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18 Wedding Cookie Table Display Ideas

Jul 6, 2022
By Wedding Spot

Wedding cookie table display ideas have a special place in our hearts here at Wedding Spot. Having grown up with this tradition, we know a thing or two about how delightful it is to share delicious home-baked treats made with love from friends and family on your wedding day. Even if you order your cookies from a professional baker, sharing this unconventional wedding dessert will make your reception that much more personalized.

The only problem? Figuring out how to showcase them! That's where these wedding cookie table display ideas come in.

From tupperware to clear-topped bakery boxes, the packaging your wedding cookies are dropped off in typically isn’t Pinterest-worthy compared to the rest of your buffet. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these wedding cookie table display ideas you can quickly arrange to blend right in with the rest of your stunning decor and catering.

Explore 18 fantastic wedding cookie table display ideas

No matter what you have at your disposal, we’ve got some top-tier wedding cookie table display ideas for you. Everything from cute table layouts to eye-popping decor to pretty on-plate arrangements are included in this list.

1. Choose cookie display pieces

Take inventory of the cookies you have. Then, consider which display pieces you’ll use for each batch. You’ll likely use a mix of: 

  • Plates: Best for large, flat cookies.
  • Vases: Fun for miniatures that stack well.
  • Bowls: Perfect for ball-shaped cookies.
  • Dishes: Mix extra-large and tiny ones for visual variety.
  • Trays: Long, rectangular trays are great for cookies that are sturdy enough to lean against one another.
  • Jars: Again, great for cookies that are on the smaller side.

You can buy display pieces or make them yourself like in this DIY Dollar Tree tiered tray tutorial.

2. Pick a layout

Use a wedding reception layout tool to create a fast and easy display. Add in the measurements of your table space and your display pieces for a virtual representation of what everything will look like together. Arrange your layout, create different layout options, and add notes about which cookies will go where so you can easily delegate the task on the day of your wedding

3. Add linens to your cookie table display

Pick out your tablecloth, table runner, and napkins. Make sure they fit in with the rest of your buffet theme if you’re hosting one right next to it. Otherwise, try to closely match your wedding color palette. You can even use the same linens you’ve rented for the guest tables to tie it all together. But if you ask us, a homemade tablecloth you wouldn’t mind getting a little smudge or two on adds that extra special touch to an already sentimental tradition.

4. Mix up shapes

Using all the same shapes for your platters and display pieces can look boring. Instead, consider mixing it up by incorporating a variety of shapes. Using a hodgepodge of shapes will make your cookie display look more organic and boho. And if you want a more uniform look, try using square display pieces for the bottom level and round display pieces for the top level.

5. Display the menu

Show guests what they have to choose between by using a chalkboard, mirror, or windowpane and a chalk pen to write out a menu. Star the cookie types that have food allergies and note that on the bottom of the menu. Name your wedding cookie table display (i.e. Carly's Confections) and be sure to add a thank you while you’re at it!

6. Tier your cookie trays

Height makes all the difference between flat and boring wedding cookie table display ideas and ones that look great in photos. That’s why we highly recommend tiered trays made out of porcelain or metal.

Use one extra-large tiered tray in the center of the table. Or, scatter a few shorter ones throughout the display. Just make sure they are stationed toward the back of the table so they don’t block the view of the other cookies.

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7. Use even more levels

Like we said, visual interest is everything with a wedding cookie table display! Use creative items such as decorative crates turned on their sides or thick wood slices to add even more levels to your design. If the ceiling is low enough, you may even be able to hang something fun above the table such as an additional sign or a sparkly balloon wreath.

8. Consider your display table lighting

Unless your wedding reception is taking place early in the day, you’ll need to consider what lighting your cookie table display will require. What happens when it gets dark outside?

Candles add ambiance but can also be a hazard. That’s why we love battery-operated lighting options such as fairy lights on the table itself. If there’s a plug nearby, you may even want to add a lightweight and fun plug-in pendant light (or two) above the table using a temporary hook.

You can also flank your table with tiki torches, move it indoors after sunset, or simply plan to pack it up when the dancing gets started. Take all of your supplies and your venue's capabilities and adjust accordingly! 

9. Add some florals

Florals are a winning combination with any wedding cookie table design scheme. Display arrangements in vases and add petals or stems to the display pieces themselves. You have endless options when it comes to what kinds of flowers to use. But Baby’s Breath will always be a winner due to its unobtrusive scent, affordability, and charmingly country vibe.

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10. Incorporate table decor

We love large letters that spell out the word “love,” or your initials. But we’ve also seen some great displays that have used disco balls, tapered candle holders, and even potted cactuses.

If you don’t already have a wedding venue picked out, it may be hard to visualize what type of table decor will look best. We recommend using Wedding Spot to search for ceremony and reception venues by location and style. There you’ll find thousands of bookable examples of where your wedding cookie table display could live. Draw inspiration from these photos and consider getting an instant quote for your favorite spots.

11. Arrange cookies by platter

The way you place your cookies on the plate should be determined by the platter itself. Long and rectangular platters look best when cookies are lined up in a neat row. On the other hand, round platters look best when cookies are stacked in a pyramid shape.

12. Separate the servings

Divide large and flat cookies with squares of parchment so they don’t all stick together. Use cupcake liners to individually serve round cookies.

13. Include serving utensils

Having serving utensils is a must, especially if your cookies have chocolate or are generally prone to melting. Tongs and thick h'ors dourve toothpicks are the most popular. Make sure you place your serving utensil on the tray it is intended to serve otherwise you might end up with peanut butter-smudged tongs contaminating other cookies.

14. Customize cocktail napkins

Make your wedding cookie table display even more elegant with cocktail napkins custom printed with your names, initials, and/or wedding date. You’ll want to include a stack at each end of the table and at least one or two stacks between plates if your display is large.

15. Write tiny signs

Handwrite some tiny signs to put on each platter of cookies. Include the type of cookie, food allergy notes, who made them/where they're from, and more. 

16. Use custom cookie stamps

If you plan to make some cookies of your own, we highly recommend going with a custom wedding cookie stamp to personalize your treats. It’s a great keepsake, but it also looks beautiful on a table with a mix of other cookie types.

17. Feature a milk bar

You can’t have cookies without milk! Consider adding in some single-serve milk jugs, striped straws, and a variety of milk types and flavors. We recommend whole cow’s milk, oat milk, and at least one fun flavor such as peanut butter banana milk.

18. Display takeaway bags

Don’t want to get stuck with ten dozen cookies after your wedding day? Then make sure your takeaway bags are part of your display. Customize plain white paper bags by putting large stickers that say thank you and your names on them. Offer colored twist ties for cellophane bags, or opt for a more boho look with butcher paper cookie sleeves.

History of wedding cookie table displays

The wedding cookie table is a time-honored tradition rooted deep in the history of Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Eastern Ohio. Although it's not exactly clear when the concept of the cookie table first emerged, it's believed that it has been around for many generations, dating back to the Great Depression.

Not only is it an affordable yet delicious alternative (or complement) to a wedding cake, but the wedding cookie table is also beautifully symbolic. In some instances, wedding guests show their love for the couple by making cookies by hand for everyone to enjoy together at the reception. This provides a lovely homemade touch to the menu as well as some tasty take-home bags.

A wedding cookie table can also pay homage to special recipes from the couple’s childhoods, often featuring grandma’s greatest hits. All in all, this sweet tradition is very special. So special, in fact, that it is worthy of its very own display.

Put these wedding cookie table display ideas to good use!

Next up: Want to treat your guests to some savory snacks to balance out your cookies? Check out our wedding popcorn bar ideas for the ultimate sweet and salty combo.

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