7 Pros and Cons of Doing a First Look

7 Pros and Cons of Doing a First Look

“First looks” have become a juggernaut trend in the wedding industry. Scroll through any wedding blog and you’re bound to find loads of pictures of happy couples reacting to seeing their beloved as a bride or groom for the first time. But a first look isn’t for everyone. Whether or not you do one is a completely personal decision, but it can still certainly be a difficult one to make.

Explore a handful of first look pros and cons:

Do a first look if you want to ...

Calm down

Afraid of shaking like a leaf at the altar? Wedding day jitters are real and they happen for a reason. Instead of waiting to see each other during the ceremony — which is likely one of the most important moments of both your lives — why not comfort each other before the big moment?

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Have some privacy

Are you the type that gets stage fright? A first look allows you and your beloved to experience all of the excitement of saying your vows without the audience. If you want that emotional moment to be intimate and private, then it’s a great idea for you.

Get pictures out of the way

If you want to kick back and enjoy cocktail hour with your friends and family, then a first look might be for you. Some couples don’t get the opportunity to pal around with their guests until dinner so they can take care of wedding photos during cocktail hour. The first look allows couples to get the photos out of the way and just enjoy the moment.

Freshen up before the ceremony

Are the worried about possible waterworks when you first see each other? If you get teary-eyed at the altar, you’ll have little chance to compose yourself or freshen up your makeup. A first look gives you the opportunity to enjoy the emotions of the moment without worrying about walking down the aisle with running mascara.

Don’t do a first look if you want to …

Sleep in

Doing a first look takes time, so you’ll need to find a window in your schedule and squeeze in some extra time into your busy schedule that day. This means waking up and getting all of your hair and makeup done earlier than you might have originally planned.

Spend minimally on hair and makeup

If you plan on taking photos outside, it’s unlikely that your hair and makeup will remain perfectly placed until you walk down the aisle. When you decide to do a first look, consider that you might need some extra primping afterward before making your appearance in front of all of your friends and family.

Honor tradition

The first look is a more recent phenomenon. Some couples simply want to keep their big day more traditional, which includes the dramatic unveiling of each others’ ensembles and smiling faces during the ceremony. If you’ve always dreamed of this magical moment, don’t change it fo the sake of changing it.

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