Unique Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

Unique Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

Sometimes you may think that if you’ve been to one rehearsal dinner, you’ve been to ‘em all. Ceremony rehearsal, dinner, slideshow and speeches, repeat. While the effort that goes into planning a successful rehearsal dinner shouldn’t rival that of your actual wedding day, there’s no need to conform to the traditional expectations for any pre-wedding event. Have fun with it!

Explore some of our ideas for wedding rehearsal dinner alternatives:

Pool or Beach Party

Invite your guests to lounge with you poolside or dance in the sand to celebrate your “last splash!” Make it a dressy white party or keep it casual. Bring in big and colorful pool floats, or float some candles in the water instead. Dine by the light of the sun or light it up with tiki torches and a wood burning fire. Whether or not you actually plan to take a dip in the water will help you determine the mood and formality of your party.

Pizza Party

Maybe you don’t want your wedding to come off as cheesy, but for the rehearsal dinner, cheese it up! Cater your favorite pizza joint and have a buffet spread of perfect pies as far as the eye can see. Perk: The pizza pun possibilities are endless!

Food Truck Rally

The only thing more romantic than dining under the glow of string lights is dining under the glow of string lights while encircled by your favorite food trucks. Save the heavy passed hors d'oeuvres for your wedding cocktail hour. Bring in a couple of your favorite local food trucks to delight your guests with a delicious meal and a fun and unconventional serving style.

Backyard Cookout

Nothing brings a family together like the enticing scent of food in the air. Host a homestyle cookout in the comfort and familiarity of your backyard or book a homey wedding venue with a perfect outdoor space. You know yourself and your guests best, so choose a meal you think you may all enjoy! Try some southern smoked BBQ with all the fixings, an east coast style crab boil, a crawfish boil, fish fry, or keep it simple with juicy burgers and dogs hot off the grill.

Family Game Night

Help members from both sides of the family break the ice and get to know each other a little better before the big day with some friendly competition. Have a random team selection process, or make it a battle of the sexes! Any assortment of games will do, so try a mix of classic board games, like Monopoly or Clue, video games, like Just Dance, or yard games like corn hole, giant jenga, or a relay.

Make it Sweet

Skip dinner and go straight for dessert, just this once. Have an ice cream bar, with a build-your-own-sundae station, an ice cream sandwich station with warm cookies, a colorful candy display à la Dylan’s Candy Bar, an outrageous milkshake station, trays and trays of baked goods galore, tiny pies, or cupcakes. Whatever you choose, make it sweet!

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