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Nevada Wedding Venues

When people think of Nevada, they are most often reminded of glitzy hotels, casinos and deserts. But the local residents of the “Silver State” know that there is much more to this beautiful state than its glittering attractions. From the lights of the big city to the tranquility of the countryside, Nevada offers golden opportunities for picture-perfect ceremonies and receptions.

Nevada boasts the least amount of precipitation than any other state in the US. While this may be bad news for agriculture, it comes as good news to couples hoping to get married under the sun. With that being said, much of the rural parts of the state are lush with vegetation and beautiful aquatic backdrops.

Wedding options in Nevada are most commonly narrowed down into five distinct regions. For the infamous settings of glitz and fun, Las Vegas and Reno are the obvious top choices. When couples want something with a bit more scenery, Lake Tahoe, Elko, and Central Nevada more than deliver.

Of course, you can’t talk about Nevada without talking about Las Vegas! Few rival the pure number of options in terms of venues, services, amenities, and hotels in Las Vegas. Las Vegas also happens to be host to the most weddings per year in the United States and the second most in the entire world. While the city is notoriously known for small chapels with speedy ceremonies, this is definitely not the only option for Las Vegas weddings. Gorgeous luxury accommodations can be found at some of the finest hotels, featuring poolside dining, outdoor ceremonies adorned by palm trees, venetian tile aisles leading to ornate gazebos, and so much more.

Reno is known as the Biggest Little City in the World because despite its small size, the city’s options pack a big punch. Reno’s high-end resorts play host to countless weddings every year, with packages that can be tailored specifically to your specifications. From indoor weddings with palatial interiors to outdoor weddings with a Sierra Nevada mountain backdrop, options are abound here.

Located fifty miles south of Reno, Lake Tahoe is an internationally renowned location for both local and destination weddings. Choose from grass, sand, or tile beneath your feet as you exchange vows overlooking the breathtaking glisten of natural beauty, complete with the misty Sierra Nevada in the distance. The pictures taken here are truly second to none.

Elko may not have the notoriety of the aforementioned three, but the lively small town offers topnotch services that are almost always cheaper than surrounding cities without sacrificing quality. From traditional church settings to outdoor events in view of the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, Elko rises to any special occasion.

Historic homes with sprawling properties speckle the countryside of Central Nevada, the ideal place for a bucolic wedding. Go rustic with cabin rentals and escape into surroundings that have changed little since they were first settled. With river, mountainside, lakeside, wilderness, and views of all the above, Central Nevada gives Reno and Las Vegas surprisingly stiff competition

Wedding Venue Prices in Nevada

The only time of year couples can worry about their wedding being rained on is in the winter months of December, January, and February, and for this reason, venue availability and special package reductions are common. The spring months of April and May and the fall months of September and October are the peak times for weddings, with venues normally requiring couples to book a year or more in advance. Expect prices to be at their peak during these months. The rest of the months fall right in the middle.

Depending on the location and style, prices in Nevada vary drastically. With fifty guests, reception and ceremony can cost anywhere from $500 to $30,000. A combination of package deals, demand, and additional services are particularly pertinent factors in the overall price.

Typically speaking, venues will charge a 21% service fee as well as the county sales tax, but each is added to the initial price separately. While the Nevada state sales tax is 6.85%, some counties are higher. Depending on where the wedding is held, tax can be anywhere from 6.85% to 8.1%.

Information and Resources for Weddings in Nevada

When applying for a Nevada marriage license, you will need:

  1. A valid ID (Drivers License, Birth Certificate, Passport, Military ID)

  2. Your Social Security number (Card not required)

In addition to the identification, you will need to pay $35 to $65 for a marriage license. In Las Vegas, for example, you need $60 in cash. Both parties need to be present for the ceremony, and there are no residency requirements.