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30 Pink Wedding Ideas that Will Wow Your Guests

Feb 27, 2023
By Wedding Spot

Do all-white weddings sound like a total snooze fest? Is your Pinterest board filled with fun and feminine hues for your big day? Many couples love playful and romantic color palettes, so they seek out pink wedding ideas.

In this guide, we’ll share our favorite pink wedding ideas that will bring your big day to life. We highlight wedding venue options to book, how to decorate with pink without making it look too girly, and the many ways you can incorporate glamor into your pink wedding ideas.

Our top 30 pink wedding ideas for your special day

Did you know that the color pink has a long and interesting history? The color pink dates back to 800 B.C. During the 17th century, a Greek botanist named Aeschylus coined the term "pink" to refer to the ruffled edges of certain types of flowers. During the 18th century, it was a fashionable color for both female and male aristocrats. And, flashing forward, pink (the shade First Lady Pink, to be exact) was the color of choice for tiles in home across America in the 1950’s.

And those are just a few of the many ways this amazing color has been used across the world since its inception! So if pink is your chosen wedding color, you are taking part in a celebration of a much-loved shade, and you can feel great about using it for your big day.

1. Let seasons determine shades

Darker pinks look brilliant in cold weather climates, while blush tones fit spring celebrations best. Reserve neon pinks for summertime.

2. Use gold, copper, or silver for metals

Rose gold is always a great pairing for pink color palettes. We also recommend using gold or copper for warmer color palettes and silver to complement cooler pink tones.

3. Know the larger vision

Consider why you’re choosing pink in the first place. Is it your favorite color because it appears in boho decor a lot? Do you associate it with a sentimental time or place in your life? These can inform your wedding design choices and make your pink wedding ideas that much more personalized.

4. Make pink the focal point

Whether it’s the flowers behind your wedding altar or the tablecloth of your sweetheart table, pink should be front and center whenever possible to bring the theme to life.

5. Use multiple hues

Baby pink can only be used so much before it feels overkill. Mix in dark pinks and beiges with pink undertones to add variety throughout your design and decor plans.

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Pink wedding ideas for your venue

6. Choose Victorian wedding venues for vintage style weddings

For example, The Victorian Veranda Country Inn offers stunning wood-beamed ceilings and a cream color palette that would look heavenly paired with any of your pink wedding ideas.

7. Embrace your inner princess with a ballroom wedding reception

Go full Disney with your pink wedding ideas by booking a grand venue like Pleasantdale Chateau, a storybook estate, complete with ivy-covered turrets and magical ponds.

8. Say ‘I do’ in a rose garden surrounded by pink blooms

Let your venue do all the decorating for you. The Rose House at Red Butte Garden, for example, features a floor-to-ceiling glass event space right in the middle of a gorgeous rose garden that would bring a pink wedding theme to life without having to purchase a ton of decor.

9. Add greenery anywhere and everywhere

Worried that your pink wedding ideas might look a little over the top in your wedding venue? Stock up on faux and fresh greenery. Everything from palm fronds to eucalyptus bundles will help break up the pink featured throughout.

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10. Explore venues with modern aesthetics and design

Black and white walls, windows, and tiles look great when paired with pops of pink. Can’t you just picture pink drapery around the modern industrial windows and pink flower arrangements on the tables of the Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture?

Stunning yet affordable pink wedding ideas for decor

11. Pair pink with yellow and/or gray

These two complementary colors will bring out the pink without being too bland. They would look great as part of your table settings with layered yellow and gray place mats.

12. Use frosted or textured candle holders, serveware, and glassware

Keep pink front and center without overdoing it by adding simple yet interesting with these types of glass items.

13. Add a pink photo backdrop

Bright pinks look amazing in photos, and are a universally complementary color for most skin tones, so your guests will be delighted by their flattering snapshots!

14. Pair pink pom poms with black and white decor

Add pink poms poms anywhere you need a touch of whimsy. We love how fun these pink pom poms look on the edge of tropical black and white place settings!

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15. Use shimmery pink fabrics

Drape them across your wedding arch, hang them on either side or an entryway, or use them for tablecloths to infuse some extra color into these settings.

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Dreamy pink wedding attire suggestions

16. Deck your bridesmaids out in pink

If you want to stick to a traditional white wedding dress, have your bridesmaids wear pink dresses in varying shades for fun and unexpected bursts of color. They can choose whatever style or shade they want, as long as it’s pink. Just make sure you see the dresses all together before giving the final thumbs up.

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17. Show up and show out in a pink suit

Wear a statement-making pink suit during your ceremony or reception to really turn heads.

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18. Add pops of pink in accessories

Pocket squares, bridal bouquet ribbons, hair accessories, and heels are all great opportunities to incorporate a bright hue.

19. Pair a pink tulle wedding gown with whimsical blooms

Embrace the bubbly nature of this color with bubblegum wedding attire and coordinating florals.

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20. Make use of pink floral patterns

Floral-patterned dresses, hair bows, and ties are all a welcome addition to this particular color theme.

Drink, dance, and be merry surrounded with pink wedding ideas for receptions

21. Make a seating chart out of white frames, butcher paper, and pink bows

White lettering stands out, as does the variety of pink ribbons. Or swap butcher paper for a glass dry erases board and make sure all the pink ribbons match for a more sophisticated take.

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22.    Style champagne flutes with pink linen napkins for tablescapes

You can go all white for everything else and tie it all together with pink floral centerpieces.

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23. Combine pink drapes with floral garlands

We love how welcoming a surprising pink reception entryway looks! It’s perfect for photo ops too.

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24. Create a pink and white lace ribbon wall display

Pair antique white lace ribbons with textured pink, gold, or even silver ones. Fill an empty wall, visually separate a large open space, or use as a photo backdrop.

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25.    Embrace a playful pink balloon arch

This color can really stand out as a fun, creative, and unexpected theme. We highly recommend a balloon arch for your entryway, dessert table, or gift table to really bring it home!

Creative and fun pink food and beverage ideas

26. Wow guests with pink pasta

This absolutely stunning pink pasta is made with beets and looks darling with Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.

27. Layer a naked cake with dollops of pink frosting

Accent the whole display with a thrifted or textured cake stand and some large hydrangea or sunflower blossoms.

28. Serve pink cocktails and lemonade

Margaritas, limoncello-based cocktails, and even a simple pink lemonade for the non-drinkers on your guest list will be a big hit!

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29. Share some pink candied popcorn

This sweet reception treat is perfect dancing fuel at a pink wedding.

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30. Create a pink macaron tower

Tasty and beautiful at the same time! Use all the same flavor or combine strawberry, raspberry, and rose macarons for some fun variety.

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Frequently asked questions about pink weddings

Is pink a good color for a wedding?

Pink is a great color for a wedding, whether you sprinkle it in for pops of color or go all out with pink from head to toe!

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What goes with pink for a wedding?

Black and white gives pink a modern touch for a wedding. Yellow and gray lean more toward vintage or country styles. We also love combining pink with beige, navy blue, or forest green.

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How do I incorporate colors in my wedding?

It’s up to you how much color you want at your wedding. Make sure you have your wedding venue secured before finalizing your color palette ideas, since it’s easier to darken or lighten your chosen colors than it is to find a matching space. Keep it sophisticated with extremely light shades or embrace the whimsy with brighter hues.

Create the pink wedding of your dreams!

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