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Homemade Wedding Invitation Ideas You Need to See

Feb 21, 2020
By Wedding Spot

If you’re looking to create elegant homemade wedding invitations that won’t break the bank, we’ve got you covered. In this article, you will find answers to your most burning wedding invitation questions as well as some cheap (or free) templates, tools, and ideas. Let’s jump right in! 

Everything you need to know to create beautiful homemade wedding invitations:

What is the cheapest way to do wedding invitations?

Wedding invitation prices vary based on the number of recipients, the level of detailing, and the the postage required. Some sources say that, on average, brides spend anywhere from $5,000 to $8,000 for roughly 100 potential wedding guests. Others, like Shutterfly, say that those figures are closer to the $500 mark. Either way, homemade wedding invitations have those all beat. Depending on what look and feel you’d like your invitations to have, you can easily make yours for free (if you go the digital route) or cheap ($50 for simple yet elegant designs plus 3 books of stamps). 

How do I print wedding invitations at home? 

You’ll need a computer, a standard printer, and regular printer ink. That’s it! 

It is worth noting that one of the biggest issues couples have with printing wedding invitations at home is figuring out the right dimensions. For this reason we recommend giving yourself plenty of time to run some test prints. 

You should also have your envelopes next to you so you can see if your first batch fits or if you’ll need to trim them a little. 

How to create your wedding invitation layout (using free tools) 

It’s super simple — just plug these must-have invitation components into any free digital wedding invitation creator and you’ll be good to go! 

Include these main elements, in this order:

  • A design that matches your wedding colors and theme

  • The official invite (aka why are they getting this message in the first place)

  • Your parents’ names (if they are hosting or playing a major role in the wedding)

  • Your names

  • The date, time, and location

  • Relevant reception details such as meal requests, allergy information, and +1 policies

  • Simple and clear instructions for how (and when) to RSVP

These free tools offer plenty of DIY wedding invitation templates:

  • Adobe Spark. Their invitation maker gives you the option to print at home, share on social media, and email it out. 

  • Canva. They have lots of premade designs for wedding invitations for free or cheap that you can then print from home. 

  • Evite. Although these invitations are all digital, you have plenty of great options to choose from in the weddings category. 

How to word your wedding invitations

Choose a style that matches your wedding theme as well as your personalities. 

Formal wedding invitation wording - Upscale ballroom and large church weddings may want to lean into more official sounding language. For example, you can write: “You are cordially invited” or “your presence is requested at.”

Casual wedding invitation wording - More laidback ceremonies can have a little more fun with their language. You might say, “Won’t you please join us” or “We’re going to say I do, now will you?”

Themed wedding invitation wording - You always have the option to word your wedding invitation in the style of your wedding. For example, your country wedding invitation might say, “We’re getting hitched.” Or a beach wedding invitation might say, “We’re ready to make a splash!”

How to set up a wedding invitation station at your house

The key is to have enough counter space for each task. These steps vary depending on your design and equipment. But in general, you’ll want some space for each of the following: 

  • Printing 

  • Cutting or trimming (if needed) 

  • Folding

  • Writing 

  • Adding embellishments

  • Envelope addressing

  • Envelope stuffing 

  • Envelope sealing

  • Adding stamps 

Cheap homemade wedding invitation ideas:

Now that you know how to make your own invitations, let’s take a closer look at how you can save even more money doing it! 

5 embellishment ideas that won’t break the bank

Most of these items will be available at your local dollar or discount store. 

  1. Ribbon. Look for bulk ribbon at the craft store to cut down on this expense. 

  2. Paper Doilies. Chains like Dollar Tree carry paper doilies for $1 each. Cut them in half and layer the top of the card instead of both sides to save a little extra. 

  3. Stamps. Old-fashioned stamps can be thrifted at vintage shops, garage sales, and on eBay for a dollar or two. Choose shapes (like hearts) or images (doves, roses, etc.) that match your wedding theme. 

  4. Calligraphy. This is completely free if you learn how to do faux calligraphy yourself. 

  5. Pressed flower petals. Here’s a great tutorial for DIY pressed flower wedding invitations

4 budget-friendly postage tips

Follow these quick tips to stay within your budget. 

  1. Stick to standard invitation sizes so you can use a regular letter stamp. 

  2. Request that RSVPs be sent via email or over the phone so you don’t have to include a return stamp for them. 

  3. Consider asking the invitation printer to ship them out for you. Some digital tools offer this at a lower rate than traditional postal options. 

  4. Skip the extra layers. Inner envelopes and multi-layer cards don’t seem like they weigh a ton but it all adds up and could cost you more at the post office. 

3 digital alternatives

These options were made to be user-friendly, include a number of other useful wedding planning tools, and offer wedding-specific templates. 

  1. Vistaprint. Personalize one of their many themed templates for as little as $74.36 for 50 total double-sided wedding invitations. 

  2. Zola. They offer homemade wedding invitations via email but you’ll also find elegant wedding invitation designs starting at $1.99 per card. 

  3. Minted. Their wedding invitations come with free custom envelopes and guest addressing. 

Get even more inspiration before your big day!

Our wedding RSVP wording guide can help you figure out how to phrase your message and convey the right information. And up next, check out these great save the date invitation ideas you can totally steal. 

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