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40 Purple Wedding Ideas You'll Love

Feb 26, 2020
By Wedding Spot

Whether you’re looking for purple wedding ideas because you’re a fan of HBO’s hit TV show Game of Thrones, or you just love this beautiful hue, we’ve got you covered. From venues to decor to flowers, we’ve arranged some practical wedding planning ideas around this theme that include both creative and budget-friendly solutions. But first, let’s take a closer look at what this theme is and why it became so popular all of a sudden.

What is a purple wedding? 

Exactly what it sounds like! It’s a ceremony and reception that uses this color as a central theme. 

Why did Game of Thrones make purple weddings popular? 

Purple wedding is a nickname for a significant episode of the popular TV show in which — spoiler alert! — a lead character dies. While this isn’t exactly romantic, the episode does also include a wedding. As a result, fans have taken to using this theme as a cheeky nod towards their favorite series. 

However, it’s not as if this vibrant color is limited to GoT lovers, so you don’t have to worry about any associations with the show if you’re not interested in it. 

Explore 40 of our favorite purple wedding ideas:

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting ideas for this theme across all major wedding planning categories. From venues to flowers to budget-friendly decor, this article has most of your major decisions covered. 

Creative purple wedding themes

If you’d like this color to take center stage at your nuptials but need something a little more specific for your design, we suggest any of these ideas. 

  1. Game of Thrones. If you and your partner are die-hard fans, why not make it your central wedding theme? 

  2. Pastel colors. Spring weddings with fresh pastel shades in purple, yellow, and pink are a classic choice. 

  3. Electric lavender. Looking for something a bit more vibrant? Pair a bold hue of this color with fuchsia, mint green, or even electric blue. 

  4. Royalty. If you’re inspired by the British Royal family, then consider pairing a rich purple with white and silver for a truly elegant wedding. 

  5. Moody. Dark purples pair well with burgundy, creams, navy, and gold in this boho and gothic-inspired wedding theme. 

Classy dress styles, trends and accessories

Here’s how to put together your wedding party outfits so they go with the theme but don’t look cheesy. 

  1. Amethyst jewelry. Earrings featuring this stone (real or fake) look great on bridesmaids. And it can easily be incorporated into boutonnieres. 

  2. Sashes. If you’d still like to wear the traditional white wedding dress, you can easily tie in your purple theme using a satin sash. 

  3. Mismatched purple bridesmaids gowns. This look works great if your bridesmaids coordinate their dresses from lightest (the maid of honor) to darkest (the last person in line). 

  4. Color-blocking. Pair color wheel opposites with your outfits to make them more interesting. For purple, that means using an equally bold or pale hue of yellow. 

  5. Purple, nude, gold, or silver shoes. They’ll be classy enough for a wedding but also go well with the theme. 

Beautiful ring options to complete your theme

Look for engagement rings or wedding bands with any of these elements to have a lifelong reminder of your stunning wedding theme. 

  1. Alexandrite stone. These look especially stunning when set in rose gold. 

  2. Purple wood wedding bands. The dark shade of purple goes with pretty much everything so you won’t have to worry about clashing with your regular wardrobe. 

  3. Amethyst and silver tungsten. These two go really well together in wedding band form, especially if you use amethyst flecks in the center strip. 

  4. Purple goldstone. This sparkly stone resembles the cosmos. 

  5. Pink sapphire stone. Although these are technically pink, there are plenty of stone options under this name that offer lavender hues. 

Ideas for cakes

Use any of these embellishments or icing choices to complement your theme. 

  1. Climbing purple roses. Use fondant or real roses. Group a lot at the bottom and end with one or two at the top. Place the cake on top of a tray with rose petals. 

  2. Purple heart cake topper. If you choose to have wedding cupcakes instead of cake, use toothpicks with purple paper hearts on top. 

  3. Gradient purple tiers. Use the darkest hue at the bottom and work all the way up to a lavender or white top layer. 

  4. Gothic purple. Dark purples, light grays, and black accents make this cake a standout. 

  5. Lavender stalks. Surround your cake base with fresh lavender stalks to add some visual interest. 

Gorgeous invitations

Here are some things to try if you’re opting for homemade wedding invitations.

  1. Faux gemstone slab with gold foil veins. Use this for the background image of your card. Then, place a transparent rectangle in the middle for your information so it’s easier to read but still allows the design to show through. 

  2. Purple hydrangea floral wreath. Use this as a border or on the top right and bottom left corners of the design to accent the invitation. 

  3. Minimalist purple lettering and border. Try a cream or off-white paper as your base and pair it with lavender hues in fonts like Sverige Script or Candle Script to keep it looking fancy. 

  4. Royal purple ribbon. Tie your invitation up in a shiny purple bow using 2” ribbon or even chiffon. 

  5. Vintage lavender lace. Do this on a budget by dyeing paper doilies purple using any standard food coloring. 

Flower and bouquet ideas

Here are some flower combinations we love for this theme. 

  1. White, cream, and purple roses. Add pearls and a cream ribbon to finish the design. 

  2. Hydrangea, sweet pea, and seeded eucalyptus. This bouquet also looks great with a smattering of wildflowers in purple, white, and blue. Keep the shape natural as well to give it a boho vibe.  

  3. Tulips, lavender, and sunflowers. This bouquet is perfect for a summer wedding. Add flowing white ribbons to the stems for a breeze and whimsical feel. 

  4. King Lisianthus, peonies, and lilac. This regal combination looks best in a round arrangement with a few white filler blooms like delphinium or Bells of Ireland. 

  5. Larkspur, dusty miller, Queen Anne’s lace, and purple roses. Swap the dusty miller for some cascading orchids for a larger, more dramatic version of this romantic bouquet. 

Decorations on a budget

These decor items are fairly easy to find and can comfortably fit most budgets. 

  1. Purple chiffon chair hoods or bows. Online stores like the Tablecloths Factory sell 40 yards of purple sheer organza for just under $30. And if you want to save a little extra, try decorating every other chair or limit your hoods and bows to just the wedding party table. 

  2. Purple napkins and tablecloths. Always ask your venue what kind of rentals they have available. You never know if they already have their own purple fabrics you can use. If not, wholesale disposable napkins are a great affordable alternative to polyester or satin options (although these typically come around $0.50 or less for each depending on what shade you need). 

  3. Purple, pink, and silver glitter balloon arch. Half arches will save you on the cost of supplies. Use this for your ceremony walkway entrance then have some helping hands move it behind your sweetheart dining table at the reception so it can perform double duty. This giant balloon arch tutorial from the Dollar Tree explains how you can make one using only supplies found at their store for $1 each. 

  4. Purple paper heart garlands. Swap construction paper (which can look cheap and a little too crafty at a wedding) for cardstock. The price difference is only a few cents per sheet but the thickness of the cardstock will add some weight to the garlands and give them a breezy quality without being too flimsy. 

  5. Mauve butterfly accents. Decorative butterflies can be used on centerpieces, cakes, and floral designs for a little added interest. You have lots of options when it comes to your butterfly materials (paper, plastic, glitter, etc.) and style (artistic vs. realistic). You can make these by hand or you can purchase items like this 100 decorative butterflies pack from Etsy (which will end up costing about $0.06 each). 

Affordable centerpieces

Accent your tablescapes with these cheap yet attractive centerpiece designs that will really pop to your reception.

  1. Single stem globe thistles in tall, glass cylinder hurricanes. Globe thistle stems run about $2 each starting with a minimum order of 50 at most online stores. 

  2. Submerged purple rose petals with floating candles. Or, to save even more money, dunk whole purple carnation heads in the water. They’re cheaper but just as vibrant. 

  3. DIY purple glitter vases. You can use this DIY glitter vases tutorial on mason jars or up-cycled wine bottles too. 

  4. Table wine bottles. Who said your wedding centerpieces are just for looks? Add full red wine bottles you plan to serve to guests to your centerpiece design so they can enjoy it without having to get up from the table. Add some purple ribbon or place them in a purple crate or tray to make it look more put together. Then add a sign that says they’re welcome to enjoy! 

  5. Sand art flower vases. Colored sand is super affordable and looks lovely when layered with complementary colors. Rest a single flower head on top. 

Find the perfect venue for your purple wedding!

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Check out these purple wedding venues you can actually book:

These venues offer a variety of styles and locations with plenty of purple lighting or structural accents to make your wedding stand out. 

1. Cleveland Marriott Downtown At Key Center 

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Rich purple, pink, and blue floor-to-ceiling lighting transforms this space into the perfect themed wedding venue. 

2. Old Tappan Manor 

Location: Old Tappan, New Jersey

Classy and eclectic at the same time, this venue offers purple pin lights to highlight its gorgeous architecture. They also have electric blue lights that shine through their many beautiful crystal chandeliers. 

3. The View on the Hudson

Location: Piermont, New York

Slightly more subdued but not any less magical, the View on the Hudson offers waterfront scenery as well as light purple and cream design accents. 

4. Brandview Ballroom by LA Banquets 

Location: Glendale, California 

This contemporary space offers a banquet hall washed in lavender lighting. 

5. The Lavender Labyrinth and Flower Gardens 

Location: Santa Rosa, California 

Just like the name implies, this venue smells just as good as it looks. 

Now you can have the purple wedding of your dreams!

Looking for more affordable themed wedding ideas? Then head on over to our budget-friendly garden wedding ideas article. Or read more about cheap wedding gifts for guests that we know they’ll love. 

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