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55 Wonderful & Whimsical Wedding Ideas for Spring

Apr 3, 2023
By Wedding Spot

Every spring, love is in the air as wedding season kicks off in the U.S. The warm sun peeks out from behind a thick, gray blanket of winter clouds, and we also begin to emerge from hibernation in the comfort of our cozy homes. The world is alive again, buzzing with energy and new life, so it’s no wonder why so many couples choose to wed in the spring. If you’re hunting for romantic, creative, and unique wedding ideas for spring, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re looking for color schemes, outfit options, unique ceremony locations, or other wedding ideas for spring, this is the list for you. From menu ideas and cake designs to themes, this post includes more than fifty seasonal decoration ideas and trendy design tips.

Wedding ideas for spring that fit your style and budget

Thematic wedding ideas for spring

Picking a theme or style early on can help streamline the planning process, making it easier to choose a venue, decorations, and so on. To help get you started, we’ve listed some of our favorite unique wedding themes for spring celebrations below:

1. Enchanted garden party

The world comes alive again in spring. The birds start chirping, and the budding blooms of spring flowers begin to open. Take advantage of the naturally whimsical setting with an enchanted garden-themed wedding. Incorporate fresh flowers, delicate teacups, hanging lanterns, and lace linen to add to the ethereal atmosphere.

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2. Woodland wedding

Host a magical woodland wedding under the thick canopy of the forest or in a clearing surrounded by one. Decorate with natural materials that add to the setting, such as wooden furniture, floral garlands, and raw linen.

3. Mountain wedding theme

Embrace earthy textures, natural prints, and outdoorsy elements in your mountain-themed wedding decorations. A stunning landscape backdrop, the potential to add picnic tables, and the opportunity to stargaze with guests are some of our favorite wedding ideas for spring that work perfectly for mountain weddings.

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4. Modern farmhouse 

For a blend of modern and rustic design, consider throwing a hip, heavenly farmhouse-themed wedding in the spring. Host the reception in a refurbished farmhouse, and add a smidge of sophistication with chic, sleek tablescapes.

5. Kentucky Derby-themed wedding

Spring is the perfect time to host a Kentucky Derby-themed wedding. The annual event is known for its time-honored traditions, top-tiered fashion, and—of course—horseracing. Encourage guests to don extravagant hats, drink mojitos, and place their bets for a chance to be named derby day winner.

6. Zero-waste wedding

Environmentally conscious couples can give back to Mother Nature by planning a zero-waste wedding. Hire local vendors with the same values, book a sustainable wedding venue, decorate with living plants, and incorporate other eco-friendly wedding ideas into your design.

7. Brunch

Instead of hosting your spring wedding in the evening, when venue prices are at their highest and vendor services are most scarce, plan a brunch wedding instead. Build a brunch-themed menu, serve bottomless mimosas, and set the dress code accordingly.

Unique wedding location ideas for spring

When researching a location for your spring wedding, remember that popular event venues may book up quickly. Consider an out-of-the-box location for your ceremony instead, such as:

8. Public parks

Spring marks the beginning of wedding season, and affordable venues tend to book up quickly. If you’re looking for a low-cost, naturally beautiful setting for your spring celebration, consider planning a park wedding.

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Check out more incredible outdoor wedding locations

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9. Historical sites

Book a historical venue to add an element of prestige to your spring wedding. Get hitched at a library, museum, turn-of-the-century manor, or on the grounds of a sprawling estate.

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10. Ferryboats

Impress wedding guests by hosting your wedding in a completely unexpected setting, like on a ferryboat. Ferry wedding services operate in Seattle, Portland, Disney Springs, and many other locations all over the country.

11. Festival sites

Festival sites are unique locations for open-air spring weddings that outdoor-loving couples and festivalgoers will love. They can hold a large number of guests and are typically set up to accommodate tents, yurts, lawn games, music, outdoor dining, and more. The style of a festival site also fits multiple themes well, including rustic-themed weddings and boho-chic ceremonies.

12. Clear-top tents

Host your outdoor spring wedding under the protective covering of a clear-top event tent. The clear top will allow wedding guests to gaze at the night sky and stay safe from sudden seasonal showers.

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13. Breweries

Book a brewery for your spring wedding. Entertain guests with outdoor wedding lawn games, live entertainment, and delicious beer brewed onsite.

14. Ponds

Nature-loving couples will feel at home during a peaceful pond wedding in the spring. Treat guests to a lavish picnic-style reception or set up an elegant grazing table using antique wine barrels as support.

15. Warehouses

Pleasantly surprise wedding guests by hosting your wedding in an industrial space turned trendy wedding venue. Look for an airy warehouse with lofty ceilings and wide--open spaces to accommodate your industrial-chic wedding aesthetic.

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Decorative wedding ideas for spring celebrations

Embrace the warmth and sunshine of the season with an inviting wedding setup and colorful décor.

16. Outdoor lounge

If your spring wedding takes place indoors, consider creating an outdoor lounge area guests can enjoy. Invite guests to grab a breath of fresh air at a classy outdoor bar, or set up a cozy ground-level lounge area, made comfortable with layered rugs, oversized pillows, and plush throws.

17. Cozy spring swing

Hang an outdoor swing where wedding guests can soak up the warm spring sun while their worries melt away. Set up a hanging bed loaded with colorful cushions and decorative pillows, or upcycle a classic wooden swing with floral garland.

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18. Seasonal color palette

Consider the natural colors of the season when creating your wedding color scheme. Work with pastels, neutral green tones, pinks, and peach hues as your base color, adding deep berry, mauve, gray, or white accents to create spring wedding color combinations you’ll adore.

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19. Full floral garlands

Amp up decorative accents, create vibrant tablescapes, and design robust aisle markers using lush floral garland. Make your own low-cost floral garland with silk flowers, floral wire, tape, and a bit of patience.

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20. Living centerpieces

Incorporate the liveliness of spring with living centerpieces. Place succulents in glass terrariums, small planters, or rustic wooden boxes for eco-friendly, seasonal wedding centerpieces.

21. Hanging greenery

Hanging greenery makes an attractive focal point that will catch the eyes of your wedding guests and help tie the space together without detracting from the stars of the show. Place a flourishing greenery installation above the head wedding table or altar to create a statement piece guests will be talking about long after the event.

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22. Minimalist designs

One of our favorite wedding ideas for spring is to let the season’s beauty speak for itself. Don’t overdo your design by cluttering it with loud patterns or gaudy accents. Keep it simple, opt for a minimalist wedding design, and let the seasonal landscape speak for itself.

Picture-perfect spring wedding flower ideas

A fantastic way to save money on your wedding is by choosing in-season blooms for your floral arrangements. Some of the most stunning wedding flowers thrive in spring, including:

23. Roses

Roses are available year-round, and couples will have a variety of sizes and colors to choose from in the spring, including red, pink, yellow, white, purple, and blue.

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24. Tulips

Tulips are timeless. They come in an assortment of colors, from crisp whites to bright blooms. Affordable and durable, tulips help create romantic, flawless floral arrangements.

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25. Ranunculus

Ranunculus, more commonly referred to as a buttercup, is a popular spring wedding flower. The tight-petaled blooms look gorgeous in dainty bridal bouquets and large floral arrangements, pairing well with lilac, hyacinth, sweet pea, and roses.

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26. Peonies

Peonies are one of the most popular wedding flowers ever. The flower produces large, playful blooms that symbolize happiness, honor, beauty, and love.

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27. Sweet pea

Sweet pea blooms may be small compared to many other beloved spring wedding flowers, but their ruffled petals make them a delightful addition to any bridal bouquet.

28. Calla lilies

Elegant and eye-catching flowers, calla lilies are favored florals for spring and summer weddings. The sleek, dramatic shape of the calla lily can add a dash of drama to your wedding centerpiece ideas and help fill out lackluster decorative arrangements.

Wedding menu ideas for spring

With so many delicious options to choose from, it would be impossible to include all of our favorite spring wedding food ideas in this post, but we’ve highlighted a few of our mouth-watering favorites below:

29. Chicken salad wonton cups

If you’re looking for cheerful, easy-to-prepare appetizers guests of all ages will love, add chicken salad wonton cups to your spring wedding menu. Serve these colorful snack cups during cocktail hour or place them on the buffet. Mix up the recipe to include walnuts, grapes, or apples.

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30. BYO salad bar

Set up a build-your-own salad bar, complete with fresh produce, gourmet mushrooms, edible flowers, fruit, herbs, and a wide selection of flavorful dressings. Offer delectable toppings, like grilled chicken, fresh fruit, nuts, and cheeses. Encourage guests to go all out with their custom creations.
31. Vegetable risotto

Include at least one vegetarian option for reception guests, like a creamy vegetable risotto. Look for a bright recipe with white wine, fresh parmesan, and asparagus, or serve wild mushroom risotto if you want a bolder, more decadent dish.

32. Grilled steak

Grilled meat is an excellent addition to outdoor weddings, especially in the spring before the intense summer heat sets in. Spark up the grill at your outdoor wedding, and celebrate with the smoky flavor of seared steak.

33. Bourbon-glazed salmon

Strike the perfect balance between sweet and savory with bourbon-glazed salmon. Brown sugar, bourbon, ginger, and lime juice add incredible flavors and color to this sensational spring wedding dish.

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Spectacular spring wedding cocktails 

Choose a crisp, refreshing signature cocktail to feature on the bar menu. Look for a light, spring-inspired beverage that will wow your wedding guests.

34. Bee’s Knees

Named for a phrase from the Prohibition era in which it originated, the Bee’s Knees is a simple yet scrumptious cocktail. All this yummy yellow sipper requires is gin, lemon juice, and honey syrup. Garnish with a lemon twist.

35. Mojitos

Serve classic mojitos with fresh lime and mint, or use fresh blueberries for a tasty twist.
36. Blackberry lilac lemonade

Lilac only grows for a few months each year, from April to June, making it an exceptional addition to any spring cocktail. Add two cups of freshly picked lilacs, lemons, blackberries, sugar, and gin to create this delicious and refreshing cocktail, or leave out the gin for a refreshing virgin lemonade.

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37. Strawberry peach frosé

Bursting with tangy, refreshing fruit flavors, strawberry peach frosé will help spring wedding guests cool off in style. Frozen fruit is the primary ingredient in this colorful and delicious chilled cocktail, making it a budget-friendly cocktail for engaged couples.

38. Bellinis

Fresh peach bellinis are ideal for an afternoon spring wedding or a brunch wedding any time of year. Using only two ingredients—prosecco and fresh fruit—bellinis are fast and easy to make.

39. Blushing Kiss Martini

Add a hint of romance to your spring wedding cocktail menu with a boozy, beautiful Blushing Kiss Martini. This easy-to-follow recipe from Bakers Royale calls for gin, St. Germain, fresh grapefruit, and a fragrant sprig of thyme.

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Sensational spring wedding cake ideas

Incorporate seasonal elements into your cake design for a cohesive spring wedding look.

40. Go gold

Edible gold flakes create a sparking sheen against the backdrop of a blush or white wedding cake.

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41. Fruit flavors

Give your spring wedding cake a seasonal twist by featuring fresh fruit flavors. Instead of a white and buttercream cake, go with something more unexpected, like lemon, strawberry, pineapple, or banana.

42. Crisp white

Spring weddings often burst with color, from various pinks and greens to blues, purples, and pastels. A crisp, white cake will stand out amidst a sea of spring colors, especially when accented with bright greenery or fresh, edible flowers.

43. Spun sugar topper

Instead of a traditional cake topper, choose a spring-inspired sugar topper for your wedding cake. Select a simple spun sugar bird’s nest or flamboyant sugar flowers to decorate the top tier of the confectionary creation.

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44. Ombre wedding cake

Choose an ombre wedding cake that matches a spring sunset. Whether in blue, pink, purple, or sage green, a gentle ombre-style gradient change can turn any basic wedding cake into an artistic masterpiece.

Dress up for your spring wedding with these attire ideas

Wear bold colors, set a casual dress code, or mix things up your spring wedding outfit with—

45. Flower crowns

Swap a traditional wedding veil for a fragrant, blooming flower crown. Roses, daisies, wax flowers, and eucalyptus hold up well out of the water, making them choice materials for a DIY flower crown.

46. Lace sleeves

Select a dress with delicate lace sleeves for your spring wedding. The timeless look is elegant and can help protect against brisk seasonal breezes.

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47. Wildflower boutonnieres

Gift the groomsmen hand-made wildflower boutonnieres or pocket squares. Show your gratitude for their participation and add a pop of color to the ceremony lineup at the same time.

48. Bright red

Bright, vibrant reds are fabulous for spring. Select orange-toned reds instead of blue-red tones. Orange tones appear lively and exuberant, but blue-toned reds have a deeper and darker hue.

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49. Slip dresses

Attend a spring wedding in a comfortable, light slip dress, or style the bridesmaids in similar slip dresses of varying colors and lengths.

50. Colorful cool-toned suits

Spring wedding guests and groomsmen will look dapper in cool-toned colorful suits. Think sage green, lavender, or gray.

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51. Jackets

If you’re going for a more formal, put-together look, wear a wrap coat or structured blazer. Are you attending a more casual spring wedding? Dress up your look with a leather or denim jacket instead.

Venue ideas for your spring wedding

Still looking for the perfect spring wedding venue? Consider one of these unbelievable locations:

52. Fountains and water features

Look for a wedding venue with a featured water installation. Say your vows on well-manicured lawns surrounded by majestic fountains and waterfalls at Swan Club on the Harbor, located on New York’s Long Island. Rent an indoor water installation, and add a sense of luxury to any indoor spring wedding.

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53. Treehouse

If you’re looking for a magical spring wedding experience unlike any other, head on over to Earthjoy Treehouse Village in Brooksville, Kentucky. The venue is inside an original Pete Nelson treehouse and specializes in hosting yoga classes, retreats, and intimate weddings for up to 150 guests. Invite your closest friends and family to join you for an after-party, as this fairytale woodland venue can also accommodate up to 30 guests overnight.

54. Botanic gardens

New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill is a picturesque event venue with mountain views, rolling hills, and majestic gardens, located just 45 miles from Boston in Boylston, Massachusetts. There are multiple garden locations for couples to choose from, as well as a glass conservatory, with wedding prices beginning at $13,879.

55. Tie the knot in technicolor

Located in the Coachella Valley of Palm Springs, California, the Saguaro Palm Springs is an inclusive, splashy, and colorful wedding venue that vibrant couples will love. The rainbow-colored boutique hotel can accommodate indoor and outdoor spring wedding ceremonies for up to 275 guests.

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Let this list of wedding ideas for spring inspire your big day!

If a warm-weather wedding isn’t your cup of tea, that’s okay. For some couples, spring weddings are out of the question. Whether due to allergies, venue availability, personal preferences, or other circumstances, many engaged couples choose to marry in the fall or winter instead.

Although we’re big fans of wedding ideas for spring, the truth is that we love weddings in every season. Up next, we help our cold-loving friends plan a wedding in the off-season with winter wedding ideas to spice up a snowy celebration.

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