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7 Wedding Drink Ideas to Fit Your Theme

Oct 4, 2018
By Wedding Spot

Have your wedding’s theme picked out and ready to go, but struggling on what drinks to offer up to your guests? Don’t worry — we have a handful of wedding drink ideas that are sure to not only enhance the atmosphere you’ve worked so hard to create, but also please the crowd!

Explore some of our favorite wedding drink ideas:

1. Beachy Dreams

A fruit-filled tropical cocktail like a Mai Tai is not only the perfect for sipping at your beach wedding -- it will also keep your guests delightfully tipsy.

How to make it: 1 ounce dark rum; 1 ounce amber rum; 1 ounce fresh orange juice; 1/2 ounce Cointreau or triple sec; 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice; 1 teaspoon orgeat syrup* or 1 drop pure almond extract; 1 teaspoon superfine granulated sugar; dash of grenadine; orange slice garnish.

2. Bohemian Rhapsody

Take your guests to a land far, far away with the otherworldly Purple Haze. This gorgeous cocktail made of cranberry juice, black raspberry liqueur, and vodka is a delight for the eyes with its rich color.

How to make it: 1 1/2 ounces vodka; 1/2 ounce black raspberry liqueur; 2 ounces cranberry juice (more or less).

3. City Skyline

Hosting an upscale affair in a city ballroom or penthouse? A flute of champagne paired with a splash of St. Germain will match the setting perfectly.

How to make it: 1/2 ounce chilled St Germain; 4 ounces chilled dry champagne or sparkling wine; orange wedge garnish.

4. Down Home

Enjoying your big day surrounded by open fields and endless skies on a farm or in a rustic barn? You can’t go wrong with serving a delicious spiked cider with cinnamon stick garnish.

How to make it: Ice; 1 ounce spiced rum; pinch ground cinnamon; 1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice; ¼ teaspoon pure maple syrup; 1¼ cups apple cider; 1 slice apple garnish; 1 cinnamon stick garnish.

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5. Secret Garden

Stealing away with your beloved amid roses and hydrangeas? Serve your guests botanical delights like an elegant champagne infused with lavender.

How to make it: 1 lavender sugar cube; 1 ounce vodka; 4-6 ounces dry sparkling wine, such as brut champagne or prosecco.

6. Southern Delight

Feeling like the belle of the ball during your big day? Serve cool-to-the-taste mint juleps to match your southern backdrop, draped Spanish moss, and sticky southern heat.

How to make it: 1/4 ounces Simple Syrup; 8 mint leaves; 2 ounces bourbon; bitters; mint sprig garnish.

7. Winter Wonderland

If snow and sleigh bells are making an appearance on your big day, consider serving a delicious spiked hot cocoa topped with homemade marshmallows to channel that sense of winter nostalgia and comfort.

How to make it: 2 ounces finely chopped semisweet chocolate; 6 ounces hot milk; 1 1/2 ounces spirit of choice; mini marshmallow garnish.

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