35 Twilight-Themed Wedding Ideas

35 Twilight-Themed Wedding Ideas

In search of the perfect venue, decor, and flowers for your Twilight-themed wedding? We’ve got you covered! These 35 Twilight-themed wedding ideas are perfect for die-hard fans who want to bring the magic of the hit franchise to life as part of their own magical celebration.

View creative ways to copy Bella Swan’s wedding dress, create budget-friendly wedding centerpieces, set the mood with Twilight-themed wedding invitations, and more!

What is a Twilight-themed wedding?

It’s a themed ceremony and reception based on the popular book series by Stephenie Meyer. It was later adapted into several films including Breaking Dawn, which features a luxurious wedding scene. The movies star Kristen Stewart (Bella) and Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen), the love interests whose wedding many modern brides base their own designs on. 

Explore 35 Twilight-themed wedding ideas for inspiration:

The best Twilight-themed wedding ideas use green and white color palettes, moody design elements, and outdoor influences. Recreate or personalize the famous ceremony from the popular film and book franchise with these 35 tips, shoppable links, and inspiring examples. 

Venues that can accommodate a Twilight-themed wedding

Focus on green spaces that feature a forest ceremony space, white floral accents, and gothic architecture to capture the magic of Bella and Edward’s big day.

1. The Rye Patch

Location: Aiken, South Carolina

Cost: Starting at $2,688 for 50 guests

Pick The Rye Patch for its lavish 10 acres of forests, natural patios, and wisteria trees that are just like the ones in the film. Or copy this style and find a venue near you with a historic building and a woodsy lawn. 

2. Luthy Botanical Garden

Location: Peoria, Illinois

Cost: Starting at $600 for 50 guests

Choose a highly affordable outdoor venue such as Luthy Botanical Garden if you plan to host your Twilight-themed wedding in the warmer months. Ask if you can wrap the altar arch in white flower garlands to make it look even more like the film. 

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3. Dunaway Gardens

Location: Newnan, Georgia

Cost: Starting at $4,353 for 50 guests

Enjoy the breathtaking waterfall and lush, moss-covered pathways of this venue. Use their rustic accessories such as tables, chairs, and woodsy centerpieces to complete your wedding theme with minimal effort. 

4. Castle McCulloch

Location: Jamestown, North Carolina 

Cost: Starting at $2,644 for 50 guests

Host your wedding in a venue even the Cullens would envy, such as this real-life castle with gothic fixtures, stone walls, and antique wood doors. Take advantage of their floor-to-ceiling window altar that showcases the surrounding woods for your ceremony, then move the party down to the cellar for a moody and stylish reception. 

5. Kevin Taylor's at the Opera House

Location: Denver, Colorado

Cost: Starting at $4,491 for 50 guests

Entertain wedding guests surrounded by gorgeous red and black velvet curtains, crystal chandeliers, a unique altar theatre, and more. 

Decoration ideas for your Twilight-themed wedding

Make or purchase any one of these simple decor elements to bring aspects of the movie set into your real-life wedding.

6. Line your aisleway with overflowing glass vases of baby’s breath and greenery arrangements for a lush yet inexpensive outdoor wedding design.

7. Save money on table decor with this DIY paper fern placemat idea. 

8. Hot glue loose moss onto felt pieces to make a Twilight-themed table runner. 

9. Purchase artificial wisteria blossom vines in bulk and secure them to your wedding venue’s ceiling (with their permission, of course). 

10. Add manzanita branch supplements to flower arrangements.

Altar decor suggestions

Copy Bella and Edward’s minimalist yet lush altar decor with a combination of their biggest style features such as moss, soft shapes, and white flowers. 

11. Use an oval archway at the head of your altar to capture the iconic look from the Twilight series. 

12. Create an aisleway runner using faux white petals to capture the fallen flower look without the extra mess. 

13. Place two curly willow branch arrangements on either side of your altar to bring in more forest decor elements.

14. Add a fake moss grass rug.

15. Hang white carnations on invisible strings upside down from your wedding archway to echo the flower design from the film. 

DIY centerpiece ideas

Display beautiful trinkets that match the aesthetics of Twilight along with simple natural elements to bring your themed wedding to life. 

16. Use simple black candelabras with tapered white candles for a modern and minimalist take on the Twilight wedding centerpiece design. 

17. Fill hurricane vases with submerged fern leaves or baby’s breath and white floating candles to incorporate all the Twilight wedding theme elements into one magical centerpiece. 

18. Top natural tree trunk stumps with gold votive candles to achieve the woodsy centerpiece look from the movie. 

19. Put battery-powered fairy lights into glass terrariums filled with moss for a dreamy effect. 

20. Hang mini mason jars filled with tea lights from manzanita branches in white bottles for a dramatic centerpiece. 

Ideas for flower arrangements

Plan to include lots of moss and textured greenery elements, plus white blooms. 

21. Combine beige roses with seeded eucalyptus and white carnations to capture the right color palette. 

22. Use natural moss, pine tree branches, and twigs for a woodsy feel. 

23. Include lilacs, white roses, freesias, sweet peas, ranunculus, viburnum, and wisteria in your bridal bouquet.

24. Place moss balls in decorative gray urns.

25. Combine baby’s breath, moss, and succulents for a boho spin on the design. 

Wedding dress suggestions

Search for secondhand replica dresses by Alfred Angelo. Or, try any one of the creative suggestions below for a look that is similar to Bella’s yet completely unique to you.  

26. Capture the subtle beauty of Bella’s wedding dress with this off-the-shoulder version. 

27. Bring this wedding dress pattern to a tailor to create an exact replica of the gown worn in the film.  

28. Try this embroidered gown with flutter sleeves for a flowy take on the Twilight wedding dress. 

29. Copy Bella Swan’s wedding dress with almost any long sleeve sheath or mermaid gown design that has minimalist accents on the front. 

30. Choose an open-back gown with lace and tiny white buttons to recreate the look from the series. 

Ideas for wedding invitations

Reflect on the story’s main setting, Edward’s unique style, and your wedding venue for your wedding invitation design choices. 

31. Use gold, black, and moss green as your primary color palette.

32. Embellish envelopes with repeating art deco prints for a little extra glam in your design. 

33. Stick to fern imagery and accents for a subtle nod to your Twilight wedding theme. 

34. Seal your wedding invitations with gold wax to symbolize Edward’s storied past. 

35. Add a watercolor forest to the background of your wedding invitations for a fun yet simple rustic design. 

Complete your search for Twilight-themed wedding ideas with these additional suggestions!

Now you have some ideas for your venue, decoration, altar decor, and centerpieces. You also have plenty of suggestions to help you choose your flower arrangements, wedding dress, and invitations. Discover even more great on-theme ideas for your Twilight wedding with these forest wedding ideas and outdoor wedding tips that will help cross off some of your remaining wedding planning categories. 

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