35 Forest Wedding Ideas and Tips

35 Forest Wedding Ideas and Tips

Need some inspiration for the outdoor wedding of your dreams? Check out these forest wedding ideas that cover every aspect of your ceremony, complete with DIY tips, bookable venues, and other practical yet creative suggestions for any budget. 

Our Favorite Enchanted Forest Wedding Ideas 

Here we’ll take a closer look at everything from venues to themes to invitations. 

5 Stunning Forest Wedding Venues

There are lots of options for forest wedding venues. They can be entirely secluded or on the outside edge of the woods. They can be in your backyard or on the other side of the country. And they can be any level of formal or informal that you desire. 

Take a peek at these real-life forest wedding venues and how they help bring outdoor wedding dreams to life. They’re all based in California, but even if you don’t want a wedding in The Golden State, there are plenty of gorgeous ideas from real weddings at these sites that you can use for your own vision. 

1. The Mountain Terrace

Location: Woodside, California

Cost: Starting at $7,030 for 50 guests

Redwoods and delicious outdoor dining characterize the forest weddings held at this venue. 

2. Saratoga Springs

Location: Sarasota, California

Cost: Starting at $4,259 for 50 guests

This semi-secluded forest wedding venue is the more mountainous area of the redwoods and a fully immersive outdoor experience. 

3. Sequoyah Country Club

Location: Oakland, California

Cost: Starting at $4,831 for 50 guests

Their upscale rustic chic is called the Clubhouse and features world-class dining as well as charming antique furnishings. 

4. Mountain House Estate

Location: Cloverdale, California 

Cost: Starting at $8,945 for 50 guests

Indoor and outdoor spaces are available at this forest adjacent wedding venue. Enjoy their pond, ceremony area, and sunny dining patio. 

5. Evergreen Lodge

Location: Groveland, California

Cost: Starting at $10,144 for 50 guests

Their gorgeous and historic event hall combined with the magic of Yosemite make this an appropriate option for themed nuptials. 

5 Forest Wedding Theme Ideas

Just because you’re getting married outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t have a well-put-together style! 

  • Rustic Mountain. Log cabins, red flannel, and plenty of spruce themed centerpieces cover this look. 

  • Cozy Evergreen. Getting married in the wintertime? Depending on your location, you can make the most of this outdoor-inspired theme with plenty of pinecones, poinsettias, and sparkling silvers. 

  • Bohemian. Macrame and dream catchers anyone? 

  • Relaxed Elegance. Just because the setting is wild doesn’t mean your style has to be. Blend natural elements like sturdy wood dining tables with deep purple armchairs for your sweetheart section. 

  • Romantic Moody. Stark white, black, and deep burgundy or purples make up this dreamy wedding theme color palette. 

10 Forest Wedding Decor Ideas

Even without walls you still have plenty of space for creativity with your outdoor wedding decor. 

  1. Tiered sliced wood serving trays. These great DIY wood slice trays are great for beginners. 

  2. Clear mason jars and votives. See-through accessories like these keep the focus on the natural surroundings while adding a little extra sparkle. 

  3. Crawling flower arrangement tree accents. Use fresh or faux blossoms and wrap them around tree trunks and branches. 

  4. Antique china and cutlery. Mix and match using estate sales and online auction sites to gather your whole set. 

  5. Moss table runners. There are lots of great moss table runner options on Etsy. 

  6. Tree branch and fairy light archways. Add one at the entrance of your ceremony area or put several large ones over a dining table to add a little extra light in the evening. 

  7. Suncatcher crystals. Hang them from tree branches to cast tiny rainbows over your ceremony. 

  8. Fairy garden centerpieces. Add a wedding day twist to any of these 40 magical DIY fairy garden ideas

  9. Gold candelabras. Another great wedding decor item you can thrift, you may be able to light real candles (simple white ones work well here) in your forest wedding, just make sure to clear it with the park ahead of time. 

  10. Flower garland vines. Drip a couple dozen from the branches of trees closest to the entrance of your ceremony space to help distinguish it from its surroundings. 

5 Forest Wedding Cake Ideas

If you want to make your setting the most important element of your theme but still have a stylish cake, the key is to choose one or two main accessories to feature on a simple base. 

  • Faux bird’s nest. Add candy Robin’s eggs to symbolize good luck and a future home filled with abundance of any kind. 

  • Pinecones. Real or fake, these pair well with pine tree sprigs. 

  • Moss icing. DIY edible moss cake is totally a thing and it’s mostly made out of sugar cookie dough! 

  • Edible wildlife. Fondant birds, squirrels, and deer are especially charming. Use them on the outskirts of your plate display or grab a couple of plastic versions to use as whimsical cake toppers. 

  • Berries. Dark berries like currants, blackberries, and blueberries look great with white or off white icing. 

5 Forest Wedding Dress Ideas

Obviously outdoor weddings call for slightly less formal wedding dress styles, but you and still create a gorgeous and creative look using any combination of these elements: 

  • Antique lace. There’s something so dreamy and romantic about antique lace wedding dresses against a soft natural background. Style this vintage bridal look with a thrifted dress and accessories that play up what kind of vintage look your going for (there’s a big difference between a Victorian vintage bride and a 1980’s one). 

  • Spaghetti strap. The Bridal Guide has put together a great example list of wedding gowns with spaghetti straps for you to check out. 

  • Sheath or empire waist silhouettes. These shapes help create looser fabric around your hips and legs, which looks just carefree enough without being too relaxed for your wedding, which is perfect for a forest-themed event. 

  • Dyed floral appliques. Add a little light green, pink, or cream accent to your dress to personalize the gown and weave in your theme. 

  • Flower crown veil. Flower crown and wedding veil hairstyles might be the best part of having a forest wedding in the first place. 

5 Ideas for Forest Wedding Invitations

These are really easy to make yourself but you can always find digital versions with the following unique details. 

  • Hand-stamped mushrooms. This rustic wedding invitation is a great example of how to make it look elegant.  

  • Watercolor forest background. Paint the trees in the same color or colors as your wedding theme. 

  • Woodland creatures. These woodland watercolor fox wedding invitations feature foxes that represent the couple using small details. 

  • Chalkboard. This is especially nice if you plan to include chalkboard signs at the event. 

  • Brown kraft paper with lace detailing. Combine upscale class with woodsy personality using these two card design elements. 

Looking for even more magical themed wedding ideas? 

Take a look at our tips for a fairytale wedding theme as well as some budget-friendly garden wedding ideas!

Find the perfect venue for your forest wedding!

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