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Unique Wedding Exit Ideas: 36 Send-Off Options

Nov 25, 2020
By Wedding Spot

It’s scientifically proven that first impressions count, but last impressions count more. Thanks to the recency effect, humans tend to place more importance on information or experiences they had last. So make your wedding send-off count — it might just be one of the most memorable activities of the whole event! Read on to get inspiration from fun, awe-inspiring, and unique wedding exit ideas that are sure to impress guests. 

In this post, we include 36 unique wedding exit ideas covering a wide variety of eco-friendly, budget-conscious, and far-out suggestions that any wedding theme or style can use. The suggestions work both during the day and at night, so the time of day shouldn’t be a factor! Just remember to ask your wedding venue for permission ahead of time. Also, look into local laws and regulations before you buy items you plan to toss or release in any way. 

The perfect-for-you wedding send-off plan includes all of the following elements: 

  • Aisle or pathway decor that sets the mood for your departure

  • Tossables or something your wedding guests can hold so they can actively participate in the exit

  • Super photogenic props to capture this magical moment

  • Transportation to whisk you and your partner away to the next activity

Make a lasting memory with any of these unique wedding exit ideas:

1. Have guests create an arch above your heads using plastic or foam swords. You can also give your bridal party crowns and tiaras to complete the royal or pirate theme. 

2. If you don’t mind getting a little wet, hand out some miniature water pistols to start a water fight with guests. You and your partner should surprise them with super soakers, of course. Hand out towels too for those caught off guard.

3. Ask everyone to hold custom lighters like they’re at a concert or swap real flames for cell phone flashlights. Play romantic and soft rock music — maybe even a recording from a live concert!

4. Have circus performers do a quick show. If a magician is involved, they can make you and your partner “disappear.”

5. If appropriate for your culture, light incense, sage, or palo santo for your send-off.

6. Hire a horse and carriage to whisk you away at the end of the night. 

7. Invite guests to do a conga line out to your getaway vehicle. Have your maid of honor and best man lead two separate lines then meet up in the middle. 

8. Ask guests to wave cheerleader pom-poms at you as you exit. Choose colors that reflect your shared history or interests. This works especially well if you have the same favorite sports team or met at school. 

9. Dry some flowers ahead of time and toss their heads, petals, and/or leaves into the air. 

10. Have a live band play as you walk out of the venue.

11. Celebrate your last dance instead of your first one and choreograph an exit for you and your bridal party. 

12. Ride away in style on white bicycles with color-coordinated streamers flying off the back. 

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13. Use colored smoke bombs in a well-ventilated area for mesmerizing wedding photos

14. Wave flags, handkerchiefs, or pennants in the air that have your initials on them.

15. Swap confetti for foods such as rolled oats, plain popcorn, Trix cereal, or coffee beans. Make sure you limit the amount you use and only throw edible objects over a flat surface like concrete or pavement so that it’s easier to clean up and animals won’t come for it after. 

16. Add some everlasting bubbles to your departure for a whimsical touch. Or, if your wedding is dog-friendly, use child and pet-safe flavored ones. Peanut butter is the most popular. 

17. Equip your guests with glow in the dark sticks, hats, and necklaces. For children, host a face painting booth that uses glow-in-the-dark face paints so they can look extra cool. 

18. Rent or borrow a classic car to take you from the venue to your reception or hotel. Don’t forget the “Just Married” sign. 

19. Hire an antique trolly to transport your entire wedding party. Or, opt for a party bus if that’s more your style. 

20. Send paper boats or geese with tealight candles in them down a river, in a pond, or in a fountain. Make sure you clean them up after! 

21. Toss around a few dozen beach balls overhead. They’re light enough to not cause injury if they collide with anyone but do encourage caution. 

22. Throw premade paper airplanes around with love notes and marriage advice written inside, then have someone collect them for your scrapbook after. 

23. Add pillar candles of varying heights and sizes to glass hurricanes and line your walkway with them. You can ask guests to hold them too if it poses a fire hazard for the venue. 

24. Dump paper snowflakes from a window above your exit or blow them down the aisleway with fans as guests throw them in the air. 

25. Release biodegradable balloons instead of regular ones which are hazardous for wildlife and the environment. 

26. Light and release a jumbo paper lantern with your initials and wedding date on it. Give guests miniature versions to write well wishes on before releasing the blessings into the air. 

27. Toss flower petals instead of confetti. Choose from rose petals or any florals featured in your bouquet. Save money by breaking down leftover centerpieces or bridal party bouquets for this. 

28. Blow glow-in-the-dark bubbles for a cool nighttime send-off.

29. Hand out maracas, sleigh bells, whistles, kazoos, recorders, or tambourines instead of throwing items, and encourage your guests to go wild as you exit the venue.

30. Throw faux butterflies made out of seed paper into the air to leave patches of wildflowers behind. Ask your venue for permission first just in case they prefer carefully manicured landscaping. 

31. Create natural confetti by hole-punching hearts, triangles, and stars out of fallen leaves. You can also air-dry fresh leaves for one to three days then coat them with acrylic paint to make them more long-lasting. 

32. If you love to craft, try tossing eco-friendly glitter (it’s compostable!) in the air when the sun is up or just about to set for some magical photo opportunities. 

33. Have your guests give you the royal treatment by wafting you with paper fans or palm fronds as you walk down the aisle. 

34. Use fake snow as your walkway runner for a winter wonderland wedding if the ground isn’t completely covered. 

35. Have your guests hold LED bunch lights or wrap them around their own shoulders. 

36. Trade rice for crushed lavender during your wedding send-off. It will look pretty and smell amazing.

Make a lasting impression with these unique wedding exit ideas!

Once you have your unforgettable send-off planned, it’s time to reflect on your bridal party entrance ideas if you haven’t already done so. Use elements of your wedding exit in your entrances to bookend the event. Also, if you’d rather keep your entrances and exits simple yet surprising, add your fur child as a dog ring bearer to the event.

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