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20 Unique Wedding Accessories for Brides and Grooms

May 8, 2019
By Wedding Spot

We all love a flower crown and a pair of quirky socks, but there are tons and tons of other unique wedding accessories you can use to spice up your big day with a touch of personality. When it comes to wedding accessories, the sky is really the limit. So whether you’re falling in line with your wedding theme or adding your own personal touches, this post has something for everyone.

Discover 10 unique wedding accessories for brides:

1. A chain armlet

These gorgeous accessories are customizable for any theme. They can be elegant and refined with gold chains and diamonds, or they can be made up of leather or feathers for a much different look. The options are literally endless.

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2. A hair comb

Hair combs aren’t always unique, but they can be modified very easily to give you a subtle flash of uniqueness. Of course, you can have floral or leafy hair combs, but they can also be more elegant with cut crystals, studs, or anything else your heart desires. You can match the style with your wedding dress to give it even more depth!

3. A fur wrap

If you’re having a winter wedding, a plush fur wrap will add a luxurious twist to your look. Keep in mind that the fur doesn’t have to be real to make a statement.

4. A choker necklace

Understated, elegant, and timeless, the choker necklace is a great way to add a unique touch to your wedding style. It can be as intricate, or as simple, as you want.

5. Facial art

For the artistic bride, there’s a lot to be said for facial art. It’s similar to makeup, but the effects are much more dramatic. But don’t worry: You don’t have to be artistic to get the most out of this idea. You can either work with your makeup artist or hire a professional to accomplish whatever look you want.

6. Feathers

For some dramatic flair, brides can adorn their veils or hair with colored feathers. These beautiful additions can be an accent in ways other accessories can’t. They add a gorgeous splash of color and a soft texture to your look that’s sure to impress! Of course, you also don’t have to go the colorful route. Feathers are as versatile as they come, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

7. Contact lenses

The eyes are the window to the soul, as they say, and contact lenses are a great way to add some flair to your wedding day. Colored contact lenses can dramatically brighten your eye color or even change it completely. For an interesting twist, you can even get specialized contacts that have customized colors and patterns. Cat-eye lenses for your Halloween-themed wedding, anyone?

8. A unique veil

A bride’s veil is one of the most beautiful parts of their wedding attire, and it presents a unique opportunity to make a lasting impression. You can make your veil as stylized as you like by adding gems, feathers, flowers, and more. Brides can also play with the length or the material of their veil to make it stand out even more.

9. A leather jacket

Give your look an edge by throwing on a leather jacket for your wedding pictures. The contrast of the white wedding dress against the rough textured leather is a true showstopper!

10. A cape

The veil will always be our tried-and-true, but the cape trend is really giving it a run for its money. This flowy accessory adds a dramatic flair to even the simplest of wedding dresses. If you want to make your ensemble a true conversation-starter, opt for a cape.

Explore 10 unique wedding accessories for grooms:

1. A hat

Hats are a great way for the stylish groom to really show off their personal taste. There are many styles to choose from, including classic fedoras, top hats, berets, and more. Aside from style, grooms can choose from different materials that add texture and feel to the look.

2. A colorful cummerbund

A cummerbund is another great way to show off your style at your wedding. You can go above and beyond and use higher-end fabrics, or really stand out with cummerbunds that pop in design and patterns. It’s a subtle way to add style and color to your big day.

3. Unique cufflinks

Another subtle way to show off your personal style is with unique cufflinks. Some grooms opt for cufflinks that are similar to lockets and can open to show a special photo. Others are fashioned into decals or sports teams, while some are incredibly flashy with diamonds and other precious stones. This is an accessory that grooms can get really creative with.

4. A unique tie or bow tie

Similar to cummerbunds, grooms are able to take tie fashion to the limit with different fabrics and patterns that really show off personal style and taste. Some grooms opt to stick to the color pattern set by their partner, but for the adventurous groom, there are thousands of different patterns and styles to choose from.

5. A unique pocket square

Give your look a boost with a unique pocket square. You can get as creative as you like with the design as well. From different fabrics and textures to patterns that highlight your personality, you can’t go wrong with a pocket square.

6. A vest

As always, the different textures and fabrics will go miles is providing depth and elegance, and there are plenty of patterns to choose from. Match your color to your partner’s color scheme or do your own thing and make a statement (though we recommend running it by your partner first!).

7. Suspenders

Suspenders aren’t really the first thing one thinks of when thinking of unique wedding accessories, but you can actually do quite a bit with them to truly bring out your own style. There are tons of different materials — even buckles can be customized. For a more robust look, leather suspenders with metal buckles make a great statement. If you want something more understated, nylon suspenders are just as stylish. Shop around — you’ll be amazed at what you find!

8. An embroidered jacket

Embroidering your jacket is a great way to make a statement and really have some fun. Some couples get matching jackets while others have them made for the groom and their groomsmen. No matter the reason for having them made, embroidered jackets can be a great addition to your wedding look.

9. A lapel pin

Some grooms pick lapel pins that match their wedding style while others use anything from succulents to feathers to diamonds and gold to make a statement. There’s an infinite number of options, so take your time while deciding.

10. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a great way to show off your personal style in any setting, and weddings are no exception. Take your eyewear game to the next level with some exceptionally stylish sunglasses.

Put this list of unique wedding accessories to good use!

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