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32 Wedding Day Tips You Should Know

Jan 14, 2021
By Wedding Spot

Once you’ve planned most of your wedding, it’s time to start thinking about what you need to know on your wedding day. With emotions running high, it’s easy to forget about the little day-of details that can make a huge difference as to how you deal with mishaps, conflicts, and, most importantly, enjoying the experience. Keep reading for some not-so-obvious wedding day tips to help make your wedding day the absolute best it can be.

What to do the morning of your wedding: 

First, settle your mind and spirit with your favorite morning ritual such as a cup of coffee or some light stretching. Schedule at least 30 extra minutes alone to center yourself. 

Then, make sure you drink water, shower, take your supplements, and try to get some food down. Follow the rest of your typical morning routine as best you can to help stay grounded throughout the day. 

Finally, check in with your day-of coordinator, if you have one, and bridal party. Talk about what your goal is for the day, whether that’s taking time to share it with everyone or choosing to remain entirely focused on everything that goes right, or anything in between.

Discover 32 wedding day tips for couples that check all the boxes:

Use these wedding day tips to tackle everything from the day-of procedures to making the most out of the entire experience. Some of these tasks will fall directly on the couple or the planner on the actual wedding day, while others are tasks that can be done in the weeks and months leading up to the celebration to help ensure that everything goes smoothly. Some of the tips may be incredibly relevant to you, while others may not. But no matter what, this guide is here to help make your wedding day exactly what you want it to be — and then some.

1. Savor every moment

Pretend you’re on vacation for the day. After you’ve said your vows, whatever else happens can be handled by your coordinator, bridal party, or close family members. Practice mindfulness and sneak away when you can to pinch yourself. This is your day.

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2. Feel your best

Do one thing that you know will calm you in the morning, whether that’s indulging in your favorite hobby for 10 minutes or meditating. 

Every bride needs at least a little assistance getting dressed, so don’t be afraid to designate some helpers who can be on standby with a sewing kit, stain remover, and steamer. You can also choose to enjoy a familiar hobby or do some journaling if that feels right to you. 

If you and your partner choose to see each other on the morning-of, consider visualizing or praying on how you would like the wedding to go. Getting on the same page now will help you enjoy the experience more in the moment. 

3. Check your mindset

Swap worrying about if people are having a good time with making sure you are having a good time. Remind yourself that your opinion is the only one that matters. If you do want to help guests have a great time, think less about what you want them to do (i.e. get on the dance floor, stop being awkward) and more about how you want to make them feel (excited, relaxed, etc.). 

4. Have a line mover

Stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger walk the red carpet with a line mover who taps them on the shoulder when they’ve talked with someone for too long. Get one of your own if you’re worried about saying hello to all your guests at the reception. Having someone else cut you off makes them the bad guy for moving you along. 

5. Strategize the photography

Before your big day, make sure you and your photographer have a plan about how things are going to go. The best wedding day photography order of events is:

  • The reveal/first look between the couple

  • Group pictures for the wedding party

  • Big group pictures and your newlywed portraits

6. Set aside meals

Assign someone to fix you a plate and store it in the refrigerator until it's time to leave. Or, ask the caterer to set aside a midnight snack and some champagne for you and your new spouse back at the bridal suite. And don’t forget to grab some water, too! Staying hydrated on your big day is super important.

7. Give clear instructions

Send an email (or have your planner do it) to your bridal party and parents the night before to remind them where they have to be and when they’re expected to arrive. Add 10 to 15 minutes of buffer time for those who are habitually late. Schedule the email to send in advance using Gmail’s “Send Later” feature so you can set it and forget it. Just make sure it’s updated with any and all changes that are made leading up to the big day!

8. Trust your team

Remember that if anything goes wrong, you have lots of people to help sort it out for you. Assign two heads of damage control from your bridal party to clear up last-minute issues or family conflicts. And be honest with your coordinator if you anticipate any problems, large or small. 

9. Assign tasks

These are some easily-forgotten wedding day tasks:

  • Wrapping up leftovers

  • Taking home or store gifts

  • Checking out with the venue manager

  • Tipping vendors

  • Checking in on parents

  • Having someone check everyone into the hotel

If you have a planner or coordinator, most, if not all, of these details will be discussed well ahead of time. But still, it’s something to make note of ahead of time just to make sure nothing falls through the cracks!

10. Give a toast

Even if you don’t feel like it now, you may feel moved to give a quick toast on the day of, so have an idea of what you might want to say. First, thank your parents, family, and friends for attending. Then, express gratitude for the caterers, coordinators, and vendors who all put it together. Finally, thank your partner for being themselves and making your future that much brighter. 

11. Hang out together

During the reception, don’t just play host. Actually enjoy each other! Do your rounds of greeting people for the first hour then commit yourselves to sneaking away for a little to catch your breath. After, remember to sit down and take it all in together. 

12. Prepare your shoes

Break all your wedding day shoes in ahead of time. Bring comfortable backups and hydrocolloid bandages just in case.

13. Thank your parents

If they paid or even if they didn’t, thanking your parents will help you show gratitude and/or simply cover your bases. 

14. Capture the speeches

Have your videographer or an assigned person capture it all on video. Most new iPhones shoot in 4k, so if a bridal party member is doing it, make sure they adjust their setting to that or another high-quality version. 

15. Plan an after-party

Even if you don’t participate, have a bar or other venue picked out nearby where guests can go if they want to hang out after the reception venue closes. Choose one that is open the longest, is easy to get to, and involves little to no extra driving, if possible.

16. Include quiet moments

Build some quiet moments into your day-of schedule so you can take a breath if you need one. Five minutes in the limo, green room, or dressing room will do you wonders. 

17. Bring a diffuser

Use it when getting ready to achieve your ideal state. Use lavender for calm and eucalyptus or mint for energy. 

18. Prep a getting-ready playlist

Have something to listen to as you get ready. Try lo-fi hip hop to calm nerves and chill out, or sound-healing playlists to align your energy centers. 

19. Have point people

They’ll answer questions, give directions, and be the door person as you’re getting ready. 

20. Add buffer time

Leave an extra 20 minutes for travel each way, be ready at least one hour before the ceremony, and leave a couple of hours the night before to take care of any last-minute preparations.

21. Pack seasonal items

Check your weather forecast the week of and the night before. Here are some common items you may need: 

  • Umbrella

  • Bug spray

  • Spray-on sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • Seasick tablets if going on a boat

  • Extra hat, scarf, and pair of gloves

  • Any allergy meds or epi-pens you’d like to have

22. Practice mindfulness

Even if you’ve never done it before, practicing mindfulness even for five minutes will help prepare your mind for being in front of people. Meditate, do morning yoga, or try some breathwork. 

23. Get ice packs

A little wedding day beauty hack: Have a small ice pack or chilled jade roller on deck to depuff your eyes before and after the ceremony. Ice packs are easy to use over sealed makeup as long as you are mindful to not get drips of water from them. 

24. Eat well

Care for your blood sugar by eating protein and complex carbs like eggs with a cup of rolled oats. Skip the bridal suite donuts to avoid the emotional repercussions of a big crash later on. 

25. Wear a button-down or robe

Put it on for when your hair and makeup are getting done so you don’t have to pull it over your head and ruin the look later. 

26. Share expectations

Tell or remind your bridal party what kind of reception you’d ideally like to have: Tame and sophisticated or lively with lots of dancing. Bridal parties often set the tone for these things, so letting them know will help make it come true. 

27. Make emergency kits

A classic wedding day emergency kit should have: 

  • Feminine products

  • Deodorant

  • Breath mist

  • Floss 

  • Aspirin

  • Stomach calmers/antacids

  • First aid kit

  • Sewing kit

28. Be cordial

Even if there is some behind-the-scenes conflict, save face by setting it aside and treating the person in question to your best customer service mask. Today of all days is not the one to make that big speech you’ve been meaning to say to their face all these years. 

29. Let it go

Like Elsa said, let it go. You’ve done the prep work, now you can enjoy the benefits. Relax and enjoy by focusing on one main goal: Having a good time. Do whatever you want in the moment (within reason, of course) and remember, it’s your party. 

30. Take micro naps

A micro nap is a moment or two of peace where you can close your eyes, clear your mind, and breathe deeply. Take advantage of those minutes you spend traveling between venues or transitioning between activities to rest a little. Depending on how much time you have and if you plan on actually sleeping, don’t forget to set an alarm!

31. Remember your vitamins and medications

Take whatever you usually take, including all vitamins, supplements, and medications. If you don’t usually take vitamins, don’t try anything new in case you experience side effects or an allergic reaction. And, as always, consult with your physician beforehand. Plus, don’t forget to check which of your products have adverse effects to sunlight or alcohol if those play a part in your big day. 

32. Focus on skincare

Follow your normal routine. It will help anchor you emotionally but also lay a good foundation for any makeup or, at the very least, help you look more hydrated and therefore awake in your wedding photos. 

Plan the perfect celebration with these wedding day tips!

Now you know how to take great care of yourself and your partner on your wedding day! Once you have these tips nailed down, plan another part of your wedding day with these unique wedding exit ideas you and your bridal party can use. 

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