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30 Free Wedding Planning Apps You Need

Nov 8, 2019
By Wedding Spot

Planning your wedding is an exhilarating time for couples. It’s the run-up to the big day and the jumpstart to  your happy life together. But if we’re perfectly honest — the planning process can get overwhelming pretty fast. 

Choosing your wedding venue, selecting your wedding party members, even deciding between open bar and cash bar can leave you ready to elope, especially because you can’t hit pause on the rest of your life. 

Staying organized is the key to staying cool and collected through this process, and maybe help you have some fun in the process. And what better way to stay organized than with a few handy free wedding apps for your smartphone? You’ll have them with you wherever you go for easy access and a worry-free way to enjoy the process of planning the most important day of your life. 

Here are the best free apps for wedding inspiration:

It’s time to explore wedding ideas and dream the lovely details of your big day. From what you’ll wear to make-at-home favors to unique invite designs, these apps will get you inspired and spark creative ideas for an exceptional wedding.

1. Find your wedding dress from the comfort of your living room couch 

The app: Wedding Dress Ideas and Inspiration 

What it does:  Lets you shop for a wedding dress without having to run around to boutiques—or even leave your house. 

Why you need it: Newest styles are updated regularly. You can narrow your search by filtering through designers and styles you prefer (e.g. neckline, silhouette, sleeve type). Save favorites directly to your camera roll.  

Cost: Free

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2. Find inspiration for DIY wedding projects 

The app: Pinterest 

What it does: Provides more inspiration than one DIY bride can handle. And then some. 

Why you need it: Pinterest can be one of the best free wedding planning apps you’ll ever use for creative ideas. If you know you want a wedding, but have no clue how you want it to look, or if you’re obsessed with pulling it all off from scratch, you’ll be mesmerized in minutes. From dress inspiration to DIY décor, pin all of your favorites on boards so you can find them quickly when planning time rolls around again.

Cost: Free

3. Find cool and unique items, gifts, and DIY materials  

The app: Etsy

What it does: Lets you access an online marketplace for handcrafted, artisan, and simply unique gifts and décor. 

Why you need it:  Choose decorations and centerpieces that everyone will clamor over to take home, or find the best bridal party gifts ever. DIY brides can find anything they need to create just about anything for the wedding. 

Cost: Free to download. You pay the purchase price and shipping for any products you order.

4. Get creative with your wedding color scheme

The app: Pantone Studio

What it does: See a shade of green that you absolutely love while you’re out and about? Snap a pic of it, and this app will tell you the exact name of the color.

Why you need it: Assists with planning your color themes for the event, including bridesmaid dresses and tux accessories. Especially helpful when letting the wedding party choose their own attire.  

Cost: Free to browse an assortment of palettes. $4.99 monthly subscription for extra features.

5. Explore wedding invitation designs while waiting for your latte 

The app: Canva

What it does: Lets you browse through a ton of mix and match templates and images, and helps you create custom wedding invitations exactly the way you want them.

Why you need it: Canva offers hundreds of high-resolution images and designs to spark your imagination. You can also create customized invites on paper, eco-friendly paper, or in a digital format.   

Cost: Free to browse and create. If ordering invites, the cost varies by quantity. 

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Discover the best apps for wedding planning from start to finish

Ready to start planning the most important details of them all? From your venues to your seating charts, your show-stopping cake to your budget (gulp), you’ll find the best free wedding apps to help you pull everything together and keep it organized. 

6. Search, price, and compare wedding venues all in one app

The app: The Wedding Spot 

What it does: A wedding planning app for finding the best venue and vendors for your big day. 

Why you need it: Search for vendors and venues by location and price, then compare your options side by side. Build the wedding you really want, put in all of your specs (e.g. guest list, desired options), and you’ll get an estimated budget. You can even book an appointment to meet with vendors right from the app. 

Cost: Free.

7. Start at the beginning and put it all together 

The app: Wedding Happy

What it does: This free wedding planning app starts by asking you the most important question of all: What is your wedding date? From there, it helps you organize every step you need to take before the day arrives. 

Why you need it: It’s fully customizable, works great for both of you, and is easy to share across multiple social platforms so that everyone can keep track of the details.   

Cost: Free

8. Count down every last minute before the wedding 

The app: Wedding Countdown 

What it does: Counts down the days, hours, minutes, and the very last second until your big day.  

Why you need it: Sometimes, you just need a visual reminder of your event. Plus, it lets you customize the experience with special songs, hearts, and kisses.

Cost: Free. In-app purchases are optional. 

9. Set up a wedding budget – and stay on it 

The app: Mint

What it does: Keeps track of everything you’re spending to get this wedding off the ground. 

Why you need it: While it’s not made for weddings, you can create a wedding budget and track your spending. Link to your bank account to monitor spending, receive weekly summaries, and get notifications when payments are due. (Need some tips on sticking to a budget for your wedding? We’ve got ‘em—and they’re easier than you think.)

Cost: Free

10. Cover all of your bases and keep track of your vendors 

The app: iWedPlanner

What it does: One of the best wedding planning apps for keeping everything organized and in one place. 

Why you need it: You’ll get a to-do list so you know where you are and where you need to be. Also, organize your vendors and RSVPs, utilize a seating chart, and make notes in the app along the way. 

Cost: Free. Offers in-app purchases. 

11. Visualize the layout of your wedding venue

The app: Social Tables

What it does:  Organize and arrange tables, chairs, and other furniture digitally. 

Why you need it: If you or your partner absorb information visually, use Social Tables’ event diagramming tool to envision the layout and scope of your wedding day. It can quickly help things seem more manageable, and helps bring your wedding vision into focus.

Cost: Free

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12. Make sure all of your guests have the best seat in the house 

The app: Table Planner

What it does: Create seating charts to manage your guests in 3 easy steps.

Why you need it: Remove the hassle of trying to keep Aunt Mary far away from Aunt Martha. Add as many guests as you like, put in restrictions, and the app does the rest. Make last-minute changes and rework as you go. 

Cost:  Free

13. Browse through show-stopping wedding cake designs over dessert

The app: Wedding Cake Ideas 

What it does: This free wedding planning app lets you view over 100 wedding cakes in a range of styles and designs for beautifully delicious inspiration.

Why you need it: Because a vanilla cake with white buttercream icing is just too simple for such a fantastic event. 

Cost: Free

14. Get recommendations you can trust from others who have been there 

The app: Facebook (Recommendations)

What it does: Use Facebook Recommendations to enlist the help of others who have walked the aisle before you. Get advice on local venues and services from people you trust.

Why you need it: It’s an easy way to see what people have to say all in one place. Instead of asking around and taking notes, it’s all there to help with your research—even after business hours. 

Cost: Free. 

15. Create your own virtual wedding planning pinboard 

The app: Trello

What it does: Ditch the notebook or daily planner and organize everything on a virtual pinboard that you can take with you wherever you go.

Why you need it: Trello lets you create cards for each category and “pin” them to your board. As you complete each task, drag and drop the cards to the finish pile—then bask in the feeling of accomplishment. 

Cost: Basic package is free. You can upgrade your options by paying a monthly fee. 

16. Set up transportation for your guests in advance 

The app: Uber Events

What it does: Pre-arrange travel for your guests. 

Why you need it: Whether it’s a ride from the ceremony to the venue, or back to the hotel after too many libations, Uber Events lets you manage it all—giving you and your guests peace of mind. 

Cost: The app is free to download. You set a budget for how much you’ll pay for rides, and you only pay for the number of rides used. 

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See the best wedding registry apps 

Now is your chance to register for everything you’ve always wanted. Or, everything you never knew you wanted, but have a chance to get now. Pick household items, or have guests contribute to your honeymoon. It’s your wedding registry - do what you like.

17. Set up a registry that includes charitable donation options 

The app: Zola Registry 

What it does: A universal registry that lets you pick whatever you want from anywhere without having to list a store you want it from. 

Why you need it: The best free wedding planning app for the couple who knows exactly what they want. Zola Weddings not only lets you put Waterford crystal and KitchenAid mixers on your registry, it also lets you set up donations to your favorite charity. And that’s truly a gift that keeps on giving. 

Cost: Free

18. Tell everyone what you really want for your wedding  

The app: Amazon Wedding Registry

What it does: Put anything and everything on your wedding registry because, after all, Amazon has everything

Why you need it: If you’re not sure what you need, there’s a top-100 list of most popular items, curated collections, and boutique products by your favorite designers.  

Cost: Free

19. The all-in-one wedding registry 

The app: Blueprint Registry

What it does: Create a registry and then add gifts from any online retailer. Import registries you already created elsewhere, and create a group gifting option for large-scale items. 

Why you need it: You can also create a cash registry. Enough said. 

Cost: Free

20. Forget the toaster—register for your honeymoon

The app: Honeyfund

What it does:  Create a registry of what you want people to contribute to during your honeymoon (e.g. pre-dinner cocktails, romantic dinner, couples massage) along with a listed price.

Why you need it: You can also let people contribute to the overall price of your hotel or resort. Guests can pay for as little or as much as they prefer. That’s sure to beat a blender any day.

Cost: The app is free to download. No cost and low-cost options are available for additional services. 

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Get the best free apps for a healthy mind and body during wedding planning

Wedding planning is a stressful event in itself, and stress can take a toll on you. You can’t run on lattes and adrenaline for the next few months and think that it won’t catch up to you somehow. You can, however, take a deep breath (or two) and keep your mind and body healthy with the help of these apps. 

21. Take a few minutes each day to stop, breathe, and think 

The app: Stop, Breathe, & Think

What it does: Helps you relax, breathe, and chill through guided meditations. Choose either a male or female voice to lead you into bliss. 

Why need it: You can also choose to set a timer and sit in silence, listen to relaxing sounds of the forest, or learn breathing techniques that can come in handy when your soon-to-be M-I-L hands you her guest list.   

Cost: Free. There is a fee for additional sessions and upgrades. 

22. Clear your mind and learn how to (really) relax 

The app: Headspace

What it does:  Offers brief meditation exercises to help you get and stay more relaxed and peaceful. 

Why you need it: This highly acclaimed app teaches you the basics of mindfulness and meditation with exercises you can do anywhere. It’s the perfect way to take a few minutes for yourself in the middle of the chaos. 

Cost:  Introductory sessions are free. In-app purchases range in price. 

23. Get your stress snacking under control before it gets the best of you

The app: MyFitnessPal

What it does: Helps you in your quest to lose weight, change your eating habits, or just hold yourself accountable. 

Why you need it: If you’re a stress eater, you’re probably at the height of snacking right about now. This can help you stay on track as the big day approaches. It features an extensive database of foods, including restaurant meals, so you know how many calories you’re putting in your body wherever you go. 

Cost: Free. In-app purchases optional. 

24. Take seven minutes to whip yourself into better shape 

The app: 7 Minute Workout

What it does:  Gives you a bunch of workouts that only take seven minutes to complete. Workouts range from total-body to targeted areas (hello, abs!).

Why you need it: You may be crunched for time, but exercise is one of the best ways to burn off stress and keep yourself healthy. This app offers manageable exercise routines to help you get and stay in shape through the wedding planning process.  

Cost:  Free. In-app purchases available. 

25. Kick back and relax with a fun, interactive game 

The app: Design Home

What it does: Gives you a fun diversion from your to-do list.

Why you need it: Compete in the world of interior design by “purchasing” furniture from real-life brands to decorate different rooms of a home to fit a theme. This might just come in handy for decorating your new home together! 

Cost: Free. In-app purchases available. 

26. Don’t waste another minute planning your outfits for upcoming events 

The app: Finery

What it does: Tracks your wardrobe to remind you of what you have in your closet, and suggests ways to put it all together so all you have to do is get dressed. 

Why you need it: If you’re tired of planning what to wear at each of the many events that come along with wedding festivities, this app does it for you. It might even save you from spending money on a new item if you forgot you had one hanging in the back  of the closet. 

Cost:  Free. 

Explore the best free apps for sharing your wedded bliss

Not everyone will be able to join you on your wedding day, so take a few minutes to set up easy ways they can still see the vows, the cake, and even your father hitting the dance floor for the Cha Cha Slide. 

27. Collect and share the awesome photos taken by your guests 

The app: Joy 

What it does: Manage and share guests, lists, RSVPs and more all in one place. It's like having your own, private social network that includes anyone you choose to participate. 

Why you need it: The best free wedding planning app to keep everyone informed about wedding-happenings without having to text and update a million people. The coolest part of the Joy app is its ability to help you collect and share the photos taken by your guests on your wedding day. 

Cost: Free. 

28. Create a second phone line dedicated solely to your wedding 

The app: Burner

What it does:  A second mobile phone line that you can set up for sharing wedding videos and photos with loved ones who can’t make it to the wedding. 

Why you need it: It also helps with RSVPs as guests can text to accept or decline, or even leave a message with questions. 

Cost: Free trial period. Then $4.99 a month for unlimited calls, texts, pics.

And finally, see the best apps for the honeymoon phase

When the wedding is over, you’ll finally exhale—and wonder where the last year went. Now that the planning is over, the fun begins. Research shows that couples spend an average of $4,466 on their honeymoon, so make sure you take advantage of everything your destination has to offer. Organize the honeymoon details during the wedding planning stage so you can fully enjoy your first journey as a married couple. 

29. Organize your honeymoon details all in one place

The app: TripIt 

What it does: Once you have your honeymoon all planned out, enter all of your info in the app to keep it organized and ready to go. It creates a schedule to tell you and your fiancé where to be and when to be there.

Why you need it: This saves you from having to do your own backwards counting to figure out the best time to wake up so you can call an Uber to arrive on time so you can be at the airport three hours early. 

Cost: Free. Unlock additional features for a fee. 

30. Find awesome things to do on your honeymoon

The app: Viator

What it does: If you want to do more than just lie on the beach during your honeymoon, this app gives you a wide range of options to make some adventurous memories. 

Why you need it: It’s the go-to place for booking fun activities like scuba diving or wine tastings near your honeymoon location. You’ll also find walking tours, bus tours, and in-depth details on what each tour is about.

Cost: Free. 

This is one of the most important days of your life. Don’t spend the time leading up to it in a fog of disorganized panic. Enjoy every minute with a few of these apps helping you plan your wedding from beginning to end — and beyond. 

Now that you have all of the free wedding planning apps you can handle, check out our unique rehearsal dinner ideas to plan the perfect pre-wedding event.

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