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Massachusetts Wedding Venues

Featuring a rich historical legacy and centuries of cultivated sophistication, the state of Massachusetts offers future brides and grooms a wide range of outstanding venues and styles.

As could be expected, the city of Boston is home to the largest number of venues, caterers and event planners. With venues ranging from historic churches to avant-garde museum spaces, Boston’s wedding scene can accommodate virtually every variation on either the traditional or non-traditional wedding.

For those looking to get married in the tasteful opulence of early American luxury, the North Shore of Massachusetts is the perfect location. The simple elegance of colonial styling can be found throughout several of the noteworthy communities here, including Ipswich, Essex and Rockport, among others.

Likewise, Central Massachusetts offers its own fair share of resplendent venues. Perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, Central Massachusetts wedding venues strike the perfect balance between luxury and affordability.

Immediately south of Boston lies a collection of smaller communities often referred to as the South Shore. Combining the pristine, quaint splendor of small-town charm with easy access to the excitement of Boston, the South Shore is the perfect getaway location for brides and grooms who are serious about tying the knot in an intimate environment with friends and family.

Far removed from the fast-paced urban lifestyle, the various wedding venues found throughout Western Massachusetts are well suited for those who believe that their love is best celebrated out in the open. Obviously, the state of Massachusetts is in no short supply of picture-perfect wedding venues!

Wedding Venue Prices in Massachusetts

Wedding prices in Massachusetts can vary considerably depending upon the venue selected and the specific time of year the wedding will occur. The average price of a wedding in state of Massachusetts is approximately $35,000. Although venue leases in areas such as Boston and the North Shore may cost anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 (and up!), more affordable locations can be found in Western Massachusetts and the South Shore. Here, venues can be leased for as little as $3,000.

It is also quite important to note that peak wedding season will bring with it significantly raised prices in the vast majority of wedding venues. Unlike the Southern United States, where summer weddings are often considered off-peak due to temperature and humidity, the late spring and early summer months in New England are often considered peak wedding times. Those looking to avoid substantially higher wedding prices would do well to avoid this period when booking their preferred venue. Although the winter months are often considered off-peak regardless of one’s particular location in the country, it is important to remember that December typically remains a peak month due to the approaching holiday festivities.

Always keep in mind that sales taxes and service fees can add significant costs onto already lofty wedding expenses. The standard tax rate for hotel rooms in Boston is 5.7%, while service fees for wedding venues and banquet halls can range anywhere from 10%-20% of total cost depending upon the venue in question. A 6.25% base sales tax will typically apply to many related purchases.

Information and Resources for Weddings in Massachusetts

Before the ceremony can occur, you’re definitely going to need a marriage license! In the city of Boston, marriage licenses require a three-day waiting period and an application fee of $50. In Gloucester, one of several communities located in the North Shore area of Massachusetts, marriage licenses can be purchased for $40. Prices throughout the state are roughly similar to those mentioned here. It is also worth taking the time to research any other particular requirements that may exist to obtain marriage licenses in the numerous communities located throughout the state. For those who have been forced to apply for their license at the last minute, exemptions can be purchased in order to waive the standard three-day waiting period.