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30 Teal Wedding Ideas for a Colorful Celebration

Jan 20, 2022
By Wedding Spot

Do traditional weddings bore you? Are you looking for a bright, fun, and classy color palette for your big day? Many couples love bold hues, which is why they gravitate towards teal wedding ideas for inspiration. 

In this guide, we explore teal wedding ideas that will stand out from the crowd and wow your guests. We break down which wedding venues and wedding venue types to book, how to decorate to suit this color, and the many ways to infuse elegance into your teal wedding ideas. 

30 teal wedding ideas you and your guests will love

General teal wedding ideas to consider

1. Keep the season in mind. For colder months, pair teal with a dark spruce green or golden yellow and burgundy. For warmer months, add in some light pinks or brighten it all up even more by going turquoise

2. Gold and copper are the perfect accent metals for any teal color palette. Gold or copper cutlery, foil lettering, and jewelry suits this hue well.

3. Choose your moments. Brighter shades of teal should be used sparingly so that it doesn’t overwhelm the eye. If you want it to be the main theme without overpowering your other decor, go with a darker hue. You’d be surprised at how many shades of teal you have to choose from!

4. Flesh out the theme. Sometimes, having a single color for a wedding theme can feel like it’s missing something. Flesh out the theme by leaning into an era or symbol that works well with teal. For example, add some other jewel-toned disco decor or display a peacock feather accent. 

5. Plan out teal backdrops for your wedding photos. Whether it’s a preexisting local mural or a homemade teal curtain, working your theme into your photos will help bring it to life the day of and in your scrapbook for years to come. 

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Teal wedding ideas for your venue

6. Choose black and white wedding venues for a modern touch. The Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront, for example, offers white walls and black accented door frames that would go elegantly with any teal color palette because it won’t overpower the rest of the hues.

7. Look for waterfront reception areas. Teal looks absolutely stunning in front of the ocean thanks to the water's naturally blue color scheme. Venues such as Conrad Punta de Mita are a great example of how remarkable a teal wedding would look right on the sand. 

8. Remember that greenery is your friend. If you’re worried about teal overpowering the rest of your wedding decor, choose a venue with a lot of greenery to balance it out. For example, Orange County California’s The Waterfront Beach Resort, A Hilton Hotel, has stunning green grounds. Pair teal with those swirling white rose petal designs and you’ve got a hit on your hands. 

9. Find a customizable lighting setup. Love teal but don’t want to commit to dozens of blue tablecloths? Find a wedding venue that offers a customizable lighting setup and cast teal and purple shades on walls, columns, and staircases. 

10. Explore venues with blue accent walls, carpets, or ceilings. For example, Windows on the Lake in Long Island, New York, offers a blue sky ceiling accented with white clouds that would complement all of your other teal wedding ideas beautifully.

Stylish and budget-friendly teal wedding ideas for decor 

11. Pair teal with burgundy and medium gray. These two complementary colors are more common among wedding decor items such as table runners. That means you have a greater likelihood of finding them on sale or at a discount supplier, which will help save you some money

12. Combine a neutral tablescape with pops of teal. Use clear glassware, white plates, and white cutlery as your base. Then add in a teal table runner and matching teal cloth napkins for a stunning visual impact.

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13. Use pomegranate and grape imagery. It sounds odd but faux or real fruits in these hues will look amazing against teal tablecloths, chargers, and even on wedding invitation art. 

14. Add a teal plate in the middle of your plate stack. Use a gold or bronze plate for the bottom and a patterned teal plate on top. Add in a teal glass to tie it all together. 

15. Put up a teal flower wall. This can serve as a backdrop for pictures or to cover up parts of the venue you don’t want people to see. DIY it with a bulk order of faux teal flowers, some super glue, and a lightweight piece of wood you can prop up against a wall. 

Look your absolute best with these teal wedding attire suggestions

16. Add a pop of color to your bouquet with a teal bow or ribbon. White, pale yellow, and light pink or beige blooms look striking against a teal accent and white wedding dress. Or simply add some blue and teal flowers to the bouquet itself. 

17. Wear teal heels to your ceremony. The surprise peek of color as you walk down the aisle or lift your train to get around will be fun for you and your guests.

18. Change into a teal monochrome ensemble for your reception. Ditch the dress and boogie down in an outfit consisting of a teal dress or dress pants with a teal top and accessories to match. The more closely the shades match, the better. 

19. Add a teal tie and pocket square to your suit. This looks great with a black suit and white shirt. But if you’re feeling extra bold, why not pair it with a white suit during summer months for a truly unique wedding look? 

20. Color coordinate your teal bridal party. Ask groomsmen to wear matching teal ties and dark gray suits and have the bridesmaids wear teal dresses. 

Dance the night away surrounded by these teal wedding reception ideas

21. Have guests throw teal-dyed flower petals. The color will fill the air and look amazing in photos. 

22. Add a teal balloon arch or canopy at the reception entrance. Include plain white, plain purple, and glitter accent balloons to round out the attention-grabbing piece. 

23. Accent tables with coral pink folded napkins. For a seaside wedding, fold them into a fan shape so that they look reminiscent of shells. 

24. Light up the night with teal candelabras or candlesticks. They’ll look great with white or plain candles and votives.

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25. Get creative with teal tablecloths. For example, dark teal velvet looks striking for a winter wedding. 

Curate a teal wedding inspired menu for guests to sip and eat

26. Include dark blue foods into each dish. It’s way easier to add teal to desserts like donuts and even popcorn since the hue is readily available in confectionary cooking. But something as simple as blueberries on the starter salad can help bring the color theme into the dinner experience. 

27. Serve blue and purple amethyst wedding cupcakes for dessert. Edible crystals make the tops look like real rocks and make your buffet that much more colorful. 

28. Cover your cake in gradient teal frosting. Start with darker teal on the bottom and lighten it all the way to white at the top.

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29. Add colorful teal cocktails to your list. Tequila sunrises, bluewater breezes, and any other tropical refreshment will look amazing. 

30. Lean into teal serving utensils. Not many adults find bright food enticing, so instead of serving all-teal entrees, look at your plates, cups, and tongs to do the heavy lifting for you. 

Frequently asked questions about teal weddings

What is a teal wedding? 

A teal wedding is a ceremony and reception that uses this specific shade of cyan-green as its primary focus for the wedding design. It will typically serve as the main color in the palette, but it may also work as an accent color.

Is a teal wedding just for spring and summer? 

No, teal weddings are great all year round. Use darker teal shades for cold months. 

Are teal weddings hard to pull off?  

Teal weddings are not hard to pull off. Simply pair them with warm metal accents and shades of burgundy or blue and you’ll be good to go! 

Put these teal wedding ideas to use!

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