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Bridal Party Entrance Ideas: 16 Fun Options

Sep 25, 2020
By Wedding Spot

Did you know that 85% of all brides choose to have a bridal party for their wedding? While the bridal shower and bachelorette party get a lot of attention, you have to consider what actually happens on the big day, too. One of the biggest jobs of the bridal party on the wedding day is to enter and set the scene, so we’ve compiled this list of 16 bridal party entrance ideas to inspire you and your closest friends and family. Keep reading to nail down their entrance music and activities.  

Explore 16 fun, funny, and unique bridal party entrance ideas you need to see:

In this post, we offer bridal party entrance ideas for both the ceremony and the reception. But before getting started, consider what your wedding venue will allow. And if there are any props or animals involved, check in with your bridal party before subjecting them to things they may be allergic to or uncomfortable with.

Ceremony bridal party entrance ideas:

While entrances for the ceremony are typically more slow and romantic, there are still tons of options for your bridal party to make a memorable entrance. Explore some of our favorite options below.

1. Swap bouquets for puppies. 

Collaborate with a local shelter or rescue to showcase adoptable puppies or senior dogs at your wedding like the bridesmaids in the below video did. Make sure your bridesmaids are comfortable with it ahead of time. You can even consider having them hold or walk the dogs down the aisle instead of being escorted by groomsmen. 

2. Hire or recruit ballet dancers. 

If you have some adorable niece or nephews who wouldn’t mind doing a few graceful moves down the aisle alongside your bridal party, invite them to participate. You can also hire professional young dancers, like in this breathtaking wedding clip

3. Ride in style. 

If it’s within your budget, consider bringing your bridal party in by horse, a tastefully-decorated wagon (think hay bales and gourds for a Fall wedding), or a vintage fire truck. Drop them off near the entrance of the aisle if outdoors or just before the ceremony begins as guests wait to enter the venue. 

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4. Do a line dance. 

Want to get the energy and excitement up during the ceremony? A line dance is a great way to do it. Choose upbeat music and have your bridal party show off their best moves as they boogie down the aisle. Check out our list of fun wedding songs to narrow down some options.

5. Have a live string quartet play. 

Live music is proven to have an effect on humans through vibrational sounds waves that interact with water in our bodies. As you can see in the example below, the string quartet that plays during the bridal party entrance adds to the atmosphere of the ceremony.

6. Carry lanterns, balloons, or sparklers. 

Props are an eye-catching way to bring in your bridal party. Large outdoor lanterns with electric candles can double as outdoor lighting after the sun sets, while balloons can be tied to table centerpieces afterward. If you use sparklers, limit them to outdoor use only and make sure everyone safely keeps their distance from your guests’ heads as they walk down the aisle. 

7. Show off musical talents. 

Any marching band alumni or chorus singers in your bridal party? Have them collaborate on a tune as they walk in. It’s super personal and memorable. 

8. Have featured guests escort the bridal party in. 

If your favorite boss, aunt, or neighbor didn’t make it into the bridal party but you’d still like them to be an active part of your special day, ask them to escort your bridal party in. This option is especially useful for anyone who had a tough time choosing their bridal party to begin with. It’s a great way to get more people involved!

Reception bridal party entrance ideas:

Your reception bridal party entrance should build off the energy created by the ceremony entrance. For example, if you did a line dance into the venue, build on that excitement with a choreographed bridesmaid and groomsmen dance.

1. Do the wedding entrance from The Office

Fans of the hit TV show know that this hilarious surprise bridal party entrance was not in Pam’s plans, but it worked out anyway. The dance moves are simple enough for your bridal party to learn on the day. Check out a clip from the episode on YouTube and use it as a tutorial. Or check out the below example from a real wedding.

2. Have the bridal party cheers and sip their way in.

Have your bridal party show the guests what’s next on the agenda by walking in and cracking beers, popping champagne, or clinking wine glasses as they enter. They can raise their drink as their name is called by the DJ. 

3. Film a music video. 

Prepare this about one to three months in advance then screen it at the reception. To pull it off, you’ll need to choreograph any dance moments and plan out locations. Other than that, it’s pretty easy to shoot on your phone camera then edit it with free software on mobile or desktop.

4. Do a short skit. 

If a music video is too time-consuming but you still want that performative aspect in your bridal party reception entrance, have them mime funny scenes as they enter. It can be anything from the grocery cart dance move to the fishing pole gag. The options here are endless.

5. Surprise guests with a flash mob. 

A surprise flash mob wedding dance can happen before the bridal party is announced or just as they’re starting their speeches. If you want it to be a surprise for your guests and for you, ask your bridal party if they’re willing to make it happen without telling you when exactly it will be. 

6. Perform a couples’ dance.

Have each bridal party member salsa, tango, or two-step their way into the reception venue. You can choose one bridal party entrance song for them to all dance to or ask them for a 15-30 second selection ahead of time and have your DJ create a master cut of their chosen music. 

7. Use a green screen. 

For example, want to shred the gnar with a super cool snowboarding bridal party entrance? If you’ve got a green screen, you can do this no matter where you are or how talented everyone is at extreme sports. You can use an affordable chroma key background to make your wedding party look like they’re surfing, landing on the moon, or even miniature-sized like in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

8. Swap outfits. 

On oldie but a goodie, this bridal party entrance idea is an actual outfit swap between bridal party members. If this is just too silly or physically uncomfortable for some participants, you can still pull it off by thrifting look-alike outfits in their correct sizes so everyone has their own clothing. 

Put these bridal party entrance ideas to good use!

Bridal party entrances are a great way to lighten the mood and show some personality. But remember, it's all about choosing an option that’s right for you! If you’re still looking for venue decor, create the perfect setting for your memorable entrances with one of these wedding altar decorations and ideas

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