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Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist: 70+ Items

Oct 15, 2021
By Wedding Spot

Planning for your wedding day but not sure what to pack just in case? This wedding day emergency kit checklist has you covered. Whether your wedding is inside or outside, large or small, chances are you'll need at least some of these items on hand. And if you don’t — great! At least you were prepared.

Take a look at each category and determine which items best fit you. You can use the entire list as one big emergency kit or you can create one smaller emergency kit for each individual area.

Your complete wedding day emergency kit checklist

Items for hygiene and grooming

1. Tweezers. Pluck stray hairs, splinters, and fingernail snags easily by adding tweezers to your wedding day emergency kit checklist.

2. Tissues. Tissues are essential for the tears of joy everyone will be crying at the ceremony. And if your wedding is outdoors, tissues will be good to have on-hand for allergy sufferers.

3. Breath mints or spray. Freshen up before your big kiss or when greeting your guests at the reception. Pop some mints between glasses of wine or beer too, and remember to stay hydrated for minty fresh breath all day long.

4. Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash. Consider brushing before the ceremony and after you eat. Remember: You’ll be talking to a lot of different people!

5. Feminine products. It’s called an emergency list for a reason! Help someone out by having these ready to go if needed. You can also bring quarters if your venue has them for sale in bathroom machines.

6. Lotion. Moisturize your hands, elbows, knees, and legs as needed. It will look better in photos and make you feel more comfortable.

7. Lip balm. For softer smooches and plumper lips, pack some lip balm. You can use the traditional kind or try a small container of coconut oil instead for extra hydration.

8. Q-tips. You’d be surprised at all the things you can use Q-tips for.

9. Deodorant spray. Spray has some advantages over stick, especially because multiple people can comfortably use it. Go with invisible kinds to make sure none of it gets on your outfit.

10. Perfume or cologne. Bottle up your favorite perfume or cologne into a travel-sized version. Or bring some essential oils like rosehip and lavender for a romantic fragrance.

11. Razor and shaving cream. If you forget to shave or need a quick refresh, having these items ready to go makes it easy to quickly dip in and out of the bathroom just before the wedding starts.

First aid items

12. Advil. Ward off headaches with your favorite brand of anti-inflammatory.

13. Pepto Bismol. Whether it’s because of nerves or overindulging on all of those wedding day food items, it’s always a good idea to have some stomach meds on hand.

14. Epinephrine. For strong food allergies, epinephrine is a must for any wedding day emergency kit checklist. Even if guests turned in their preferences ahead of time, it’s good to be prepared with this potentially life-saving item.

15. Seasonal allergy medication. Brand name or generic both work well. Have at least one kind on hand if you plan to be within a few miles of a field, forest, park, or anywhere else that may cause your allergies to act up.

16. Band-Aids. Use regular Band-Aids for cuts and scrapes. Include some blister Band-Aids to prevent issues from uncomfortable shoes!

17. Rubbing alcohol. Disinfect bug bites, cuts, and more with this powerful substance. It’s also great for sanitizing shared surfaces.

18. Cotton balls. Cotton balls can be used to clean up and wipe off a number of different items. They’re great for helping with makeup, skincare, and cleaning.

Tools and other necessities

19. Superglue or hot glue. You never know what ornament, decor piece, or heel might need fixing throughout the day! Superglue takes longer to dry but it doesn’t require an outlet like hot glue does.

20. Clear tape. This is great for taping up signage, closing envelopes, and fixing DIY decorations as needed. Clear tape can also be rolled around your hand and used to remove lint or dirt from cloth.

21. Scissors. Cut off price tags and open boxes with an extra pair of scissors. They can also be helpful for curling ribbon on last-minute bridal party gift wrapping.

22. Small mirror. You may already have a small mirror inside your blush or eyeshadow, but if you don’t, make sure you pack one just in case you need to refresh yourself when you don’t immediately have access to a bathroom.

23. Contact lenses and solution. If your contacts dry up or start to bother you, you can quickly swap them for a backup pair. The last thing you want is to not be able to see on your big day!

24. Eye drops. Your eyes may be red from allergies or simply crying too much. Keep them looking fresh in every photo with some extra drops.

25. Glasses. Your eyes might get too tired for contact lenses later on. Or you may need glasses to read. Either way, make sure you don’t leave them behind.

26. Wedding day timeline. Print out at least two reference copies and make sure they’re up to date!

27. Wedding party contact list. This is a spreadsheet with everyone's names, phone numbers, emails, and even Instagram handles. A virtual version is great, but a printed version may also be useful if service or WiFi is spotty.

28. Chargers. Phone chargers and portable electronic charging devices are a great addition to your wedding day emergency kit checklist. Make sure you have matching cords for both iPhone and Androids.

29. Extension cord/surge protector. The outlet locations at your venue might not be ideal for hairdryers and cell phone charging once your party gets settled in. Bring at least one with multiple outlets.

30. Bluetooth speaker. Play your favorite music while you get ready and use it as a backup for hotel dance parties.

31. Cash. Bring enough cash to tip your wait staff and valets. Then bring some more just in case. Even a $20 bill can come in handy.

32. Pens and loose-leaf paper. Need to take notes on your vows or share your information with someone but don’t have your phone on you? Grab a pen and piece of paper.

33. Antibacterial wipes. Clean and disinfect your makeup station, bathroom, and shared tools before and after using them.

34. Hand sanitizer. Keep everyone healthy and clean with some extra hand sanitizing spray or liquid. Use pocket-sized ones for purses and large ones for the dressing rooms.

35. Face masks. No matter what the guidelines say at the time of your big day, it doesn’t hurt to have some extra face masks on you just in case.

36. Lighters. Lighters come in handy for lighting candles, smoking, and so on. They can also be used to start bonfires if you plan to host them at your reception.

37. Batteries. Battery-powered decorations such as lights and speakers may need extra juice throughout the event. A handful of AA and AAA should be enough.

Wardrobe-related items

38. Fashion tape. The last thing you want is for your wardrobe to slip up or over on the day of your wedding. This is why double-sided fashion tape is so important. It can be used to secure your wedding dress or bra straps. It's also helpful for fixing various other fashion issues such as missing buttons or flyaway fabric layers.

39. Sewing kit. This is essential for things like broken zippers and missing buttons. Include at least black or white thread plus a sewing needle and an extra button or two.

40. Safety pins. Fix split seams and fallen accessories with a standard safety pin.

41. Extra jewelry. There’s always a chance these delicate items will break, fall off, or get lost. You probably won't think about backup earrings if you're planning on wearing a special pair for your wedding. But a simple pair of backup diamond studs can be lifesavers if something happens to your first choice. The same thing goes for cuff links.

42. Earring backs. Sometimes earring backs will get snagged on clothing while you're changing or get lost as you're getting your hair done.

43. Tide to Go pens. Stain remover wipes, and any other home remedy you have for common stains, will be a great addition to your wedding day emergency kit checklist.

44. Dryer sheets. Dryer sheets are great for reducing static cling. They can also be used to make your garments smell amazing while they’re being stored in their bags.

45. Clothing weights. Clothing weights have sticky tape on one side and can be placed on the interior of dresses and skirts. This keeps them from floating up on a windy day.

46. Armpit pads. These sticky liners are made specifically for absorbing sweat in this area. For weddings in the spring and fall, this is especially important because the weather can change from cold to hot very quickly. Using these armpit pads will reduce sweat stains and discomfort for everyone.

47. Shoe inserts. Everyone has struggled with uncomfortable shoes at some point. Chances are you have more than one wedding guest or bridal party member who’s wearing brand-new shoes for the first time. Having inserts on hand that can be trimmed down to any shoe size can be a total lifesaver on the dance floor.

48. Heel protectors. Heel protectors are little jelly strips that go on the inside of the back of your shoes, and they can prevent uncomfortable rubbing while dancing or walking.

49. Lint roller. If you or someone else in your wedding party has a pet, a lint roller is an absolute must-have. This is also great for tidying up black pants and jackets before photos.

50. Flip flops or foldable flats. Having backup shoes will make you feel more comfortable if your wedding shoes are feeling a little tight by the time the reception starts. Foldable flats fit better into your clutch while flip flops give your feet more breathing room.

51. Sunglasses. Why squint the whole day away when you can add a stylish pair of sunglasses to your wedding day emergency kit? Have a few gender-neutral pairs on hand just in case other guests forget to bring some for your outdoor ceremony.

52. Steamer/iron. Make sure you’re prepared to fix your clothes in case they get wrinkled during transport or throughout the day.

Items for your hair

53. Hair ties. Bring at least one black, brown, and coil hair tie to suit all hair types. They can also be used to keep objects together or tie around leftover programs for safekeeping.

54. Bobby pins. Need to stick down a flyaway or keep your updo going strong? A couple of bobby pins can help in a pinch. You can also use them as paper clips.

55. Hair spray. Pack a travel-size light or flexible hold hair spray for curled hair if you want to keep loose waves in check. Hair spray is also good for preventing runs in stockings.

56. Hair gel. You or some people in your party may use hair gel to style their locks. Make sure to bring a little extra in case there's a lot of humidity or rain.

57. Small brush or comb. This is crucial in case your hair gets messy. You can also use a brush or comb to tease out threads on decor items such as a macrame hanger or clean up the look of tassels.

Items for your makeup and nails

58. Makeup eraser cloths. Makeup eraser cloths are reusable and eco-friendly. Just add water and touch up mascara spots or lipstick smudges.

59. Clear nail polish. Cover snags and polish scratches with clear nail polish. You can also use clear nail polish for scratches on surfaces you want to protect. Choose a fast-drying version for best results.

60. Nail polish remover. If you find some leftover nail polish on your clothing, you can always add nail polish remover to take it away. Or if somebody's manicure or pedicure gets messed up, they can easily wipe it fresh and start over with clear nail polish.

61. Pedicure set. Nail files, clippers, and other tools will make it easy to freshen up any details that were overlooked while getting ready. For example, some people may have planned to wear closed-toed shoes at the ceremony and forgot about getting ready for the open-toe shoe they have planned for the reception.

62. Eyelash glue. Eyelash glue is great for reapplying lashes as needed. It can also be used to attach facial gemstones or other types of glitter.

63. Translucent powder with a brush. Translucent powder will keep faces from being too shiny in photos. It's also great for drying out oily skin even if you're not wearing makeup.

64. Samples sizes of all makeup. During your hair and makeup trial, pick out the products that will be worn on the big day and ask to set aside some sample jars for each. Having a few of the most important products such as concealer or lipstick in your emergency kit will help keep your look fresh throughout the entire day.

Wellness items

65. Crystals. For the new-age couples, remember to bring your rose quartz with you in your outfit or purse. Also, bring any crystals that represent what you’d like to have in your marriage.

66. Energy cleansing tools. Think mugwort sprays and incense matches. Anything that is small and easy to carry will do. Cleanse the altar, dressing rooms, and hotel room of any stale energy before you begin your activities.

67. Yoga mat. You may want to stretch or do some spinal alignment exercises before getting into your wedding outfit. Yoga mats are also nice to have on hand for children and pets to play on during the reception.

68. Rose face mist. It smells great and is said to enhance feelings of love and romance. Some rose face mists double as toners and can fit nicely into your wedding day skincare routine.

Outdoor-related items

69. Portable heating pad. Grab some rechargeable hand warmers for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. Or crack some single-use feet and body warmers after the sun sets.

70. Fan. Fan yourself off when you’re sweating under the sun. Or have someone else fan you while you’re getting your photos taken for an extra glam effect.

71. Sunscreen. Burn easily? Use sunscreen to prevent red and scaly faces while you wait outside for your next activity.

72. Bug spray. Prevent mosquito bites and flies with some spray. Also, consider lighting some citronella candles if your venue allows it.

73. Umbrellas. If it rains, you’ll be covered. And if the sun is too bright, you’ll be covered as well. Umbrellas also make for a romantic wedding photo prop.

74. Coats. One large dress coat can really come in handy as a blanket to sit on or wrapped around your shoulders as the temperature drops throughout the day.

Put this wedding day emergency kit checklist to use!

Minor mishaps are normal for any wedding, but as long as you’re prepared, there’s nothing to worry about. Combine your wedding day emergency kit checklist with our guide to managing wedding planning stress and take back control over your special day!

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