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31 Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas to Spice Up Your Snowy Celebration

Oct 17, 2022
By Wedding Spot

Looking for winter wonderland wedding ideas? You’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’ll give you some suggestions to help make your big day perfect — no matter how cold it may be. Bookmark this list of ideas for wedding attire, invitations, decor, cakes, and more. Plus, check out some real-life examples of winter wonderland weddings you can totally take notes on!

Our Favorite Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas

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10 jaw-dropping wedding dresses to inspire your winter wonderland look

Dressing for your winter wonderland wedding is all about looking regal and elegant while still being comfortable (i.e. warm, not itchy) even in chilly weather. Denise Buzy-Pucheu, owner of Newtown, Connecticut’s premier bridal shop The Persnickety Bride, spoke with Wedding Spot about her expert ideas for winter wonderland wedding attire. Here are some of her tips plus a few of our own suggestions:

1. Think long and shimmery

Buzy-Pucheu said that if she were to style a wedding party, “the bride would be wearing a long sleeve ball gown for sure. Either something completely gorgeous and clean looking in a lux satin or silk mikado. If the bride is into sparkles, something that really speaks winter wedding is a lovely glittering ivory ball gown in a monochromatic shimmer.”

2. Consider indoor versus outdoor attire

For example, Buzy-Pucheu told Wedding Spot that if the bride plans to take photos outside a fur or faux fur muff would look fabulous. If your photos are only indoors, you can stand to skip the extra gear and go for a less covered look.

3. Keep the groom classic

To make sure you don’t overdo the winter wonderland theme, Buzy-Pucheu suggests that the “Groom and his men would be in black tie” with the hubby in “a gorgeous black cape to put around his tux”.

4. Use thicker fabrics

For the bridesmaids and maid of honor? “Velvet,” says Buzy-Pucheu, “probably black as well or a beautiful wine color.” Not only will thick fabrics like these fit the theme but they’ll also keep everyone warm.

5. Don’t forget the pets!

And if there are any fur babies involved, she suggests dressing them in red sweaters. When shopping for a wedding outfit for your dog, keep in mind that most websites size by weight but not length, which could create sizing issues. If you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to look for the perfect size sweater, look for options with an open stomach or adjustable Velcro closure.

6. Unique sleeves

When it comes to winter wedding dress styles, you may find yourself limited when it comes to neck and hemlines. That’s why you want to have fun with the sleeves. Sleeves come in all different styles from more traditional bridal lace to bohemian bell and romantic bishop sleeves. When you’re dress shopping, try on a variety of sleeves so you can decide what fits your personal style. You may be surprised at what you choose!

7. Bridal capes

Whether you prefer a sequin lace capelet or a dramatic floor-length sheer cape, adding this piece to your wedding dress is a fabulous way to make a simple dress even chicer while keeping warm. Bonus: you can take the cape off for the reception and completely transform your look, giving you the feel of a second dress at no extra cost!

8. Faux fur shawls, wraps, and jackets

Another great option to add regality to your wedding look is faux fur. Whether it be in the form of a shawl, wrap, or jacket worn for photos or for the whole ceremony and reception, faux fur creates an elegant winter wonderland look that elevates your wardrobe. Thrift vintage pieces for your something old or rent them from a theater or film costume department if you’re short on time.

9. Regal ball gowns

Nothing says a winter wonderland wedding like the dramatic ball gown dress. Add a unique twist on this classic with layers of tulle patchwork or modernize the look with a two-piece design complete with an off-the-shoulder chiffon top and matching princess skirt with feathers. Whether it’s satin, lace, or anything in between, ball gowns are the perfect dress to complete your winter wonderland wedding.

10. Sparkle

From pearls to sequins to beading, adding sparkle to your wedding dress will make your ensemble truly magical. If you’re looking for a simpler statement, try choosing a dress with embellishments on just the bodice or sleeves. For a more sophisticated look, try a form-fitting long-sleeve gown with structured shoulders. For the edgy bride, a head-to-toe sequin embellished high/low gown is a perfect choice.

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3 steps to creating the perfect winter wonderland wedding invitations

11. Choose your color palette

For a more holiday-specific invitation, use traditional colors such as red and green for Christmas or blue and white for Hanukkah. Jewel tones are another option for your winter wonderland palette, like deep burgundy, royal plum, and metallics like gold, silver, and bronze.

Alternatively, draw color inspiration from nature. You can accomplish this by using a dark green from the evergreen tree, browns from the earth, whites from snow to really channel the elements.

12. Utilize texture

Fabrics with lots of texture are a fabulous choice if you’re looking to add a seasonal feel to your invitations without being super on the nose. From velvet ribbons to textured snow-like patches, consider layering various finishes to add winter vibes to your paper suite.

13. Match your venue decor

Your wedding invitations should inform your guests what to expect in terms of the vibe of your big day. So if you use red and green on your invites, your wedding decor shouldn’t then be a palette of pastels. Make sure you decide what you want your wedding decor to be and build your invitations around that.

11 winter wonderland wedding décor ideas for your venue

14. Metallics

Adding metallics to your wedding decor—whether in the form of glitter sprayed on candles, pearls, and rhinestones in your bouquet or gold-dipped table setting—is a fun way to create a wintery feel.

15. Evergreen and pine branches

Evergreen branches are one of our favorite decor items for weddings—not only do they instantly say winter in their appearance, they also say it with their wonderful fragrance. Try lining the aisle of your ceremony with green branches to create a more nature-filled space.

Another great option is using bare tree branches as centerpieces. Make sure you properly strip and finish the branches ahead of time to avoid issues like bugs.

Buzy-Pucheu also told Wedding Spot via email that “an archway of white shimmery tree branches (with twinkle lights to represent snow) with beautiful potted red poinsettias along the floor leading into the ballroom” is an impressive way to incorporate branches. Buzy-Pucheu also added that “floor lighting would be required as well”.

16. Candlelight

Nothing says winter like a warm fire. Recreate the feeling of snuggling up next to a fireplace with  candles at your wedding. Create a more dramatic look by using candles of all shapes and sizes placed into clear candle vases. Check with your venue about fire safety and always keep an eye on open flames.

17. Cozying up

Have warm, cozy blankets draped on chairs for guests to bundle up with throughout the course of your wedding. Or, if you’d rather not have the blankets be a statement, create a few stations with covered baskets of blankets for guests to grab if needed.

18. Seasonal centerpieces

Pinecones, holly, poinsettia, and evergreen branches are a few nature-inspired ideas for centerpieces. You can either have your florist create these works of art or DIY a more budget-friendly alternative.

19. Twinkle lights

Adding twinkle lights to your winter wonderland wedding venue is an easy and cost-effective way to bedazzle the space and make it your own. Add them to your ceremony arch, any trees that adorn your venue, the dessert station, and more. The only thing we advise is to use white lights rather than multi-colored, and be sure not to overdo it. Even just using twinkle lights in one area is enough to elevate your winter wedding.

20. Chandeliers

If you’re looking to add some glamor to your venue, chandeliers are the perfect way to do so. Whether it’s a rustic modern wedding with chandeliers hanging in trees or a more traditional wedding with chandeliers hanging above dining tables, there is no better way to add pizazz to your winter wedding than with chandeliers.

21. Mix textures

Mix textures throughout your venue to give a cozy, winter feel. Not sure where to start? Consider a centerpiece with elements of wood, florals, and textured fabrics. Or mix shapes like long and short wax candles with floral arrangements of varying heights.

Having an array of shapes and textures will really amplify the seasonal vibes.

22. Baby’s breath

Baby’s breath is fabulous for a winter wedding, because, in addition to fitting your color scheme,  they’re incredibly versatile. You can put them in tall vases, add candles and pearls to create a glamorous centerpiece, or create a baby’s breath cloud to hover over your dining tables. The possibilities are endless.

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23. Snow

Whether you choose a more direct use of snow with snowflake-shaped cupcakes or you decide to go for a more subtle option, like these fresh floral ice cubes, finding a way to incorporate snow and ice into your wedding will be the cherry on top of the perfect winter wonderland ceremony and reception.

24. Themed table settings

Wedding Spot spoke to Len Sanchez, Marketing Specialist at CV Linens, about their ideas for winter wonderland wedding table decor. Sanchez said, a “blue and silver winter wonderland that mainly uses baby blue table runner with a navy blue table runner with Glitter Manzanita Tree in silver as a centerpiece, or a rustic winter tablescape with burlap linens and lace” are both dazzling additions to a winter wonderland table.

4 gorgeous winter wonderland wedding cakes

25. Natural cake toppers

Utilize the winter elements by topping your tiered cake with pinecones, holly berries, and evergreen pieces for a rustic take on the season.

26. Metallic accents

Adding some shine to your cake really puts you in the holiday spirit. For example, a white-iced cake with gold drips and a glitter deer will feel like a true winter dessert.

27. Incorporating snowflakes

Make your cake stand out with delicate snowflakes adorning the layers. Check out this magnificent snowflake cake that is as delicious as it is beautiful.

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28. “Naked” cakes

We love the feel of “naked” cakes for winter weddings because it gives off that rustic, cozy vibe. Add fresh berries and florals to decorate and you’ve got the perfect winter wonderland cake.

3 real winter wonderland weddings to give you a spark of inspiration

29. Traditional white winter wedding

This glamorous white winter wonderland wedding took place in Westlake Village, CA. The ceremony was outside adorned with cascading white flowers while the reception was inside a ballroom complete with gold and deep red accents.

30. DIY winter wedding on a budget

From pine cones and candles lighting the aisle to a smores and hot chocolate bar at the reception, if you want to have a DIY winter wedding, check out this super fun Oklahoma wedding.

31. Rustic greenhouse winter wedding

This Pennsylvania couple got married in a greenhouse that was adorned with evergreens, wreaths, candles, and plaid. Their ceremony backdrop was a freestanding live frame made from roses and evergreen amongst other greenery. The Christmas-themed wedding really hit the mark without going over-the-top with the theme.

Now that you know how to bring your magical winter wonderland wedding to life, you may be wondering how to handle the weather on your big day. Your venue may be in a region that gets snowfall but if the season will be just getting started make sure you check out our complete guide to rain on your wedding day!

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