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Michigan Wedding Venues

When you boast a nickname like “The Great Lake State,” gorgeous scenery literally comes with the territory. Michigan weddings both outdoor and in are famously beautiful. From contemporary accommodations to rustic retreats, affordable options to unbelievable extravagance, and everything in between, the lush surroundings and exceptional venues have something for everyone.

Aside from Lake Michigan, the state contains almost 65,000 natural bodies of water. No matter where you are in the state, be it in the Upper or in the Lower Peninsula, you are always less than six miles from a pond or lake. Even if the ceremony or reception does not have a waterfront view, opportunities for beautiful engagement and wedding photos are never more than a stone’s throw away.

While the state is split into two sections, the most popular area for hosting a wedding is in the Lower Peninsula. Specifically, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Traverse City are well known for offering an unparalleled selection for an unforgettable event.

The largest city in the state also boasts the largest metro area, and Detroit offers an array of options both inside the city limits and just outside. With churches presenting breathtaking architecture, countryside accommodations complete with horse drawn carriages and baroque gazebos, and ballrooms with 360-degree views of the city skyline, the Motor City has a lot of something for everyone.

Tree Town, or Ann Arbor, is hailed for its nestled beauty. A small city with a lot of heart, this cultural hub is brimming with art and food stemming largely from the University of Michigan alumni. From golf course banquet halls to hidden gem wineries, Ann Arbor has lower prices and excellent choices.

Grand Rapids is the second largest city in the state, a lively center of both urban lodgings and wilderness surroundings. Head just outside of the city for historical theatres, and dine in style with the help of their diverse high-end caterers.

Split by rivers and surrounded by lakes, Kalamazoo is home to Gibson Guitar and some of the state’s finest shopping outlets and craft breweries. Wine, dine, and unwind at historical sites and save some of your budget for the honeymoon.

Traverse City is a delightful Midwestern favorite, a well known center for grape growing and wine production, not to mention having an abundance of cherry orchards. Dubbed Cherryland, few places boast this kind of Americana charm. With ranch and barn weddings adorned by local artisanship and pride, let the surreal surroundings envelope you on your special day.

Wedding Venue Prices in Michigan

Michigan winters are intense, with lake effect snow routinely breaking snowfall records and making wedding hosting unpredictable, even indoors, because roads can be near undriveable. For this reason, services, venues, and accommodations are almost always at a special, discounted price. The spring, summer, and fall months are the normal, more popular times.

When hosting an event of up to 50 guests, average costs range from $350 to $45,000 depending on location, venue, package, services, and other factors. On the initial cost of the wedding, a 6% Michigan sales tax is added, as well as an 18% to 21% service fee.

Information and Resources for Michigan Weddings

When applying for a Michigan marriage license, you will need:

  1. A valid ID (Drivers License, Birth Certificate, Passport, Military ID)

  2. Your Social Security number (Card not required)

Aside from the aforementioned, couples will need to bring $20 cash if they are a resident, and $30 or more in cash if they are a nonresident. You do not need to take any tests and a three-day waiting period is standard.