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Wedding Planning Podcasts: 11 of the Best Listens

Jan 3, 2020
By Wedding Spot

Wedding planning podcasts are a fun way to wade into the wedding planning waters slowly, rather than diving directly into the deep end — a common mistake and a fast way to become overwhelmed. 

Instead, take care of the newly engaged essentials and hit pause on planning — no need to search for venues just yet! Select one or two podcasts from our list and queue them up in your favorite app and give them a listen during your commute. 

You’ll get a ton of great ideas from wedding planners, other industry professionals (i.e., caterers, venue managers, and DJs) and other couples who’ve already walked down the aisle. You’ll also find out that wedding mistakes happen — and it’s not the end of the world!

Wedding Planning Podcasts You Need to Follow

1. The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

Hosts: Christy Matthews, Michelle Martinez

Why listen: The Big Wedding Planning Podcast is for all couples — from those who relish each wedding planning decision to those who need hand-holding along the way. The hosts are experienced wedding planners who focus on the big picture and the minor details, all while encouraging you to keep the process fun and full of heart. They also dive into topical issues and how they can intersect with modern weddings. Matthews and Martinez welcome top event professionals from around the country to discuss topics such as:

  • Kids at weddings

  • Wedding body positivity

  • Activism and weddings 

  • Wedding toasts

2. Bridechilla

Host: Aleisha McCormack

Why listen: This podcast introduces you to the Bridechilla planning approach, which boils down to: “ditching the wedding planning BS and stress” while “encouraging you to plan the wedding that YOU want.” As your “new virtual bridesmaid,” Aleisha has a playful, conversational tone that makes you feel everything is really going to be okay — even with the inevitable bumps in the road. This top-rated podcast has an active community of couples who seek advice, offer support, and answer questions on Bridechilla’s private Facebook group. McCormack talks with planners and couples in the thick of wedding planning, covering topics such as:

  • Planning for the unforeseen circumstances

  • Avoiding wedding planning burnout  

  • Things everyone forgets on their wedding day

  • What couples would change if they could plan their wedding over

3. The Secret Life of Weddings

Hosts: Lisa Mark, Rebecca Lozer

Why listen: Mark and Lozer are professional wedding photographers who serve up a heaping platter of juicy behind-the-scenes wedding stories every episode. When it comes to the ‘dos and don’ts’ of wedding planning, The Secret Life of Weddings podcast covers the ‘don’ts’ in a cheeky way. This isn’t the place to come for great wedding ideas. Their tagline is refreshingly honest: “Full of alcohol & bad ideas.” It is a fun place to hang out, hear stories about wedding train wrecks, and feel oddly reassured that at least your wedding won’t be THAT bad. Topics include:

  • Dance floor drama

  • Crazy MILs

  • Missing dresses

  • Cheaping out

4. Put a Ring On It

Hosts: Daniel Moyer, Danielle Pasternak

Why listen: “The anti-boring wedding planning podcast.” Moyer is an award-winning wedding photographer, and Pasternak runs her own event planning business. Together, they draw from their extensive experience to offer unique and useful advice. Up your wedding planning and relationship game with topics such as:

  • Planning for your marriage

  • Sustainable wedding ideas

  • Micro-weddings

  • Wedding myths

5. Hue I Do 

Hosts: Ashleigh, Toniah

Why listen: The hosts of this show are a bride and bridesmaid who discovered a lack of podcasts for engaged black couples when planning a wedding. “Hue I Do” (originally titled, “The Black Wedding Podcast”) seeks to fill that gap. The pair invite wedding planners, vendors, and couples to spill the tea about the ups and downs of wedding planning. Topics include:

  • Bridal party bonding

  • Wedding planning secrets

  • Wedding invitation etiquette

  • Professional makeup artists

6. The One Fab Day Wedding Podcast

Hosts: Claire McGowran and Celina Murphy 

Why listen: It offers helpful wedding planning tips and advice, and an utterly laid-back, stress-reducing vibe. One Fab Day began in Ireland (home base for McGowran and Murphy) as a wedding planning resource, and has since built an international following. The hosts make the podcast a “judgment-free” wedding planning zone and encourage couples to create a wedding that reflects their styles and personalities. Topics include:

  • Dos and don’ts of using Instagram to help plan your wedding

  • Wedding lessons from the movies

  • Keeping your wedding affordable for your guests

  • How to Marie Kondo your wedding

7. The Woman Getting Married Podcast

Host: Lindsay Jones

Why listen: Jones is the founder and editor of, a comprehensive online wedding planning resource featuring inspiration and venue reviews. The show features a Q&A format, with listeners encouraged to send along their wedding planning problems and wedding cost questions. Jones answers the questions with her husband, Cory. The episodes are appetizer-sized (typically under 30 minutes), so they are easy to digest during car rides or workouts. Topics covered:

  • Wedding day shuttles

  • How much time to reserve for dancing

  • Saving money on wedding alcohol

  • Combining finances as newlyweds

8. Nayri Unveiled

Host: Nayri Kalayjian

Why listen: This podcast speaks to couples and planners alike. Kalayjian is a stylist and buyer with Lovella Bridal, and the bestselling author of “I’m Getting Married & Have Nothing to Wear.” If you’re obsessed with wedding fashions or celebrity weddings, Nayri Unveiled is the podcast for you. Kalayjian chats with luminaries of the wedding industry who offer insider tips, trends, and inspiration. Guests include:

  • Eddie Zaratsian, wedding and event designer

  • Nicoletta Daskalakis, CEO of Brides & Hairpins

  • Mags Cathey, makeup artist

  • Hovik Harutyunyan, wedding and event planner

9. Wedding Ceremony Podcast

Hosts: Clint Hufft, JP Reynolds

Why listen: The ceremony takes center stage on this podcast hosted by two experienced non-denominational officiants from Southern California. Hufft and Reynolds discuss how to create a one-of-a-kind ceremony that speaks to each of you, while sharing stories of real-world ceremonies. Some of the ceremonies they describe are inspirational, while others highlight major mistakes. Ceremony stories and subjects include:

  • A Maid of Honor in a T-rex costume for the ceremony

  • Guidelines for writing your own wedding vows

  • The officiant’s true role

  • Wedding ceremony transitions

10. The Outdoor Wedding Guide With Emily and Alan

Hosts: Emily Braithwaite, Alan Braithwaite

Why listen: Give this podcast a listen if you’re planning a wedding in the great outdoors. The Braithwaites are outdoor wedding specialists and founders of The Outside Bride, a UK-based website dedicated to couples taking their vows outside. Al fresco weddings take special planning, preparations, and even decor. You’ll find out all you need to know from the Q&A episodes, and get plenty of tips and tricks for outdoor weddings. Topics include:

  • Making wooden signs

  • Picking an outdoor wedding date

  • Planning your site layout

  • Generator size guidance and connection tips

11. The Disney Wedding Podcast

Host: Carrie Hayward

Why listen: More than 50,000 couples have tied the knot at Disney World. If you and your beloved plan to join those ranks, you’ll want to download episodes of The Disney Wedding Podcast. Hayward is a journalist and author of the book “Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide.” She discusses all things weddings, vow renewals, honeymoons, and anniversaries at global Disney locations. The podcast is independent, so Hayward’s tips and reviews are unbiased and targeted to couples who are planning a DIY event, as well as couples using Disney’s dedicated wedding experts. Many of the episodes feature a couple discussing their planning process. Topics include:   

  • How to use outside vendors for a Disney wedding

  • Star Wars-themed vow renewal

  • Cruise wedding spotlight

  • Combining a Disney ceremony with an offsite reception

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