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Catskills Wedding Venues

The Catskill Mountains are a gorgeous getaway located just a two-hour drive north of New York City and an hour drive southwest of Albany. This large Hudson Valley area features astounding views of breathtaking natural beauty, from the lakes and rivers to the sprawling forests, all set within a sprawling landscape of mountainous glory. This protected preserve serves as the ultimate setting for a rustic retreat in the kind of privacy ideal for your special day.

Wedding venues in the Catskills always take advantage of the world-famous surroundings. From the ranch-style accommodations to the mansions, these private estates wow with rustic appeal and seclusion on acres of gardens, forests, and trickling brooks.

Prepare for wedding portraits in areas with backgrounds that inspired some of art history’s most iconic landscape paintings. Countless wildflowers blanket the ground and ferns speckle the endless trails for capturing moments to be cherished for a lifetime. Wedding ceremonies in the Catskills are framed by the awe-inspiring mountain range, with outdoor nuptials viewed from hand carved, locally sourced, antique benches on meadows from a storybook. Other options include a gazebo standing on the banks of a glassy lake, with the song of wildlife setting the chorus for the day’s magical mood.

From outdoors or in, you can watch the sun disappear over the majestic mountaintops as the day’s vows turn into the evening’s celebrations before or during wedding receptions in the Catskills. Indoor venues feature cathedral ceilings in spacious ranches adorned by custom drapes and hanging pendant lights that do the surrounding outdoors its due justice. Outdoor options have guests eating under a tent with a panoramic view of their surroundings before dancing under the starry sky as the music of your choice floats through the crisp fresh air.

Wedding season in the Catskill Mountains stays true to the typical, with winter being the slowest time of year and spring and summer months being the peak periods. However, fall in Upstate New York is famously picturesque, a natural wonder of the world that inspires tourism from around the globe. A wedding with the orange, red, and yellow of the robust trees create a unique look in mild weather, a painting from Mother Nature’s brush that makes it one of the most sought after settings for a wedding.

Wedding Venue Prices in the Catskills

The spring, summer, and fall months are the most popular times of year, meaning the demand will be higher and the prices will remain consistent. Winter weather will either feature a significant reduction in price, or, due to the tremendous amount of snow, be closed until the thaw of spring. For guest lists of 100 people during the peak periods, the starting price will be around $12,000, but varies depending on amenities and services.