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Creative Wedding Table Number Ideas for the Perfect Tablescape

Apr 17, 2023
By Wedding Spot

Want to find a creative idea for your wedding table numbers that will look stunning with the rest of your decor? How about a wedding table number design you’ve never seen before? Don’t worry, these are the wedding table number ideas you’ve been waiting for!

In this blog post, we offer suggestions that you can make or buy for any style, budget, or table setup. Each one is great for organizing your guests, adding character to your dining area, and making your wedding feel that much more “you”. Keep reading to explore some fun examples you can either DIY or buy to create some beautiful wedding table numbers.

20 inventive wedding table number ideas

Wedding table numbers are the cherry on top of a beautiful wedding tablescape. While some couples prefer to have their blend into the design, others like stand-out table numbers that are easy to read and makes a statement. Whether you’re buying or DIYing, there are plenty of great wedding table number ideas available for you to choose from on this list!

1. Create a minimalist mid-century modern wood table number

All you need is a few plain blocks or sheets of light wood, large wood cutout numbers, and strong glue. Overlap the number and the background piece to add more character to it, like in this MCM wedding table number idea.

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2. Combine pressed flowers and clear picture frames

We love how thrift-friendly this boho wedding table number idea is!

Grab some clear frames, dried flowers, and a white paint pen. Use a stencil for the numbers if you don’t know how to do calligraphy, and try different layouts for the flowers.

You can try to match your dried flowers to your fresh ones to tie all of your floral design together. Or you can swap out the dried flowers for dried greenery and herbs such as lavender.

Customize it even further by writing the numbers out rather than using the numerical form.

3. Try back-painted acrylic wedding table numbers

This is one of those wedding table number ideas that adds a touch of personality without overtaking the rest of your table decor.

As you can see from this table number on Etsy, the clear acrylic sheets rest on a dark wood block and have white numbering painted on the back. You have the option to customize the size of the signs and you can choose between having no stand, a wood stand, or an acrylic stand.

4. Add a natural twine bow to a folded card

Match your wedding aesthetic with rustic and shabby chic wedding table numbers. Cut textured brown cardstock into rectangles and fold them in half. Use a Cricut or dry transfer decals to add the numbers and any designs you may want. Then, add a natural twine and skinny white ribbon bow to the top to complete the look.

5. Use tall, gold table numbers with fancy feet

A glamorous wedding requires glamorous wedding table number ideas. Whether your wedding is held in a ballroom or a castle, these elevated options are perfect for making a statement. Look for ones that display the numbers in word form, have a decent amount of height to them, and include details like the scrolls at the bottom of this elegant wedding table number.

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6. Buy or make gold arched wedding table numbers

Arches are a fun and unexpected wedding table number shape. This acrylic tabble number from Etsy has a nice shine to it. Write the word “table” along the arched part of the plaque in a traditional font then put the number centered in the middle and in cursive.

7. Go modern with black and white

A simple modern wedding table number looks great with any theme or color palette. It’s also easy to DIY. Use thick, high-quality cardstock in white or black for your base. Then use calligraphy to write out the table number. This editable minimalist wedding table from Etsy uses a standing clip display to create a clean look.

8. Try wood cutout table numbers

We love how interesting this wood wedding table number looks. The simple cutout leaf design makes a big statement without overpowering the rest of the table decor. This wedding table number idea is great for boho, rustic, and vintage wedding themes.

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9. Use a circle

This circle wedding table number is simple yet oh so chic. Two circles around a cursive table number create the illusion of a floating number. This light and airy choice is perfect for couples who want an elegant wedding table number.

10. Make your own tri-fold wedding table numbers

This wedding table number idea performs triple duty. We love how tri-fold table numbers can use the first side to display the table number, the second side to share the food and drink menus, and the third side to share a story about the happy couple. You can also add photos, quotes, or bride and groom trivia.

11. Add your baby photos

Personalize your wedding table numbers with adorable baby photos of you and your partner. In this wedding table number, include the table number at the top and two side by side photos in the middle. Add your names and wedding date at the bottom to make it a fun wedding keepsake your close family members are sure to adore.

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12. Try hexagon cutouts

These hexagon cutout wedding table numbers are unexpected and fun. The numbers are written out in this example, but you could also display them numerically. Choose between a variety of colors or buy a DIY ready-to-paint version.

13. Have a bright pop of color

We’re mesmerized by neon pink wedding table numbers. Not only are they easy to spot across the room but they are also great for spicing up minimalist wedding table displays. This idea is easy to make on your own. Get a color match with your wedding color palette to make the look more cohesive. A sample size of paint should be all you need to customize your wedding table number ideas.

14. Layer frosted acrylic

There’s something ethereal about these frosted acrylic wedding table number signs that we simply love. The contrasting fonts on this version add even more visual interest to the piece.

15. Try statement making color combos

Want something that’s classic and stands out at the same time? Choose colors that really pop. This bright pink and red table number from Zazzle shows how something as simple as the hues you choose can spice up an otherwise simple wedding table number idea.

16. Showcase engagement photos

Your engagement photos are gorgeous and should be shown off at every opportunity—your wedding table number ideas included. Choose a shot that didn’t make the final cut for the website, like a fun behind the scenes blooper moment or another flattering photo you both love.

Or, mix it up by using different photos for each table. For example, the friends from the college table can get the zany versions while the more classic poses can be saved for older relatives.

You’ll also have the option of full color or minimal black and white.

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17. Use Polaroids

This is one of those wedding table number ideas that requires extra planning but will lead to some truly unique special wedding souvenirs. Have some instant print camera, a gold or dark silver permanent marker, and some matching photo stands ready to go.

Designate a Polaroid photographer throughout your ceremony. Have them capture details such as wedding rings as well as images of your vows. Then, write the table numbers on the frame of each Polaroid and add them to the stands. It’s fast, simple, and adds a ton of personality to any wedding tablescape!

You can also use some of your favorite photos from the years you’ve been together here, if you’re worried about a time crunch. It’s also a great way to celebrate the great times you’ve had in your relationship.

18. Include a QR code

A wedding table number with a QR code is a cool alternative to traditional wedding table number ideas. The best part is that the site you choose to link your code to is completely up to you. You can use it for practical reasons like showcasing drink menus. Or get creative and show off a gallery of family photos or even a custom Spotify wedding playlist you made of you and your partner’s favorite artists.

19. Create a mini hanging sign

Use wood dowels or slim copper piping to hang your table numbers from. This adds style and some fun movement to an otherwise static table display when a breeze blows by.

20. Tie table numbers around your vases

Combine your floral art with your wedding table number ideas to stylishly save space and make full use of your beautiful vases. Brown paper tags  are easy to DIY if you have some basic calligraphy skills. Or use a rub on transfer to create a stripe, vine, or floral design to the tag itself as a border or background. Or find a number that blends in with the arrangement. The options here are endless.

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Now you’re ready to create a lovely wedding table display!

Weddings require a lot of decision making and wedding table number ideas aren’t exactly at the top of the priority list. But with the help of the ideas above, you’re well on your way to finishing the final touches on your sure-to-be-gorgeous wedding reception.

Speaking of beautiful wedding receptions, check out these fun wedding cookie table display ideas for even more inspiration!

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