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35 Cheap Wedding Gifts for Guests

Jan 6, 2020
By Wedding Spot

Looking for some fun and cheap wedding gifts for guests? This list has a wide variety of options with something to offer for every wedding theme, location, and time of year. While you can make many of the things on this list yourself, if you’re short on time or help, you still have lots of cheap gifts to choose from. 

All of the following gifts are practical. People of all ages can enjoy them, they each serve a purpose, and they’re pretty reliable crowd-pleasers. You’ll also find a variety of options ranging from things you can eat to things that smell amazing to things that will last months (or even years) after your big day. Plus, all of the items listed are fairly easy to obtain no matter where your family or your future wedding is located. 

Please note: This post does not contain any affiliate links, we just really like these brands or products! 

Explore 35 of our favorite cheap wedding gifts for guests:

1. Personalized Tea Sachets

Put you or your partner’s favorite loose leaf tea into small, round metal tins. Or print some wedding stickers (with your names and the wedding date) and place them on individual tea packets. 

Pro Tip: Blackberry Sage, Hot Apple Cider, and British Breakfast are among the top-selling teas at The Republic of Tea

2. Customizable Lip Balms

Create his and hers options by offering two different flavors/scents. You can use premade lip balms and place customized labels on them or make your own. 

Pro Tip: Buy them wholesale on Etsy. 

3. Color-Coordinated Candy Bags

Choose treats that match your wedding colors. Mix and match them or use one uniform color for all the favors. 

Pro Tip: Put them into clear bags so that they become part of the table decor. 

4. Glow Stick Bracelets

This one is great for outdoor weddings and receptions, especially if you have children in attendance. 

Pro Tip: Individually label them. It encourages guests to only take one at a time rather than a whole handful. 

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5. DIY Mason Jar Candles 

Use mini mason jars and tie some ribbon around them to complete the look. 

Pro Tip: Choose a signature wedding scent like lavender and lemongrass, rose, or even patchouli. 

6. Hershey Kisses

Place them in individual baggies or in one, large bowl as part of your wedding centerpieces. 

Pro Tip: Hershey’s will personalize your chocolates for less than $1 a candy by placing your initials and wedding date at the bottom of the wrapper! 

7. Individually Wrapped Cookies

Choose a cookie that reflects your theme or go with your absolute favorite type. These can be homemade or store bought as long as your presentation (whatever box, wrapper, or treat bag) you use looks stylish. 

Pro Tip: Macarons, mini chocolate chip cookies, and flavored Oreos are always a hit!

8. Travel-Sized Tissues

More than a few tears will be shed at your wedding so give your guests travel-sized tissue packs or ultra-mini tissue boxes. 

Pro Tip: Memberships to bulk discount stores like Costco will be really helpful for this one! 

9. Chocolate-Covered Mints in Tins

After-dinner mints are tasty and practical. Add a tag, label, or wrap them in a bow to elevate the presentation. 

Pro Tip: They have plenty of mints and other gorgeous wedding favors at the Wedding Connexion

10. Plantable Seed Cards

Write a thank you message, print a cherished poem, or even include your favorite engagement photo on this plantable paper which has the potential to bloom in your guests’ gardens for years to come. 

Pro Tip: These recycled fiber seed hearts are perfect! 

11. Themed Bookmarks

Feature illustrations of your beloved pets, your hilarious engagement photoshoot outtakes, or your favorite wedding song lyrics on paper or wood bookmarks. 

Pro Tip: Use a premade template on sites like Canva

12. Branded Matchbooks

Add a label or sticker to upgrade them from ordinary to wedding-worthy. These are especially handy if you pair them with a candle or our next item. 

Pro Tip: Get customizable and small quantity matchbooks here. 

13. Individual Sparklers

Not only are these lots of fun for children of (nearly) all ages, you can have your guests use these sparklers at dusk for even more magical wedding day photos. 

Pro Tip: Here are some great ways to take sparkler pictures

14. Flip Flops 

Give everyone permission to slip into their dancing shoes with these great cheap wedding favors! 

Pro Tip: Choose a classy color (metallics, pastels, or anything that matches your wedding theme) and remember to include a variety of sizes. 

15. Baby Succulents in Pots

Grow these yourself in the months leading up to the wedding or order them from a local nursery. 

Pro Tip: Look for 2” varieties in terracotta or ceramic pots. 

16. Mini BBQ Sauce Bottles

Or choose any condiment you prefer! Bonus points if it’s featured in your wedding menu in some way. We especially love the idea of a homemade relish, spicy ketchup, or a vegan miso mayo. 

Pro Tip: If you plan to order these instead of making them, make sure you get a test bottle ahead of time and decide whether or not you actually like it. Not all sauces are created equal! 

17. Bride and Groom Snack Bags 

Choose each person’s favorite treat and wrap it in a cellophane bag with a bow on top. These can be anything from pecans to lemon drops to caramels. 

Pro Tip: You can also serve the treats in plastic test tubes or acrylic boxes for an even classier display. 

18. Homemade Apple Butter

Planning a fall wedding? Add some seasonal flair with this cheap wedding gift your guests will love. 

Pro Tip: You can even make it ahead of time and store it in a freezer for up to one year.

19. Single Serve Hot Chocolate Spoons

Take wooden spoons and melt some delicious chocolate on them. Then dip it in mini marshmallows, tiny chocolate stars, or edible glitter. 

Pro Tip: Here’s a great recipe along with a printable gift tag template. 

20. Custom Enamel Mugs

These are actually quite affordable when purchased in bulk and manufacturers typically offer custom printing. Add your names and wedding date or your favorite marriage-related quote. 

Pro Tip: Grab plain ones for $0.93 here and add waterproof labels to them. 

21. Personalized Beer Koozies

Summertime weddings wouldn’t be complete without the option to keep your beer nice and chilled! 

Pro Tip: Save some extra money and use a koozie store that is geared towards promotional marketing and not wedding related products. Just know that they may require a minimum purchase.

22. Mini DIY Pillow Mists

Fill travel-sized spray bottles with a few drops of essential oils and a base to create a soothing and cheap gift for guests.

Pro Tip: Use this recipe as a starting off point. 

23. Themed Bubbles

There are lots of creative bubble wand options online, with wedding-appropriate designs ranging from diamonds to rings. 

Pro Tip: If you don’t mind spending a little extra, they also have flavored bubbles (like peanut butter and mint) that are safe for both children and dogs to eat! 

24. Seasonal Incense Sticks

Both hand-dipped and store-bought are great options. 

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for a more portable solution and think regular incense sticks are too long to be practical, you can even DIY some incense matchsticks. 

25. Cinnamon Stick Ornaments

Wrap them in ribbon or turn them into mini Christmas trees for a delightful winter wedding gift. 

Pro Tip: Here’s a super easy version for beginners. 

26. Individual Ferrero Rochers

Plant some customized flags on top of each one and serve them on a platter or as part of your wedding table centerpiece display. 

Pro Tip: Worried about nut allergies? You can also do this same idea with chocolate truffles or cake pops! 

27. Clementine and Clove Ornaments

While these fragrant wedding favors are traditionally made with oranges, clementines are much smaller and take less time to put together. Add some ribbon that matches your wedding decor.  

Pro Tip: Also known as pomanders, this gift can last up to several months! Just be sure to use a generous amount a cloves to help keep them fresh. 

28. Flavored Toothpicks

These are super easy to make - just soak them in food-grade flavored oil overnight and voila! Then, individually wrap 2-3 toothpicks in a mini envelope or with a string for each guest. 

Pro Tip: Mint or whiskey are excellent choices! 

29. Brightly Colored Pinecone Fire Starters

The colored versions are extra special because they create green, blue, or pink flames and can be made with laundry products you already have at home! 

Pro Tip: Although it’s not exactly labor intensive, this craft does take as much as three days to complete. Check out the instructions here

30. Homemade Galaxy Putty

If your little one gets a say in the wedding favors, this one will surely be a hit. 

Pro Tip: Choose colors and glitters that work with your wedding theme then given them away in plastic Easter egg shells or in mini plastic tubs. 

31. Tiny Themed Soaps or Soap Slices

Use little shapes like flowers, hearts, or seashells. Or, if you’d prefer to buy them, order several large bars, carefully cut them into slices, then package them individually. 

Pro Tip: Wrap them in kraft paper, tie them with twine, and add a hand-stamped label for the perfect rustic-yet-classy wedding favor.  

32. Baby Pumpkins and Gourds

Who isn’t delighted by the thought of tiny pumpkins and gourds? 

Pro Tip: Add a pretty lace bow on top to make it extra special or leave out permanent markers for kids to decorate theirs with as a fun reception activity. 

33. Potpourri Satchels

Make it out of fruit rinds, essential oils, and dried plants or buy it in bulk then divide it into small burlap bags. 

Pro Tip: Add dried flower confetti as filler. It’s super colorful and saves you a little extra on your other herbs and plants. 

34. Washi Tape-Covered Tealight Candles

Premade tealight candles look whimsical and cute when you add washi tape around the base. 

Pro Tip: Use a foil version for a metallic effect or grab a wedding themed one from discount shopping apps like Wish! 

35. Mini Wine Cork Air Plants

Tiny air plants on top of wine corks? Talk about an adorable wedding gift for guests! Attach a little note with care instructions so guests can keep their plants healthy for a long time. 

Pro Tip: Make this gift even more fun by adding a magnet to the back so guests can proudly display their air plants on the fridge! 

NEXT UP: Check out some of our unique wedding favor ideas.

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