DIY wedding table decorations with wood and greenery

DIY Wedding Table Decorations: 20 Beautiful Options

Dec 20, 2019
By Wedding Spot

DIY wedding table decorations can look every bit as professional and elegant as storebought ones if you choose the right design. No matter what budget you’re working with, there are plenty of gorgeous options listed below.

It’s time to discover some fresh new ideas you can easily make (or buy) for your big day!

Explore our favorite ideas for DIY wedding table decorations:

1. Rustic Wood Slices

Use these as a base to create your display. Add flowers in vases, mini picture frames, and an assortment of wedding favors to complete the look.

Where to Find It: Find a big pack of small slices on Amazon.

2. Rhinestone Vases

Wrap or glue the bottom ⅓ of any glass receptacle to a dozen or so gems give it that extra fancy sparkle.

Where to Find It: Find the whole piece done for you on Etsy.

3. Gold Goblets

These can be as wide or skinny as you like. Group a few varying height goblets for round tables or spread out uniform height ones down a long table. Fill with flowers, tealight candles, or strings of faux pearls.

Where to Find It: Buy a set of 10 on Etsy.

4. XL Faux Feathers

These bring serious height, volume, and drama to any tablescape without pulling too much focus.

Where to Find It: Check out the variety available at the Feather Place.

5. Floating Candles

Put a dozen of them in a large vase or use individual floating candles in champagne glasses with a single flower head submerged underneath.

Where to Find It: Plain white candles from Target look great!

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6. Mason Jar Fairy Lights

These battery-powered lights cast a romantic glow. You can leave the jar bare or add some ribbon, twine, or even antique lace around it.

Where to Find It: Buy them premade on Etsy!

7. Wood Cubes

Small, large, square, or rectangular - nothing quite beats this multifunctional piece. Build your own or use wood grain paint on plastic containers for a more portable, lightweight version.

Where to Find It: Large planters or small squares, both on Etsy, look great.

8. Pom Pom Balls

Suspend them above the table or group a variety of sizes and colors together for a whimsical touch.

Where to Find It: These classy cream colored ones are lovely.

9. Vintage Stained Glass Bottles

If you don’t mind a little thrift shopping, vintage alcohol or beauty product bottles are classy and interesting. Stick to similar shapes (round bodies versus square) and limit yourself to one or two glass colors (like blue, green, or clear) to make them all look cohesive.

Where to Find It: Try this collection of green bottles.

10. Eucalyptus Garlands

Mix in some ribbons, glitter, or faux flowers to complete the look. If you use really large ones you won’t need much else on your tables except perhaps some small tealights dotting the edges.

Where to Find It: Grab this gorgeous faux greenery mix on Amazon!

11. Potted Plants

Succulents, baby sunflowers, or even fresh herbs work well. And they’re a great takehome party favor! Alternatively, you can also ask to borrow houseplants from friends and family then use some fabric or ribbons to temporarily dress up the outside of their containers.

Where to Find It: Local nurseries should have some available but you can also purchase plants online at The Bouqs.

12. Geometric Terrariums

These typically come in black, gold, silver, and copper piping with glass walls. And because they’re fairly neutral you can fill them with pretty much anything and they’ll still look great.

Where to Find It: There are both wood and metal versions.

13. Bent Copper Table Numbers

Bend coated copper wire to spell it out or take the shape of numbers and add interest to your display. Attach polaroids, flowers, or ribbon to individualize them.

Where to Find It: Feeling artsy? Buy the wire and DIY!

14. Birch Tree Branches

Grab some faux branches and arrange them in a square glass vase for an instantly elegant centerpiece.

Where to Find It: Buy them with or without lights.

15. Hurricanes

Hurricanes of any size are a great table decoration. They look beautiful empty or overstuffed. Fill them with seasonal decor (like sand and shells or Christmas tree decorations), bouquets, or even wrapped candies.

Where to Find It: Buy a set of ones with varying heights or uniform ones.

16. Glitter Snowflakes

Whether you choose paper or plastic, these snowflakes look great scattered down the center of long tables or up against other centerpieces items like candles and vases.

Where to Find It: Grab an assorted silver/white pack at Party City.

17. Single Stem Flowers

Sometimes simple is best. Single stem flowers in tiny round vases or even tall skinny ones look fantastic on smaller tables.

Where to Find It: You can find any kind of flower your heart desires on Wayfair.

18. Gold Tapered Candles

Add more interest by pairing them with wide and short versions too.

Where to Find It: Dripless is ideal.

19. Teapots

Grab a bunch of second-hand ones and paint them one matching color for a monochrome look. Or leave them as is and put identical bouquets inside to tie it all together.

Where to Find It: Grab something simple.

20. Loose Confetti Runner

Sometimes all you need to create the perfect wedding table decoration is a trail of stylish confetti (think silver, large and chunky, or extra shiny) down the length of a table. Add numbers, name cards, and votives to enhance the design.

Where to Find It: There’s an endless amount of shapes, colors, and types of confetti to choose from, but we love this book confetti.

4 most frequently asked questions about wedding table decorations:

These statement decor items can get really complicated when you consider all the options that fit your theme as well as the time and money you’ll need to invest. Here are the answers to your most burning questions:

1. How much do table decorations cost for a wedding?

It largely depends on what you’d like them to look like. You’ll need two different sets of centerpieces, one for the head table or tables and another for the guest tables. They don’t have to be exactly the same. In fact, most couples tend to do a more elaborate display on their own honeymoon or wedding party tables and choose a simplified version for the guest tables.

On average though, you can expect to spend as much as $150 for head table centerpieces and $100 for guest table centerpieces. But don’t worry - there are lots of other budget-friendly options that you are beautiful, elegant, and easy to make. We share 20 of our own ideas below.

2. Should all wedding table decorations be the same?

As we’ve mentioned, head table centerpieces and guest table centerpieces will most likely be cousins, not twins. And although uniform guest table centerpieces do look nice, there’s nothing stopping you from tastefully mixing and matching as long as they follow one cohesive theme. You can easily combine different elements as long as they have a harmonious color scheme, similar heights, and the same 2 or 3 featured textures.

3. How tall should table decorations be for a wedding?

They should help facilitate conversations among guests. It is a party after all! At the very least, make sure they don’t block anyone’s view of each other or of your head table. Then consider the venue itself. If the ceilings are low or space is cozy, opt for something between 10 and 14 inches tall. If the ceilings are vaulted or airy and the space is wide open, you’ll need to work with a centerpiece in the 15 to the 20-inch range to even it out visually.

4. Do guests take table decorations home?

If the centerpiece is mostly flowers or is made up of wedding favors, then you can announce that you’d like everyone to take one on their way out. But if your centerpieces include something personal like family photos or sentimental memorabilia, you don’t have give them away. However, for simplicity’s sake, having your guests take home the table decorations cuts down on waste and makes the cleanup process so much easier.

Next up, take a peek at these unique wedding favor ideas. Then, top off your reception event design with the perfect wedding cake ideas, flavors, and details.

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