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Dog Ring Bearer Ideas: 23 Cute Options

Sep 16, 2020
By Wedding Spot

Seven out of 10 millennials own dogs, so it’s no surprise that a dog ring bearer is high on the list of ceremony priorities for engaged couples. Learn more about how to make your furry friend a part of your big day with these 23 adorable dog ring bearer ideas you can actually use. Then, keep reading to discover answers to logistical questions around training, having multiple dogs, and more!

Can my dog be my ring bearer?

Yes, your dog can be your ring bearer! All they need is a little guidance, the right outfit, and clearance from your wedding venue.

Explore 23 of our favorite dog ringer bearer ideas:

Explore some shoppable items (like dog ring bearer pillows, collars, and outfits) alongside creative extras to dress up your pooch and safely deliver your wedding rings down the aisle.

1. Use a dog ring bearer pillow.

Dog ring bearer pillows are tied to the top of your dog’s collar or harness with a secure ribbon. Tie a color-coordinated bow around the pillow, securing the rings to the center. There are tons of options available online.

2. Order a wedding dog collar.

Etsy has wedding dog collars to fit every style, including crystal beaded ones for classy pups who like a little bling and farmhouse-inspired bows with lace and burlap. There are so many great options available, but before you get overwhelmed, remember to match the collar to your wedding theme and colors.

3. Put them in a dog ring bearer outfit.

Choose either a sleeveless vest version or a smaller bandana with a tux pattern. Options with more fabric are obviously warmer for your pet to wear, so those are best for colder climates.


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4. Use a harness with a ring holder attachment.

You can attach a ring holder to a harness you already have, but if you’d like to be extra cautious, consider a white pillow and leash combo built for the job. A large dog ring bearer harness looks purposeful and stylish.

5. Dress them up with a bandana.

Choose between tuxedo print, fabric, or slogan bandanas for your dog ring bearer. Order a custom dog bandana and print your wedding hashtag or the words “I do too” on it.

6. Get a matching bow tie.

Match your dog’s bowtie with you or your partner’s outfit. Buy one or make it yourself by using a DIY doggy bowtie tutorial. All you need is fabric, scissors, a pen, some thread, an iron, and basic folding skills.

7. Use a flower lei.

Drape your dog ring bearer in a ring of flowers that match your bridal bouquet. You can also use greenery such as foliage, eucalyptus, and amaranthus like in these simple instructions for how to make a floral wreath for your dog. Swap fresh for faux flowers to save your budget — and your dog from potential allergens.

8. Bejewel their harness.

Grab a white harness, some rhinestones, and a hot glue gun. Add one strip of crystals around your dog’s collar to elevate the look, or go all out with mixed sizes of individual crystals for a sparkly look.

9. Create heart-shaped name tags.

Any pet or grocery store that offers a dog tag machine will likely have a heart-shaped option. Put their name and your phone number on one side and the wedding date on the other.

10. Have your flower girl carry or walk your dog down the aisle.

If your flower girl is old enough and your dog is small enough, this is a good option as long as your flower girl feels confident she can handle the responsibility. Or, you can always create or buy a wedding wagon (with more flowers, garlands, and wood hearts) for your pet to sit in that your flower girl can easily wheel down the aisle.

11. DIY a lightweight wreath.

Coordinate with your DIY wedding flowers or use simple complementary branches of baby’s breath. Wrap a malleable rubber-coated wire into a circle that will comfortably rest on your dog’s shoulders, then secure the flowers around it. Check to make sure your dog is comfortable wearing the circle before going any further.


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12. Have them wear a dog tuxedo.

Complete the look with non-slip dog cuffs that will turn them into a very fancy good dog.

13. Tie a wedding balloon to their leash.

A single light up balloon or one that says your names and wedding date can add a special touch to your ceremony. Test to see if this is something your dog is comfortable with before and at the rehearsal, just in case.

14. Honor a past pet with a stuffed animal.

Get a look-alike stuffed animal or a custom stuffed replica of your dog and have someone hold it and the rings while walking down the aisle to honor your past pet.

15. Try an infinity scarf.

White or a solid color looks classy. You can also opt for a lace infinity scarf for a more traditional wedding vibe. Gently wrap it around your dog so that it’s not too tight but doesn’t drag on the floor either.

16. Add faux florals to their collar.

Hot glue the heads of faux cherry blossoms, garden roses, or sweet peas to your dog’s collar. Use the largest flower in the middle then work your way out with medium and small flowers that complement your other florals.


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17. Outfit them in fairy wings.

Pink and gold glitter wings are a great inexpensive and appropriate choice for your dog ring bearer. Give it a good shake before putting it on your dog so you don’t have to vacuum hair and glitter off of your couch for the next few months.

18. See if they’ll wear a headband.

If your dog can tolerate it, a headband is a great dog ring bearer idea. Use flowers, pearls, or organza to create a mini veil.

19. Use leftover wedding dress material.

Ask your tailor to save any fabrics cut from your wedding dress alteration. If your dog is small, create a second smaller dress out of it. If your dog is medium or large, wrap their collar with the fabrics to match your outfits.

20. Put them in a white tutu.

Choose one with glitter and a bow for an adorable dog wedding tutu outfit. Go all white or add in some complementary colors that look great with your theme or venue.

21. Get a white leash.

Sometimes the only dog ring bearer idea you need is a white leash. Print your names on it, add flowers or adhere rhinestones to it for an even fancier look.

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22. Try dog booties.

If there’s any chance it might rain on your wedding day, make sure you snag something as cute as these Wellington boots for your dog to keep their paws dry while walking down the aisle.

23. Hang a sign around their collar.

Use a wide ribbon around their neck and shoulders to hold up a thin wood sign. Write your names or a charming phrase such as “my humans are tying the knot!” Of course, as with every other idea, ensure that it’s comfortable and safe on your dog, and that it doesn’t bother them!

Frequently asked questions about dog ring bearers:

How do I train my dog ring bearer?

You can train any calm, well-behaved dog to be a ring bearer by teaching them how to walk down an aisle that’s the same size as your venue aisle, or simply by having someone else walk them on a leash. As far as holding the actual rings, you can always attach something lightweight and comfortable to them that will keep the rings safe. If your dog is really talented, consider practicing moves that involve holding a basket or pouch as they walk.

Can there be two dog ring bearers?

Of course! But keep in mind, there’s always the chance that they get more distracted by the commotion of your ceremony when they’re together. So if you plan on having two dog ring bearers, opt to have someone walk with them down the aisle rather than rely on them to focus on the task.

Can my dog walk me down the aisle?

For some couples, having their dog walk them down the aisle makes sense if their parent(s) aren’t in attendance. It can also be easier emotionally for the bride and groom if their family situation is challenging. Whatever the case may be, you can absolutely have your dog walk you down the aisle. Just make sure someone is able to take care of them once you’re ready to focus on the ceremony.

Put these dog ring bearer ideas to good use!

Now that you know it’s possible to have a dog ring bearer at your wedding, it’s time to consider how you’ll set the stage for the rest of the ceremony. If you’d prefer a human guest to be your flower girl, check out our guide for helping your flower girl get ready for the big day. Then set the scene with these gorgeous wedding altar decorations and ideas to set the perfect backdrop.


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