresses with full skirts versus more form-fitting styles. Your bridal bouquet balances everything out. 

  • Use your wedding color scheme. They don’t have to exactly match, but the colors of your bridal bouquet flowers should exist in the same palette as the rest of your decor. 

  • Look at what’s in season. These flowers will often be easier to source and cheaper to supply.  

  • Work with a florist. Chances are they’ll have a lookbook as well as some professional recommendations ready to go. Even if you’re fairly certain you know what you want, it doesn’t hurt to pick their brain about additional options, possible issues, or anything else you might not have thought about with this particular set of blooms! 

Where to Buy Your Bridal Bouquet

Generally speaking, you can either buy your bridal bouquet online or in-store. Some of the most highly regarded digital options include Bloominous Wedding Flowers (a flower wholesaler offering everything from DIY kits to professional onsite set up teams), Bouqs (an eco-friendly bouquet design specialist with services that include ASAP delivery and under $40 options), and The Brides Bouquet (a silk and artificial flower bouquet expert). 

If you’d rather shop local, your options include Farmers Markets, family-owned florist businesses, and box stores like Costco or Sam’s Club. If you’re on a budget but still want gorgeous wedding bouquets, you can even find some lovely options at your local grocery store! 

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And, last but certainly not least, if you or a helpful loved one has a green thumb, you do have the option to plant and grow your own bridal bouquet flowers ahead of time. Just make sure to do your research, time their growing cycle out properly, and plant more than you think you need since not all seeds are guaranteed to take. 

15 Beautiful Bridal Bouquet Ideas 

Ready to be inspired? We chose these bridal bouquet ideas because they are visually appealing, fairly easy to recreate if you plan to DIY, and they offer a full range of styles, prices, and sizes. 

1. Single Stem Bouquets

A single giant sunflower or dahlia stem is both whimsical and cheerful. But you can basically use any type of flower as long as the head of it is the right size for your overall look. Alternatively, you can use a dozen identical flowers (like alstroemerias or tulips) to form one uniform bouquet. 

2. Wildflowers

Thin and delicate stems are complemented by small poufs of color in this arrangement. This bridal bouquet is best for outdoor ceremonies and themes involving nature. 

3. All White

Mix and match a variety of flower shapes with this look. As long as they are all the same shade of white, they’ll look amazing. 

4. Pastel Rainbow Summer

Summer is all about bright colors, and a bridal bouquet that reflects this season will surely be beautiful. Combine neutrals like chamomile or dusty miller with a variety of brightly colored roses, wildflowers, lavender stems, sweet peas, peonies, and astilbe.

5. Roses and Anything Else

Roses, the world’s most romantic flowers, go with pretty much any other bloom. Pair it with equally sized flowers like peonies or hydrangeas. You can go for a swath of similar hues or use contrasting shades to make a statement. 

6. Blush and Green Cascade

This wedding bouquet design typically involves orchids and will drape over the bride’s hands as she makes her way down the aisle. Combine blush tones, greenery, and blooms like roses, calla lilies, and lisianthus to complete the look. 

7. Statement-Making Accessories

Ostrich feathers, metallic ribbons, giant succulent heads, crystals, and even seashells can make their way into your wedding bouquet for a fabulous twist on a classic arrangement. Choose accessories based on your wedding theme and location. And limit your bouquet to only one or two standout features. 

8. Winter Wonderland

Combine silver strings, lace, or ribbons with a bouquet made from winter greens, blood red roses, and plenty of white blooms with berries. 

9. Greenery

Who said your wedding bouquet had to have actual flowers? Use any combination of eucalyptus, lush herbs, ferns, or even air plants. 

10. Springtime Surprise

Bouncy and joyful, this bridal bouquet idea involves using fun bouquet shapes (like loose, crescent, or cascading) and seasonal flowers (like pansies, hellebores, or snowdrop anemones) to create a fresh, unexpected arrangement. 

11. Striped 

This style of wedding bouquet can be recreated with any flower types as long as they are arranged in stacking layers, giving it the so-called stripe effect. The more layers you add, the bigger it will be, so limit yourself to two or three different types of flowers if you’d like to keep it small. 

12. Monochrome 

Choose one color and combine a hodgepodge of blooms in that hue to create a visually interesting wedding bouquet. Using this technique, you can combine a ton of different blooms styles without worrying about them clashing. 

13. Pageant 

A classic beauty queen look, the pageant bouquet style is dramatic and requires the bride to hold it using her hands and sometimes her forearm. The large style can be recreated with any flower as long as the stems are thick and tall.  

14. Fall Farmers Market

Combine several shades of browns, yellows, and dusty pinks, and deep reds to complete this look. Seasonal flowers like thistle, ranunculus, chrysanthemums complete the look. 

15. Old School Glam 

Combine strings of pearl, silk ribbons, and a variety of off white, tan, and blush flowers to create a Hollywood worthy wedding bouquet. Carnations, roses, and hydrangeas will look best. 

Why do brides carry bouquets?

Besides the obvious (they smell nice and look amazing), bridal bouquets are yet another heartfelt symbol of life, love, and joy. 

How much are wedding bouquets?

Professional wedding bouquets made from fresh flowers average around $150 while silk flower versions may cost as little as $35. DIY bridal bouquets may cost more or less than that depending on the price of the blooms you choose.  

What are the best flowers for wedding bouquets?

Flowers that are lightly scented but not overwhelmingly fragrant are best. So are ones that no one is allergic to, so double check that your wedding party doesn’t have any specific flower allergies. Also, your wedding bouquet should act as an accessory to your outfit and decor, so choose ones that compliment your theme rather than take it over. 

How long before the wedding can you make the bouquet?

If you’re using artificial flowers you can make it as far in advance as you want. But fresh flowers typically look best within a day of being cut and arranged. If you choose to do them the night before, store them in a fridge to keep them perky. 

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