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22 Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles We Love

Oct 9, 2020
By Wedding Spot

Whether you know the bridal hairstyle vibe you’re going for or you’re feeling overwhelmed with choices (updos, beachy waves, and braids, oh my!), we’re here to help consolidate and simplify your style options for your wedding day. There’s no right or wrong answer — there are thousands of beautiful bridal hairstyles to choose from, and every bride is unique. But we hope this post will give you some inspiration for your big day!

With that said, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a bridal hairstyle:

1. Length/type. Certain styles hold better with certain lengths and textures, so this is definitely something to consider. You can always add length with extensions if it’s in your budget.

2. Wardrobe. Whether you’re getting married in a ballgown or a three-piece suit, your wardrobe should play a factor in your choice of hair. Necklines are specifically something to think about. A high neckline pairs nicely with an updo, whereas a hairstyle that is big and voluminous may cause you to feel overwhelmed and hidden. In addition to the neckline, the silhouette and style of your bridal attire are things to consider. For example, if your bridal attire is inspired by the Gatsby-era 1920s, your hairstyle could lean towards finger waves and a feather accessory to tie the look together. Whereas if you’re rocking a more ‘70s boho dress, loose curls and flowers may be more in line with your vibe. Still undecided? Our wedding dress style guide has everything you need to know.

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3. Event location and style. Are you having a garden wedding? Or getting married in a rustic, outdoor setting? Or dancing all night in a hotel ballroom? Keeping in mind your wedding venue type and overall event style is helpful in figuring out the perfect hairstyle for your big day.

Explore 22 of our favorite beautiful bridal hairstyles:

Keep reading for some of our favorite options, which each have a Pinterest or Instagram link to help give you some additional inspiration!

Beautiful bridal hairstyles for brides with short hair

1. Natural curls. Embrace your natural hair on your wedding day and show off your stunning curls!


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2. Super straight. We love a super-straight hairstyle paired with a blunt-cut bob and the longer lob, especially for your big day.

3. Textured waves. Textured waves in short hair give you volume with a care-free edge. Try it with your hair parted down the middle or with a side part.

4. Half-up piecey twist. The perfect style for an outdoor wedding, the half-up piecey twist looks stylish and effortless. Add some hair clips for some extra pizazz.

Hairstyles for brides with long hair

5. Finger waves. Channel old Hollywood with stunning finger waves that work wonderfully with every hair type. Just make sure you practice if you’re doing them yourself so you can get the gorgeous curl pattern just right.

6. Loose braid. Loose braids are a wonderfully romantic option for bridal hair. You can add extensions for extra volume, adorn with tiny flowers, or even create a beautiful updo with an accent braid.

7. Extra volume. Adding extra volume to your wedding day hair increases the drama and the fun! We especially love adding the volume to the root for a more vintage vibe.


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Simple and elegant hairstyles

8. Loose curls. A classic wedding look, loose curls look incredible on every hair type and face shape. They are effortless, but also put together and classic. If you’re looking for simple and elegant, look no further.

9. Half-up, half-down. If you’re looking for functional with some fun, half-up, half-down is perfect for you. There are so many variations to this beautiful bridal hairstyle. You can opt for a more simple tightly combed back look or add more volume and curls for a more dramatic feel.

10. Tight, low ponytail. For a more modern take on a classic ponytail, go with a low, super slicked back pony. It looks incredibly chic for the fashion-forward bride.

11. Down with one side pinned up. We love this chic bridal hairstyle because it’s simple, but gives you the option to jazz it up depending on your hair accessory. Not only that, but it will look stunning in your wedding photos because it helps to highlight your face without hair getting in the way.

Boho and natural hairstyles

12. Fishtail braid. Fishtail braids are one of our favorites because they are relatively simple to achieve, but look elaborate and breathtaking. You can also achieve a variety of styles depending on how much hair you use for each section, whether it’s smoothed out or roughed up for texture, and how you style the finished look.

13. Piecey low bun. A piecey low bun is breathtaking, romantic, and natural all at the same time. Add a flower crown for the perfect festival vibe.

14. Beachy waves. Your wedding doesn’t have to be at the beach to rock beachy waves as your bridal hairstyle (although we do love a beach wedding). This low-maintenance, high-style look is perfect for any boho bride.

15. Half-up with a twist. Add some texture with a twisted half-up, half-down style. This is the perfect alternative to the braid if you’re looking for something different, but still stunning and earthy.


16. 1960s-inspired. The ‘60s were fabulous for not only fashion, but for hairstyles as well. From Brigitte Bardot’s effortless bangs to Diana Ross’ stunning updos and everything in between, use this decade to inspire your bridal hairstyle.

17. Low bun. Low buns are another hairstyle that works wonderfully for every hair type. Whether you want more of a simple style or a more elaborate look complete with curls, the low bun is the perfect bridal hairstyle that looks put together while keeping hair away from your face to accentuate your beauty.

18. French twist. What’s lovely about the french twist is that it’s truly a blank canvas that allows for tons of expression. You can keep it classic and sleek, embrace your curls and texture, leave out pieces for a look with bangs, and more.

Accessory-filled hairstyles

19. Bows. Don’t even get us started on bows. Okay, actually do, because bows are our current bridal hairstyle obsession. We happen to love the sheer oversized bows (you can even use one in lieu of a veil!), but truly any size and texture bow is a stylish addition to your wedding look.


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20. Pearls. Another one of our favorite bridal hairstyle accessories right now is pearls. They’re classic and can be used in so many different ways, from crowns to pins and everything in between. If you’re looking to add a layer of chic to your look, do it with pearls.

21. Sparkle. Whether you add sparkle with hair glitter or rhinestone-adorned barrettes, this trend is perfect for the fun-loving bride looking to add some spice to their bridal hairstyle.

22. Flowers. Flowers never go out of style for good reason — they’re beautiful with any bridal look! You can rock a flower crown, add some baby’s breath, or use a simple floral hair comb. Regardless of how you use flowers in your bridal hairstyle, the results will always be stunning.

Use these beautiful bridal hairstyles as inspiration for your big day!

No matter which beautiful bridal hairstyle you choose for your wedding day, you’re going to look amazing. Remember, keep in mind your hair length/type, wardrobe, and location to create your perfectly cohesive bridal style from head to toe. Now that you’ve decided on your bridal hairstyle, check out these unique wedding day accessories to complete your fabulous look.

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