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Masquerade Wedding Ideas: 34 Unique Options

Nov 8, 2021
By Wedding Spot

Are you looking for a way to make your wedding stand out? Are you a fan of the theatrical or the dramatic? Many couples looking to really wow their guests with the unexpected are drawn to masquerade wedding ideas for inspiration.

In this post, we put together a list of some of our favorite masquerade wedding ideas that are sure to amaze everyone in attendance. We break down what to look for in a venue, how to decorate for the thematic wedding of your dreams, and how to incorporate the elegance of classic masquerade balls into your reception.

34 masquerade wedding ideas you need to see

Basic masquerade wedding ideas to consider

1. Carry the masquerade theme throughout the entire event. From wedding invitations to the ceremony, use the same colors, style, and level of formality for a start-to-finish masquerade wedding.

2. Make sure the theme and dress code are clearly outlined in your invitations. Let wedding guests know what to expect. Are you encouraging full costumes or just masks? Is your masquerade wedding a formal black-tie affair or more casual? Use your wedding website to provide more detail regarding the theme and wedding dress code.

3. Help your guests dress to impress. Use the “dress code” section of your wedding website to help guests find their masquerade outfits. Include contact information for costume rental shops near the venue, online links to purchase masks, and other resources. The easier you make it for guests to get costumes, the more likely they will be to participate in the theme.

4. Create a masquerade playlist. Feel free to play around with the soundtrack of your masquerade wedding. Rousing classical music, like a suspenseful waltz, can add to the theatricality of the event, but modern music works just as well. Many modern masquerade wedding playlists include EDM, hip hop, and other popular music.

5. Give guests thematic party favors. Masquerade-inspired bubble wands, mini masquerade masks, and personalized beads are first-rate favors that capture the spirit of the day.

6. Draw attention with a towering masked cake. Don’t be afraid to go all out with the cake; masquerade weddings are not known for their subtlety. Top your wedding cake with a beautiful masquerade mask or serve mask-topped cupcakes to guests.

Venue ideas for a masquerade-inspired wedding

7. Set the mood with high ceilings and open space. Think outside of the box on your hunt for a wedding venue. Look at warehouses or large lofts with lots of open-air space, or vast spaces that have a grand ballroom.

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8. Look for venues with unique architecture. Think of balconies, chandeliers, floor-length windows, and ornate molding as “built-in” decorations that can help you save on decorations later. Hotel Montelone is a popular venue in New Orleans with high ceilings, crystal chandeliers, and detailed molding exemplifying the elegant glamour of masquerades past.

9. Start your venue search with a goal. When you picture your perfect masquerade wedding, what do you see? A massive hanging chandelier? An expansive ballroom swallowed by high ceilings and illuminated by dim candlelight? Try starting your venue search by looking for a specific feature to help narrow down the options.

10. Search for “pre-decorated” venues. Keep an eye out for moody colors, wallpaper designs, or even velvet drapes that match the masquerade theme when touring potential wedding locations. The more decor you can start with, the less you’ll have to purchase later.

11. Don’t be afraid to change locations. If you can’t find an event space that can accommodate both the ceremony and reception, feel free to host the reception at a nearby venue instead. Give guests at least an hour to travel from the ceremony to the reception venue, and provide transportation information ahead of time.

Trendy and affordable masquerade wedding ideas for decor

12. Add classic elements of masquerade fashion to your wedding decorations. Create silk or lace place cards to help guests find their seats at the reception, for example.

13. Design centerpieces that will stop your guests in their tracks. Use large statement flowers, beads, and lace to match the masquerade theme of your wedding and save money on your wedding flowers.

14. Emulate the firelit setting of a masquerade ball with abundant candlelight. We recommend using LED candles for safety.

15. Line hallways and walkways with antique lanterns. Antiquated lighting lends a moody glow that guides guests through dimly lit areas of the venue. At small, intimate weddings, lighting changes can also be used to clearly designate different event spaces and dictate the energy in each room.

16. Drape crystals around centerpieces, chairs, or floral arrangements. Add masquerade-style glitz and glamour to plain decor by searching thrift shops and the clearance racks at craft stores for one-of-a-kind accents. Small embellishments can be used to reinvigorate bland decorations and turn them into thematic discussion pieces.

17. Use large foliage and greenery to fill empty spaces with pops of color. Incorporate large leaf ferns or ivy into your masquerade wedding decorations to mix a breath of fresh air in with the thrilling decor. Ask your florist what will be in-season and affordable at the time to help save money.

Take your outfit to the next level with masquerade wedding ideas for attire

18. Let your mask speak for itself. Sporting an extravagant mask is a quintessential part of a masquerade wedding. Couples often opt for an understated dress accompanied by a spectacular mask, but the choice is yours!

19. Pair small themed accessories with your outfit. Wedding accessories like lace gloves or dramatic earrings are elegant and won’t distract from the mask.

20. Beads, beads, beads. At a masquerade wedding, beads can easily become part of an outfit, decor, or a fun piece of flair guests can wear to get in the masquerade spirit.

21. Feathers are fabulous. Feathers add to the extravagant mystery of a masquerade and are popular adornments for domino masks.

22. Have extra masks available for those who forget. A guest or two will inevitably forget to bring a mask. Have extras available for party-goers who “left their mask at the hotel.”

Turn your masquerade wedding ceremony into an affair to remember

23. Create a stunning entrance. Play with lighting, long hallways, or even the idea of walking a winding path through the audience on your way to the altar. In a masquerade wedding, a little theatre is always encouraged!

24. Line the aisle with peacock feathers. Oversized peacock feathers can be used in place of floral arrangements to guide you down the aisle and create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic befitting a masquerade wedding ceremony.

25. Wed under a thematic altar draped in lace, roses, or crystals. What elements of masquerade fashion have you consistently used in your wedding decor: Lace, beads, feathers, roses? All of them? Incorporate the same elements into altar decorations for a truly cohesive feel.

Keep the party going with masquerade-themed reception ideas

26. Elegant glassware is a must-have masquerade wedding idea. Large goblets and long-stemmed wine glasses are great accessories for any guest. Be mindful of children in attendance and substitute for plastic if need be.

27. Play with extreme color contrast. Don’t be intimidated to lean into the dramatic side of masquerade style. Top tables sheathed in black cloth with red dinnerware for an intense contrast in style that’s sure to leave your guests in awe.

28. Book a live band to play the reception. If it fits in your budget, and your venue can accommodate a band, nothing says “masquerade wedding” quite like waltzing to the live music of a well-trained string quartet. However, a crafted playlist will work well too.

29. Create a masquerade-themed photo booth with props. Encourage guests to post their photo booth photos using your wedding hashtag or share in an online photo album if available.

Create a masquerade-inspired wedding menu sure to delight your guests

30. Offer snacks that will be easy to eat through a mask. Skewers, small sandwiches, and other finger foods can easily be eaten while holding or wearing a mask.

31. Forgo a formal dinner (or even forks). Opt for elegant hors d’oeuvres like oysters, prosciutto-wrapped melon, bruschetta, or toasted polenta bites. Heavier than some more traditional wedding bites, they’re sure to fill up your guests and save them from awkward attempts to eat a multi-course meal while masked or in costume.

32. At black-tie masquerade weddings, serve a refined three-course meal. If you want to go the sit-down dinner route, provide your guests with a place to store their marks comfortably to prevent spills or other accidents.

33. Spice up cocktail hour with dramatic masquerade-themed drinks. Dark-colored cocktails can appear ominous and look especially moody when served in clear glassware. Serve red velvet martinis, bold red wines, or add black magic to your bar menu.

34. Include a champagne toast that does the most. Add a dash of black liquor (black vodka) or blackberry syrup to champagne for a dark and thematic champagne toast befitting any masquerade wedding.

Frequently asked questions about masquerade weddings

What is a masquerade wedding?

A masquerade wedding is one that is decorated and planned to meet the theme and style of masquerade balls. Most masquerade weddings are dramatic and aim to be over-the-top, but they can certainly be understated and still achieve what you’re looking for. Engaged couples commonly encourage guests to wear costumes and masks in the style of Venetian Carnival to their masquerade wedding.

Is a masquerade wedding just for Mardis Gras?

While masks are a big part of the Mardi Gras celebration, not all masquerade-themed events are Mardi Gras-related. If you’ve received an invitation to a masquerade wedding, don’t assume the theme has anything to do with Mardis Gras unless specified. When in doubt, double-check ahead of time.

Are masquerade weddings expensive?

Engaged couples on any budget can plan a masquerade-themed wedding. DIY decorations, pre-decorated venue rental, and low-cost entertainment ideas all help couples on a tight budget incorporate the theme into their special day.

Put these masquerade wedding ideas to use!

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