Budget Friendly Alternatives to a Traditional Sit Down Dinner

Budget Friendly Alternatives to a Traditional Sit Down Dinner

Perhaps a formal four course dinner doesn’t fit in with your theme, or it simply isn’t your style. For a meal that’s going to cost you a serious portion of your wedding budget, you’ll want to be sure you’re satisfied with the outcome, or that the end result is worth the expense!

While your guests will and should expect to be fed a satisfying meal, what that meal is comprised of can be decided by your personal tastes and creativity. Gone are the days when a wedding must fit the traditional dinner mold!

If the thought of having a traditional sit down dinner at your reception doesn’t agree with you, or the food cost per head is weighing heavily on your budget, consider these alternatives:

Buffet Style

One of the most popular options is a buffet style dinner. By allowing guests to serve themselves, you’ll eliminate the number of servers needed and cut service costs. Your guests will also have the benefit of making their own selections and portions based on the offerings.

Cocktail Reception

Skip the expensive linens and complicated place settings. Instead, opt for an elegant, yet relaxed evening cocktail reception. Guests will enjoy a variety of cocktails and hors d’oeuvres either passed by servers or displayed on tables. Keep in mind that if you are serving alcohol at your reception, you’ll want to serve plenty of heavy appetizers as well to keep your guests well balanced.

Wedding Brunch or Tea

For many, brunch is the most important meal of the day! Delight your guests with a delicious brunch buffet of fresh fruits, sweet pastries, breakfast tacos, and more. You’ll even save on liquor by serving a higher concentration of daylight friendly champagne cocktails over heavier alcoholic beverages. A wedding brunch is sure to please. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a gigantic donut wall and a colorful mimosa bar?

Onsite Food Truck

Food truck catering has recently gained popularity and more and more food trucks are becoming available for large party catering. If you’re having an outdoor event, or if you have access to an outdoor area, offer your guests a unique experience and bring in an onsite food truck.

Specialty Stations

Sometimes there are certain foods that hold a special place in your love story. Maybe you and your fiancé had pizza and beer on your first date, or the two of you celebrate Taco Tuesday religiously, or perhaps you want to treat your guests to some Southern homestyle BBQ like you both enjoyed on your favorite trip. If that’s the case, don’t shy away from incorporating these meaningful dishes into your big day by way of food stations. Food stations are easy to maneuver for guests and totally customizable.

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