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37 Black Wedding Ideas for Every Season and Style

Jul 17, 2023
By Wedding Spot

At Wedding Spot, we embrace weddings of all sizes, shapes, styles, and colors—including black! Whether you want to plan a romantic gothic wedding, throw a sleek and modern nuptial gathering, incorporate a Halloween theme, or build a unique style all your own, these fashionable and black wedding ideas are just what you’re looking for.

If you’re searching for black-tie attire tips, DIY decoration inspiration, or other ways to incorporate the color black into your wedding design, you’ve come to the right place. We pulled together our favorite chic, mysterious, sexy, and moody black wedding ideas that engaged couples of all ages will love. From cakes and centerpieces to invitations and ceremony ideas, we explore black wedding ideas for every event, style, and size.

Beautiful black wedding ideas that will blow your guests away

If you know you want black to be a major part of your wedding, but you’re not sure which design direction to take, consider choosing a wedding theme or sub-theme to guide you.

Wedding themes that embrace black

1. Modern monochromatic

A monochromatic wedding design focuses on a single color to incorporate into most aspects of the event design. Build a modern wedding design around a monochromatic theme with black as the primary color. Look for creative ways to use black in your wedding, from the flowers and food to the cake and cocktails.

2. Minimalist wedding design

If “less is more” speaks to you, then minimalist weddings might be just your style. Embrace the upscale style of minimalist weddings with clean interior lines, elegant linens, open table settings, and a neutral primary color palette. Add a spark of sophistication with carefully placed black decorative accents.

3. Halloween-themed wedding

Hosting a Halloween-themed wedding is a fun and festive way to repurpose your favorite seasonal decorations and holiday decor. With a bit of creativity, everyday Halloween decorations like black placemats, candles, purple string lights, or spider webbing can be upcycled into attractive wedding decor.  

4. Gothic wedding theme

A gothic-inspired wedding is the perfect opportunity to call for a formal or black tie dress code. Build a dark, moody, and mysterious wedding theme with black and red as your base colors. Encourage guests to dress up, don their best ball gowns, and break out the tuxedos. Incorporate a masquerade theme to take your wedding design to the next level.

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Bold black wedding invitations

Look for wedding invitations that incorporate your black theme or a darker color scheme, like these bold design ideas.

5. Floral + black

Look for invitation designs that complement your wedding color palette. Choose a black background with colorful floral accents or a design with black flowers instead.

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6. Starry night

Recreate the night sky—just the way it looked the night you met—for your wedding invitations. Set the scene for a romantic night under the stars with custom wedding invitations. Choose from an array of imaginative starry night templates from reputable artistic retailers like Momental Designs, Lucky Tusk Art, or Purple Trail.

7. Black Pearl invitations

These modern wedding invitations by City Unlikely are both fresh and dreamy. The pearl coloring gives the invitations an iridescent and shimmering tone, fit for the alternative fairy tale wedding of your dreams.

8. Foil details

Shiny, shimmering foil details can elevate the design of any basic wedding invitation. Add silver, gray, or gold foiling to black invitations to create an elegant, stylish contrast of color.

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Black wedding decoration ideas

Include as many or as few black wedding decorations as you want, as long as you like the way it looks!

9. Black roses

Roses are romantic and dramatic, and choosing black roses for your wedding is a simple way to incorporate your color preference into the overall event design. Line the aisle with dramatic arrangements to create a bold entrance, or place single long-stemmed black roses in crystal vases on reception tables for a more low-key look.  

10. Lace table runners

Too much black on reception tables can mute the overall design, causing tablescapes to look crowded or messy. If you’re planning elaborate tablescapes, consider using dainty table runners made of black lace or similar textures rather than heavy, full-coverage linen.

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11. LED letters

Engaged couples who like the monogrammed wedding look can use black LED block letters to display their initials or married name. If you have a long or hyphenated name, keep the price of each letter in mind. Even though the decorative pieces are individually affordable, costs can rack up quickly.

12. Beads

Beads are affordable and accessible, making them one of our favorite craft materials and decorative wedding accents. Use black beads to elevate centerpieces, DIY table decor, spruce up seat dressings, or make reception table settings more interesting. Hanging beads are perfect for wedding arches, photo booth backdrops, and head table decor.

13. Asymmetrical wedding arch

Place an asymmetrical arch at the end of the wedding aisle for a cool, geometric ceremony design. The strong lines of an asymmetrical arch naturally draw the eye to the couple underneath. After the ceremony, move the arch to the reception area for guest photos.

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14. Striped aisle runner

The perfect blend of goth and glam, a black and white aisle runner can turn any indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony into a dramatic, Art Deco-inspired affair Beetlejuice would envy.

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15. Candelabra centerpieces

Add dimension to wedding tablescapes with taller centerpieces. Place towering black candelabras on each reception table for inexpensive wedding centerpieces that catch guests’ eyes and emit an ethereal glow.

16. Drapery 

Create an elegant, luxurious reception space with black drapery. Billowing drapes can make any room feel high-end and any event high-fashion. Build a black and ivory backdrop for the head table, drape black chiffon around the wedding arch, or utilize ceiling drapes for a cohesive look—from top to bottom.

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Unique and unexpected black wedding attire ideas

Black is a pretty traditional color for the groom and his guys, but for the bride? Not so much. Spice up your outfit with one of the outfit, accessory, or outerwear ideas below.

17. Pearls

With their elegant and timeless look, black pearls are a great way to add a touch of black to your bridal attire. A pair of earrings, a barrette, or a pearl necklace can bring in the theme without being overwhelming.

18. Jumpsuits

At a wedding featuring black, a classic wedding dress in black is a simple and elegant way to incorporate the theme. If you really want to push the envelope, consider a black jumpsuit. Black is easy to elevate to any level of formality, and your bouquet will look stunning against a stark black background.

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19. The little black dress

There are two reasons why the “little black dress” is so often the go-to: it’s easy to style and looks good on everyone. If you find a full-length wedding gown in black to be a bit too much for your taste, the LBD might be for you. They come in all kinds of styles, cuts, and levels of formality, so you’ll be able to find one that matches what you’re going for.

20. One-shoulder

Because black is such a strong color on its own, interesting cuts and unique styles work quite well. Most wedding dress styles include sleeves or boast a strapless neckline. Think about finding an unconventional cut, like a one-shoulder look, to complement the dramatic black color.

21. Floral patterns

For a spring wedding, look for gowns with one of our favorite seasonal patterns: floral prints over black. Whether you go for a dress with floral prints printed right on the fabric or opt for embellishments, lush florals will look spectacular against a black background. You could even consider adding a tulle overskirt with beaded flowers for an even more ethereal look.

22. Booties

Black booties come in many styles, heights, and heel shapes. The color pairs with just about any gown, and there are many different fun, playful textures to choose from, including leather, lace, velvet, and suede. Make sure to consider the season and venue here—knee high boots might be pretty miserable in August.

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23. On-theme outerwear

Incorporate a piece of black outerwear to match the wedding theme and help combat changing temperatures at an outdoor event or during unpredictable weather. Depending on the theme and dress code you’ve set, you could get away with many different options. Add a black denim or leather jacket, fur wrap, lace shawl, or oversized scarf to your ensemble.

24. Black ball gown

Who says all princesses wear pink? Dress like the star of the show in a breathtaking black bridal ball gown. This all-black look is great for anyone who truly wants to be the center of attention. And don’t worry—princesses look just as stunning in black as they do in pink.

25. Dramatic veil

Pair a dramatic black veil with a dress of the same color, or create contrast by wearing one with a white bridal gown. While an all-black bridal look is mysterious and glamorous, accenting a white dress with a black veil shouts confidence and power. Not to mention, black and white are a chic combo fashionistas swear by.

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Signature cocktail ideas for a black wedding theme

As you can imagine, there aren’t many natural ingredients capable of turning a cocktail black. As a result, activated charcoal is a common ingredient in black beverages. Below, you’ll find a variety of thematic wedding cocktail recipes, some with charcoal and some without.

26. Black Devil Martini

The sweetness of the Black Devil Martini is in stark contrast to its dark black color, making it perfect for romantic couples who appreciate a little mystery. The pleasantly surprising combination is sure to wow your wedding guests.

27. Black Magic Champagne Cocktail

This deep, dark cocktail from Feast + West gets its color from black vodka. A few dashes of blue food coloring, lemon juice, and simple syrup are mixed with vodka and brut champagne to create a dramatic signature cocktail that is both bubbly and brooding.

28. Black Russian

The Black Russian is a lightly sweet cocktail that is easy to mix, making it perfect for weddings with an extensive guest list. The only thing that sets the classic White Russian cocktail apart from its black counterpart is the addition of creme. A Black Russian requires only two ingredients: vodka and Kahlua (or a similar coffee-flavored liqueur).

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29. The Full Moontini

Are you throwing a night wedding? Stick to a black- or midnight-themed wedding by serving a Full Moontini. Made with activated charcoal powder, pineapple juice, lime juice, club soda, and gin, the night sky inspired this cocktail from Fresh Flavorful.  

30. Black margarita

No artificial dyes or coloring are used to give this black margarita from The Healthful Ideas its spooky hue; it comes from activated charcoal. Low in sugar, this cocktail calls for a small amount of maple sugar, silver tequila, orange liqueur, orange bitters, and freshly squeezed lime juice.

31. Black martini

Another option that doesn’t require activated charcoal, this classic black martini from The Spruce Eats gets its hue from black raspberry liqueur. Surprisingly fruity, this cocktail also includes orange liqueur, pairing perfectly with the berry-flavored vodka. Garnish with a lemon twist for a fresh and fragrant burst of color.

Black wedding cake ideas

Don’t let your black wedding cake fade into the background. Help it stand out with delicious designs and decorations, like:

32. Freshly picked floral accents

An all-black cake can quickly disappear into the background of a wedding with a darker theme or black decor. Turn your all-black cake into an eye-catching piece of art with living floral accents. Lush peonies, bold red or white roses, and live berry sprigs will help your dark wedding cake stand out.

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33. Bold detailing

Add bright, bold details to the black background of your wedding cake pop. For a modern flare, create a geometric design with overlapping white lines, or incorporate vibrant paisley decorations if you prefer a more artistic look.

34. Monochromatic tiers

Create a chic monochromatic cake design with alternating black, white, and gold tiers. This is great for a wedding with some more graphic elements, but if you want a more understated look, stick with just black and gold. The white and black create a stark contrast that may be too harsh if you’re looking for something subtle.

35. Sequin cake

Fans of glitz and glam will flip for edible sequin cakes. Add a dash of razzle dazzle to your black wedding cake with brightly colored, sparkling sequins. But we repeat: make sure you’re using edible sequins!

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36. Scrollwork

For a romantic look, incorporate scrollwork into your wedding cake design. Create an abstract design full of swoops and swirls with scroll piping, transcribe the newlyweds’ names, or write a meaningful quote on the face of the cake.

37. Towering tiers

Turn your wedding cake into a show-stopping statement piece with diminishing tiers piled high. Start with a broad base to create sound structural support, and consider the height of the inside of your vehicle before assembling the final product.

Still have questions about using black in your wedding design?

If you still have questions about incorporating black wedding ideas into your design or wardrobe, check out the frequently asked questions below for more information.

1. What does black symbolize at a wedding?

In some places around the world, like Spain, a black wedding dress symbolizes the bride’s commitment to the marriage “until death.” In modern fashion, black is often viewed as a symbol of power and sophistication and is considered by many to be an empowering color, especially for women.

2. Is it bad luck to wear black to a wedding?

It’s totally acceptable to wear black to a wedding, whether you’re in the bridal party or a guest. Due to its versatility, black is a popular choice for wedding guests. White is the only color guests should avoid wearing to a wedding (unless the soon-to-be newlyweds say otherwise).

3. What colors pair well with black wedding ideas?

One of the reasons why black is one of our favorite wedding colors is because it is so versatile. Use it as your main color, paired with white, gold, red, blush, or silver accents, or add black detailing to colorful designs to create lines and definition.

Use these black wedding ideas to put together the best unconventional wedding!

Now that you’ve looked at some of the most amazing ways to incorporate black into your wedding design, it’s time to add a splash of color to your world! From hot pink fabrics to neon streamers, we’re exploring some of the most vibrant and colorful wedding ideas you’ve ever seen.

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