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15 Ways to Continue Wedding Planning During Quarantine

Mar 30, 2020
By Wedding Spot

With the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve entered into an unprecedented time in our world. Travel restrictions, social distancing measures, and safer-at-home mandates have caused businesses to close, and this includes event venues and wedding vendors as well. The good news is, with technology advancements like Zoom video conferencing, digital event planning software, and the trusty Internet, you can still continue wedding planning during quarantine.

Keeping in mind that everyone is at a different place in their wedding planning journey, here are some common tasks that you can do from the safety of your home.

Discover 15 ways to continue wedding planning during quarantine:

1. Follow industry-wide advice.

Now more than ever, it’s important to turn to industry professionals to help guide you. Check out these 25 wedding experts to follow on social media to keep you informed and inspired, as well as 14 of our favorite wedding blogs and magazines. Additionally, we — and seven other wedding professionals — recently spoke with Blue Nile, the leading online retailer of diamond engagement and wedding rings, to share our best tips for planning your wedding remotely during the pandemic.

2. Read wedding planning guides.

Take this time to read up on the steps of wedding planning so you can be sure you’re on track with deadlines and to-do lists. This 25-step wedding planning guide chronicles everything from picking a wedding planner through planning the wedding after-party so that all of your duties are in one place.

3. Download free wedding planning apps.

There are a multitude of free wedding planning apps. From helping you find inspiration for wedding dresses to comparing venue prices to keeping track of vendors to visualizing your layout and beyond! Discover 30 of the best free wedding planning apps to keep you ahead of schedule even during quarantine. 

4. Listen to wedding planning podcasts.

Gain insight into wedding planning by listening to these 11 amazing podcasts. Discover innovative ideas from planners and vendors and learn from real-life couples who already celebrated their special day. You’ll also hear about how to handle mishaps as they arise.

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5. Select remaining vendors.

Depending on what your venue comes with, you’ll have to find vendors such as a caterer, photographer, videographer, DJ, and officiant, as well as any furniture and floral rentals. Use this time to research on Google, browse Instagram, and get referrals from friends and family to select the right vendors for your celebration.

6. Create your wedding website.

Your wedding website houses all of the important information for your big day. Your website will have the location, date/time, RSVP capabilities, information on hotel blocks and local attractions, and your registry, as well as be the central hub to send out any pertinent updates to guests. Use this time to create your wedding website. A few create platforms to do so are Minted, Zola, and Joy.  

7. Create your guest list.

If you haven’t already, talk with your partner and any other key decision-makers to formulate your guest list for the wedding. You can use an Excel document or a free wedding guest list template. Either way, you’ll want to have a digital version of your list because this is how you’ll upload guest names for save the dates, invitations, and online RSVPs. Learn about basic etiquette, B & C lists, and more with these 15 critical tips for managing your wedding guest list

8. Start your registry.

Creating a wedding registry is a fun activity for you and your partner to do together when you’re stuck inside. Brainstorm things you need for your home or search for websites to create a honeymoon fund. If you’re not sure where to begin your registry journey, compiled the 44 best wedding registry sites and stores to help you jump start the process. 

9. Perfect the wording of your invitations.

Depending on who’s hosting the wedding (whether that’s you, your parents or someone else), the wording of your invitations will differ. The invitation wording will also vary depending on formality. created a wedding invitation wording and etiquette guide to help you discover the perfect lingo for your special day. 

10. Research marriage licenses.

The laws regarding how and when to obtain your marriage license vary state to state, so use this time to research what’s required for your particular location. For answers to more general questions regarding marriage licenses, check this article discussing how, when and where to obtain them.

11. Create your wedding playlist.

Sit with your partner and create two playlists to give to your wedding DJ: one list of songs to play and one list of songs NOT to play. Learn more about this and other playlist tips so you’re one step ahead. 

12. Research wedding favors.

If your budget allows, and especially for destination weddings, it’s a nice gesture to give your guests thank-you gifts. Wedding favors can be memorable without breaking the bank. Discover 35 affordable wedding gifts for guests that will “wow” without compromising your budget.

13. Browse online stores for your rehearsal outfit.

You may already have your wedding dress/suit picked out, but what about your rehearsal outfit? Use this quarantine time to browse online shops (bonus points if they’re local businesses) to find the rehearsal outfit of your dreams.

14. Finalize your seating chart.

If you have your RSVP list finalized, start to map out your reception seating chart. We recommend using an event diagramming tool. This software gives you the ability to input the size of the venue, size of tables, number of guests and more to get the most accurate layout possible.

15. Write your vows.

For one reason or another, wedding vows often get left to the last minute, which is unfortunate because it’s such a special time for the couple and guests alike to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime moment. Since you have free time now, use it to research and write your vows. Not sure where to start? We compiled wedding vow examples and ideas for both her and him to help get you started.

Continue wedding planning virtually!

Obviously not being able to leave your house while you’re in the middle of planning a wedding isn’t ideal, but make the best of the situation by utilizing your free time and the wonder of technology to keep you moving toward the wedding of your dreams. To get a better feel for where specifically you should be in the planning process, check out the ultimate wedding planning timeline to keep you ahead of the curve.

Good luck, and stay safe!

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