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22 Wedding Balloon Arch Ideas That Pop

Aug 8, 2022
By Wedding Spot

Are you looking for stunning wedding balloon arch ideas guests will love? How about a wedding balloon arch you’ve never seen before? If so, then this wide range of wedding balloon arch ideas is just what you’re looking for.

In this blog post, we showcase ideas for how to design, buy, and DIY wedding balloon arches that won’t break the bank. Balloon arches are perfect for customizing a dance hall, adding whimsy to a reception space, placing in your entryway to make a fun first impression as guests walk in, and so much more. 

Keep reading to discover tons of wedding balloon arch ideas that are perfect for your unique celebration!

Explore 22 of our favorite wedding balloon arch ideas

1. Add a grass photo backdrop.

There are a lot of ways to use a wedding balloon arch. Why not make yours do double duty and serve as a photo opp for guests, too? Grassy backdrops like the example below add great texture to the look of the entire photography set, but streamers, fabrics, and even wood paneling will also do the trick. Don't be afraid to mix it up!

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2. Place your arch behind the cake table.

Highlight the most delicious and whimsical part of your wedding celebration with an equally whimsical decor piece. If your wedding cake is worthy of being the centerpiece of your reception, highlighting this fact with a well-positioned wedding balloon arch is always a great idea.

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3. Include faux foliage.

Although the tropical palm fronds in the below example are meant to be part of a birthday theme, you can clearly see how adding a new shape and material to your wedding balloon arch will make it that much more interesting. We’ve also seen successful examples of faux monstera leaves, full roses, and even sea grass fronds.

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4. Cluster the colors.

Most wedding balloon arch ideas will either use one color and add in some accents or they will have an even mix of colors. But one wedding balloon arch trend that can truly "wow" your wedding guests is the color cluster design. As you can probably guess, the color cluster design groups all of the individual colors together.

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5. Mix up the sizes.

Make your wedding balloon arch ideas look more upscale by varying the size of balloons you use. In the example below, we see small, medium, and large balloons hung from varying heights. Adding levels to your display will make it more visually interesting, too.

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6. Accent your arch with glitter balloons.

Elevate your balloon arch with some carefully-selected glitter balloons in regal metallic shades that match your wedding attire jewelry. Less is more with this one! There is a fine line between a classy affair and a kid’s birthday party when it comes to wedding balloon arches, and glitter surplus is certainly one of those dividing factors.

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7. Make your balloon arch look like cascading water.

Even if that wasn’t the intent with the gorgeous white and blue balloon arch below, it certainly inspires us to create one with the same shape. Starting from one corner and gradually increasing the width of the partial arch makes it great for highlighting cake or gift tables. The balloon clusters placed on the floor near the table underneath the arch are a great way to tie it all together and fill in empty spaces.

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8. Form a champagne bottle and glass.

While this wedding balloon arch idea may not be for everyone, it's certainly a way to get the conversation started at your reception. Use gray and white balloons for the giant champagne bottle, white balloons for the bubbly, and even more white balloons for the glass it’s being poured into. Bonus points if you can nail that bow shape, and even more bonus points if you add a champagne wall behind it. 

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9. Combine pink, white, and burgundy.

These romantic colors look great together, and even though it includes pink, this wedding balloon arch is a great example of how the right color palette can make this decor piece more formal.

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10. Peekaboo the arch frame.

The frame you use to create the balloon arch shape can also be a featured element of the design itself. Take a look at how this gold arch frame peeks through the side of the balloon display. Again, adding a different texture and material to a balloon arch is always a good idea.

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11. Go half and half with greenery.

We’re obsessed with the earthy vibe of this half balloon, half greenery wedding balloon arch. The floral arrangement in the middle of the greenery is a nice touch too. Notice how they combined some greenery between the balloons to tie the whole look together.

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12. Display a group of single balloons in various sizes.

Got some space to fill but don’t have enough room for an entire arch? This magical balloon display is the next best thing. Notice how, in this example, they’ve incorporated greenery into the string portion to make it look that much more wedding appropriate.

13. Combine your arch with wood and draped lace.

You may not think it goes together but trust us, something about it just works! Take a look at this stunning wedding photo backdrop as an example. Their dazzling half arch of balloons is the focal point of the design, but the wood paneling and lace draping bring the entire look together. It’s romantic, rustic, and playful all at once.

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14. Choose all white balloons and use accessories for pops of color.

Monochrome is popular in fashion for a reason! White is a classy color for a base but black, burgundy, or any other color in your existing palette would also look great. We also love how the shape of the wedding balloon arch in this example isn’t a perfect arch. Adding the dark accents with flowers was genius too.

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15. Pick a desert-themed color palette.

Even if you’re not into boho decor for your wedding, you have to admit these desert-inspired balloon arches are otherworldly beautiful. The colors shown here, ranging from dusty pink to black to Kardashian beige, adultify the balloon arch concept. The feathers and ferns are also a unique touch.

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16. Make a stretched S-shape on a back wall. 

Your wedding balloon arch ideas aren’t limited to entryways and cake tables! Using your balloon art to fill in blank walls at the venue is great for photos, easy to pack up when you leave, and adds even more personality to your display. Notice how this stretched S-shape wedding balloon arch cleverly blocks a door to a part of the venue guests should avoid using. It’s functional and fun at the same time!

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17. Include a neon sign.

Hope you’re not tired of neon signs at weddings yet, because we certainly aren’t! The neon sign here is great for lighting up your display indoors after the lights are dimmed for dancing. Other great options to include are the word “love”, your initials, or a short (but fun) saying. 

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18. Pair your arch with large letters that spell love.

As we’ve seen from other examples, adding decor to the ground near your wedding balloon arch balances out the display. The letters that spell out love in this example are color-coordinated to the arch. If you want, you can even add a matching balloon cluster to them too.

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19. Go monochrome with hints of gold.

This all-blue wedding balloon arch looks stunning with its brass highlights. If you’re feeling stuck on what colors to add, metallics like gold, silver, and copper are always a good choice. We also love how the bride’s bouquet has blue flowers that match the arch in this photo.

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20. Drape shimmery fabrics along a rectangular balloon arch.

So far we’ve seen wedding balloon arch ideas that use fabrics on one side of the display. But in this beautiful rose gold balloon arch, we see fabric draped from both the side and the middle of the piece. The shimmer effect of the fabric material adds a level of depth to the design we also appreciate.

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21. Choose shades of beige.

There's something so sophisticated about a beige balloon arch. Between the lovely shades they’ve chosen, the rust accents, and the matte finish on the balloons themselves, we just can’t get enough of these boho beauties.

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22. Outline an entryway.

Transition from your ceremony to the reception in style with an eye-catching wedding balloon arch outlining the doors. This idea is especially striking for a modern wedding with a venue that features white walls and black door or window frames, like in this example.

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Where to buy wedding balloon arches online

Stores like Party City can create a balloon arch for you in-store if you order ahead of time. But if you’re handy with an air pump and would rather grab something DIYable, these retailers offer affordable pre-packaged options with DIY instructions.

Start putting these wedding balloon arch ideas to good use!

There are tons of ways you can make a balloon arch wedding-worthy. From the hues you choose to extras like ribbons and florals, the wedding balloon arch ideas above can help elevate the decor at any venue.

Up next, stay on the theme of decor and discover 30 showstopping wedding head table ideas.

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