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Jersey City Wedding Venues

Located just across the Hudson and Upper Bay from New York, Jersey City has the big-city excitement with less of the cost and headaches. Its close proximity to NY invites visitors with numerous attractions and a close-but-not-too-close destination to the bigger city. With beautiful waterfront, exciting cultural destinations and a lively entertainment, dining and shopping scene, Jersey City creates the ideal backdrop for your wedding.

With so much to do, Jersey City makes for an ideal location to get married. You and your guests have abundant resources to have an excellent time in the days leading up to and just following the ceremony. Throughout the year, the city is alive with events and activities. In the warmer months, enjoy a stroll along the many walkways or through the Central Avenue Shopping District. A short river cruise along the Hudson brings delightful views of architecture and history, while Pershing Field is an excellent place to enjoy nature within the city limits. When the weather turns colder, enjoy the decorations and ice skating with a city view.

Jersey City wedding venues vary greatly, from beautiful ballrooms to yachts – yes, wedding yachts. Certain regions throughout the country have more prominent wedding themes; for Jersey City, “water” is the theme. Many of the venues throughout the city feature waterfront views or ceremonies taking place on the water. Add the magnificent views of NY and Jersey City itself and you’ve got a dazzling, memorable event that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.

While waterfront and water views may take center stage, outstanding views of Midtown Manhattan and the Harbor are prominent throughout Jersey City. Day or night ceremonies are complemented by any of these breathtaking views, although nothing quite beats a beautiful city skyline lit up against a dark sky. For this very reason, wedding receptions in Jersey City are especially dazzling.

Many of the city’s venues tend to be more formal, although your Jersey City ceremony dreams and expectations can be made a reality by the dedicated staffs of each venue.

Jersey City Wedding Venue Prices

Much less expensive than NY weddings, Jersey City ceremonies and receptions allow you the grandeur without the price tag—many venues start around $13,000. Securing a yacht for your event, however, may start out near $60,000 for 300 guests. Other options include prominent hotels and event centers with dazzling views, historic architecture and/or intriguing character around every turn. Budget-friendly options include having an off-season wedding between November and April (although Valentine’s and New Year’s Eve are prime dates). Hidden price increases may come in the form of applied gratuities, service fees or time restraints.