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33 Ways to Wow Your Wedding Guests

Nov 25, 2020
By Wedding Spot

If you’ve found yourself saying, “I want my wedding to be unique,” or “I just want my guests to be surprised,” then you’ve come to the right place. From show-stopping venues to unique escort card displays to some super fun surprises, we’ve compiled a list of 33 ways to wow your wedding guests and ensure that your big day won’t ever be forgotten. Because while your wedding is, most importantly, all about you, there’s no harm in giving your guests a time to remember, too! Pick one — or a handful — of these ideas, and you’ll be well on your way to doing just that.

Explore 33 ways to wow your wedding guests on your big day:

1. An unforgettable venue. This is arguably the most important step, as your venue can completely make — or break — the wow factor. Luckily, we’ve got you covered here at Wedding Spot. If you’re still searching for that perfect venue, check out the 11,000+ options available on our site today!

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2. Stylized lounges. Create chic lounges for guests to congregate around when they’re not tearing up the dance floor. Bonus points for a fire pit.

3. Unexpected chandeliers. Chandeliers not only add gorgeous lighting, but they really elevate your wedding aesthetic. We especially love when couples add giant chandeliers to their outdoor wedding

4. Themed and inspired wedding decor. If there’s one thing we love, it’s a themed wedding. You can be overt with something you and your partner bonded over like a favorite movie or book (Harry Potter and Game of Thrones and Star Wars, oh my!) or something a little more subtle like a wedding inspired by the 1970s. 

5. Infographic of your relationship. Guests love knowing a little about the timeline of your relationship that led to this beautiful day, and a fun way to communicate that is through an infographic. You can display it at each table as a centerpiece, put it on each place setting, make a large display with it, and more. 

6. Entertainers. What better way to ow your wedding guests than with truly amazing entertainment? There are so many super fun options when it comes to hiring entertainment for your wedding. Our favorites include fire breathers, salsa dancers, aerialists, and magicians.

7. Charity donation party favors. In lieu of wedding favors, donate to some organizations and charities that are meaningful to you and your fiance. Put a small note on each place setting to let guests know where your contribution is going in honor of their presence. You can even do a different organization for each table and acknowledge it on the escort display.

8. Coloring station for kids. This is not only super easy and fun, but super helpful for parents who want to enjoy the festivities. Create a station with coloring books and kid-friendly art supplies to give the children at the wedding an activity to do.

9. Disposable cameras. Your guests have the best view in the house of this once-in-a-lifetime celebration, so have disposable cameras at every table so they can capture memories from the inside.

10. DIY cocktail bar. Try a champagne bar with various fruits, juices, and liqueurs. Or a whiskey tasting bar to try different aged bourbons. There is so much creativity to be had with a DIY cocktail bar.

11. Food experiences. We love it when couples make dinner more than just a meal. Have dinner be an experience by including things like tableside guacamole, vintage fondue pots at each table (not the fountain), a crab boil, flambe desserts, or a hot chocolate/apple cider bar!

12. Photo scavenger hunt. Create a scavenger hunt around the venue where guests have to take photos of each bullet point on the list. For example, “take a photo of a couple holding hands” or “take a photo of a half-eaten piece of cake.” This also makes for wonderful memories when you get these photos sent to you from your loved ones.

13. Late-night snacks. As guests are exiting your fabulous wedding, have boxes of late-night snacks for them to grab on their way out. Our personal favorite is a burger box with fries. Talk to your caterer about this offering or reach out to your local late-night spot to see what they can offer. 

14. Unique escort card displays. Whether you choose a bold design, a glass of champagne labeled with table numbers, or a potted succulent that doubles as a party favor, think outside of the box when it comes to your escort card display.

15. Designated after party. If you have guests that love a late-night party, surprise them with a designated after-party when your reception comes to a close. You can make it an open or cash bar depending on what’s in your budget. You can even host a few snacks to keep everyone’s belly’s full!

16. Table games. From table topic cards to the “guess what celebrity I am” game, there are tons of ways to liven up guest tables once everyone’s seated for dinner. Bonus: These are great icebreakers if you have a table of guests who don’t know each other well.

17. Super cool centerpieces. We’ve seen some incredibly unique centerpieces over the years ranging from fall harvest fruits and veggies to neon tube lights to vintage lamps. Don’t shy away from the non-traditional when it comes to decor — and that includes centerpieces.

18. Trivia. Have a trivia game where questions are about you and your new spouse! Each table can be a team and whoever wins gets something fun (i.e. a bottle of champagne!). 

19. Cocktail hour party games. Cocktail hour is one of our favorite parts of a wedding because it’s when people are just coming off the elation of watching you say “I do” while at the same time mingling for perhaps the first time of the evening. Why not break the ice with some party games? Our personal favorite is champagne pong, but we’ve seen cornhole, horseshoes, and even Twister!

20. Karaoke. There’s nothing like late-night karaoke. Add this activity as a surprise towards the end of the night and you’re one step closer to an unforgettable evening.

21. Instagram stations. Let’s be real, if you don’t post it on Instagram, did it even happen? Create unique spaces that act as IG backdrops. Maybe a fun neon sign, disco balls, and art made by you and your fiance in one corner. A live garden wall in another embellished with your wedding day hashtag. Even a fun mock movie set! Get creative and help your guests take incredible photos at your party.

22. Singing waiters. This one is super unexpected and super fun! Hire singing waiters to unexpectedly burst into song and dance throughout the night. If you’re a music buff, this is the perfect surprise for your guests. 

23. A surprise wedding. This is the surprise of all surprises! Invite your guests to an engagement party, wedding shower, or even just a cocktail party, but instead, they’ll see they’re actually at your wedding when they arrive.

24. Alternative menu displays. There are so many more options to display your menu rather than the traditional paper menu at each seat. We’ve seen menus on giant tropical leaves, menus written onto the tablecloth, menus on a vintage mirror, menus projected onto a screen, and so much more. This is an especially great option to keep waste in mind for a more eco-friendly wedding

25. Unexpected entrance or exit. There are so many fun options when it comes to unexpected wedding entrances and exits. Arrive via boat, helicopter, horse and carriage, vintage car, golf carts, and more!

26. Cute animals. Who doesn’t love cute animals? Luckily, there are tons of ways to incorporate them into your big day. Hire an animal handler to walk the animals around the reception. Or, have an animal rescue group come so guests can interact with dogs and cats, donate to the organization, or even become a forever home for one of the animals!

27. Projectors. Projectors add a touch of fun to your wedding reception. You can choose anything you want to be displayed, from home movies of your relationship to just a video of a gorgeous landscape that accents the rest of your wedding decor. 

28. Family recipe dessert bar. If you have some incredible family recipes, consider incorporating them into your wedding menu! One of our favorite ways to do this is using family recipes to create a dessert bar. You can even print recipe cards stationed on the bar for guests to take home.

29. Caricaturist. Having a caricaturist at your wedding is a wonderful surprise for guests because, not only do they get to have a piece of art of themselves to commemorate the occasion, but it doubles as a party favor as well!

30. Adult bouncy castle. Okay, so we know this one might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but bouncy houses aren’t just for kids anymore! We’ve seen some really elaborate and cool bouncy castles created specifically for weddings. So if you like to think outside of the box and truly wow your wedding guests, this one's for you.

31. Silent disco. If you and your future spouse are music lovers, this is the perfect surprise for your guests. It’s also a great option if you’re renting a venue with a noise ordinance. Have guests slap their headphones on and you can keep the party going all night!

32. Disco balls. Need we say more? Put them everywhere. 

33. Surprise fireworks. This one isn’t as unique as some of the others, but it always packs a punch. Have a firework display towards the end of your reception and your guests will be completely awe-struck by this romantic surprise.

Wow your wedding guests with these super fun ideas!

Now that you’ve decided on a few special ways to wow your wedding guests, put the ideas into action by hiring a wedding planner to facilitate your big day plans! Or if you’re planning your own wedding, check out these tips and tricks so you can implement everything seamlessly.

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