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20 Tie-Dye Wedding Ideas and Design Tips

Jun 22, 2022
By Wedding Spot

If you’re a fan of fantastic color schemes, artsy designs, or funky fresh wedding themes, then hosting a tie dye-inspired wedding may be the right choice for you. Whether you’re planning a wedding with an all-out tie-dye dress code or are looking for simple, subtle ways to incorporate tie-dye into your wedding design, we have tie-dye wedding ideas to help. 

In this post, we review our favorite tie-dye wedding ideas to help color-lovers everywhere plan the wedding they’ve always wanted. We review some of our favorite tie-dye wedding decor, decorating tricks, planning tips, and so much more!

Uncover 20 unique tie-dye wedding ideas and planning tips

Tips for planning a tie-dye wedding

Before you start ordering tie-dyed linens, crafting decorations, or getting too deep in your wedding design, we recommend reviewing the following tips for planning a tie-dye wedding.

1. Choose 1-3 colors.

Unless you’re aiming for an over-the-top costume-style wedding with tie-dye at the center of the theme, choose a cohesive color palette. Select up to three colors, all complementary and with similar hues, to use in your tie-dye wedding decorations. Once you select the colors and refine a unique wedding theme, stick to it. Commit to using the same color scheme throughout the wedding planning process.

2. Incorporate tie-dye in the details.

Hosting a tie-dye wedding doesn’t mean that every little decoration has to be tie-dye. Create an organic wedding design by incorporating small tie-dye elements as accents to accentuate wedding decorations, table settings, and wedding party accessories.

3. Carefully consider DIY.

The DIY method is a terrific way for couples on a tight budget to approach their wedding decorations. While we’re big fans DIY wedding decorations, we recommend taking a moment to weigh the consequences of attempting DIY tie-dye with your wedding design. It’s perfectly acceptable to assess different dye methods on smaller decorations that are easy to replace. There’s minimal risk in dyeing your own cloth napkins or testing a new tie-dye method on a table runner or two. With that in mind, however, we would recommend against taking the DIY approach with expensive or irreplaceable items — like your wedding dress.

4. Create a subtle flow; don’t overdo it.

When it comes to themed weddings, you can absolutely have too much of a good thing. Whether you’re going all out with a ‘70s-themed wedding or working natural ombre-style tie-dye designs into the theme, try to strike a balance between bright colors or heavily-dyed items and neutral colors. Tie-dyed accents will stand out against plain backdrops without overwhelming the senses. You want to leave your guests with joyous memories, not a migraine.

Tie-dye wedding ideas for decor

Whether you’re hosting a hippie-inspired wedding, are a fan of all things boho, or would like to incorporate subtle tie-dye decor into your wedding design, check out these tie-dye wedding ideas for decoration inspiration.

5. Accent place settings with shibori cloth napkins.

Shibori, an ancient form of the art of tie-dye, is achieved by binding fabric with a variety of on-hand materials such as rope, twine, clamps, rocks, clips, poles, or whatever else works. The fabric is then hand-dyed to create a completely unique tie-dye pattern with intricate and delicate designs.

Traditionally, indigo dye was used in shibori to create the intricately-dyed patterns, but the original process is quite time-consuming. Thanks to the magic of modern convenience, however, pre-made shibori dye packs are available on the market to speed up the process. Pick up a kit at your local craft store, and follow a cloth napkin shibori tie-dye tutorial to create stunning tie-dye napkins for cheap.

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6. Send tie dye-inspired watercolor wedding invitations.

Set the stage for your big day by sending gorgeous tie-dye wedding invitations to friends and family. If you’ve chosen a bright tie-dye color palette, Gryphon Studio’s hippie-inspired watercolor wedding invitations might be right for you.

For a more subtle, elegant nod to the theme, explore dip-dye wedding invitations. Ceci Bride in New York designed luxurious teal and gold dip-dyed invitations sure to elevate any tie dye-inspired wedding.

7. Tie-dye table runners for the wedding reception.

Add touches of tie-dye to your reception setup with tie-dye table runners. Without overwhelming your table setting, dyed table runners incorporate your color scheme and will add to your design without detracting it.

8. Drape tables with ombre dyed lines.

Covering all of your reception tables with bold, bright tie-dyed linen could distract your guests from other design elements at the wedding. Instead of traditional tie-dye patterns, choose linens with a lightly-dyed ombre color effect, with the richest colors focused on the edges of the linen.

9. Add to the ceremony arch.

Drape dazzling dyed chiffon or satin around the arch at your wedding reception. Elevate the arch design further by including lush greenery, delicate florals, or ribbon as well. For a more playful atmosphere, say “I do” under an awe-inspiring wedding arch decorated with rich rainbow ribbons.

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10. Tie-dye your wedding signs.

Use tie-dye-inspired painted signs or dipped banners to show wedding guests where to go. Dyed signs can also be used to show the names of buffet dishes, designate the bar area, point wedding guests to the restroom, and so on. Take advantage of the bright pops of color by strategically placing dyed signs where they will break up bland backgrounds or pinpoint hard-to-find outdoor walking paths. Add tie-dyed signs where guests will need them most.

11. Amaze guests with vibrantly tie-dyed flowers.

Florists are able to tie-dye roses and other popular wedding flowers to create magnificent tie-dye floral arrangements. By splitting the bottom of a lightly colored flower with a long stem and placing each of the split sections into a separate container of water, florists are able to control the rose’s dye pattern. Each container of water has a distinct color of dye inside, and as the flowers drink up the dyed water, their petals take on the color of the dye.

Add tie-dyed flowers to centerpieces, aisle arrangements, or to the bridal bouquet. Give the flower carrier a basket of vibrantly tie-dyed petals to scatter as they precede the bride down the aisle.

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Tie-dye wedding ideas for the ceremony and reception

Create a connected color scheme that flows effortlessly through the entire event by adding tie-dye designs, elements, and dyeing activities to your wedding ceremony and reception plans.

12. Set up a sweetheart table.

Make a statement by swapping out the head table at your wedding reception for a sweetheart table draped in tie-dyed linens that match your color scheme. As opposed to a traditional head table, which seats the entire wedding party, a sweetheart table is only big enough for two and seats just the newlyweds.

13. Be sent off with vibrant smoke bombs.

Instead of having a traditional send-off — like tossing rice, confetti, or flower petals — be sent off with a bang! At the reception’s end, in a safe and open outdoor area, set off vibrant smoke bombs. Watch them fill the air with color as you depart, making for epic wedding photos down the line. Be careful: smoke bombs have the potential to stain or burn holes in clothing and should only be used in a safe space with your venue's approval. 

14. Set up a DIY tie-dye station for guests.

Set up a DIY tie-dye station at your outdoor wedding and invite guests to get in on the theme. Use tarps to prevent dye from harming the natural environment, and set up a hand-washing station nearby. Provide wedding guests with all of the items they need: plain tee shirts, gloves, rubber bands, twine, dye, etc. Beforehand, use your wedding website to give guests a heads up so they can pack a change of clothes or make other preparations.

Dress and accessory ideas for a tie-dye wedding

Be bold! Add tie dye elements and designs to your wedding attire, and encourage your guests to embrace your wedding theme by dressing in their dip-dyed best.

15. Add tie-dye accents and accessories.

Even the biggest lovers of tie-dye may not want to sport a completely dyed ensemble on their wedding day. If you’d prefer to adorn a more traditional wedding ensemble, consider adding tie-dye accents or accessories to your outfit. Instead of a dyed dress, wear tie-dye-inspired wedding heels, or give each of the groomsmen a shibori pocket square to wear.

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16. Dress the bridal party in boho-style tie-dye.

While head-to-toe tie-dye may not be the look you want, tie-dye is a great pattern for the wedding party. Dress the bridal party in flowy boho-inspired wedding gowns with muted tie-dye patterns at spring or summer weddings for an effortlessly ethereal wedding aesthetic.

17. Dip-dye your dress for an organic tie-dye look.

Dip-dye your wedding dress to create an organic ombre design featuring 1-3 colors. Dip-dyeing gives your dress that funky feel without allowing the color change to overpower the gown’s design.

It is possible to dip-dye your own wedding dress, but one mistake could ruin the entire gown. We recommend consulting professional designers experienced in dip-dye techniques and coloring services, such as Renegade Bridal or New Heritage Bridal.

Tie-dye wedding cocktail and cake ideas

Although there may not be many (if any) tie-dye foods found in the natural world, newlyweds can still incorporate elements of a tie-dye color scheme into their wedding menu. Offer guests tie dye-inspired cocktails or work with your cake decorator to create a colorful confectionery masterpiece.

18. Kick things off with colorful cocktails.

Get the party started with fun, colorful thematic cocktails. The Tie Dye is a beautiful yet simple cocktail requiring only two ingredients: Sambuca and Tequila Rose. Once poured, the color of the liquors mix together to create an entrancing tie-dye design in the glass.

19. Blend tie-dye designs with texture.

Drawing inspiration from tie-dye watercolor invitations, add watercolor tie-dye designs to your cake. Lay the designs over the top of a classic white multi-tiered wedding cake to tie it all together. We love how For Goodness Cakes, a nonprofit organization, mixes watercolor, tie-dye, and a simple pleated texture to create this perfectly balanced contemporary wedding cake.

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20. Impress guests with a tie-dyed wedding cake surprise.

If you prefer to have a more traditionally-decorated cake at your wedding, save the tie-dye for the inside. Instead of creating a tie-dye pattern with icing or airbrushing on the outside of the cake, make the inside of the cake tie-dye. Watch guests react with delight as they are served slices of your incognito wedding cake!

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Start putting these tie-dye wedding ideas to use!

Equipped with a list of tie-dye wedding ideas and design tips, you’re ready to start planning the big day. Before you get too deep into the details, however, make sure you find and book a venue. Look for venues with high-spirited decorations and a design that matches your theme.

Next up, we’re exploring different wedding venue types to help couples find the venue of their dreams. From historic homes and museums to banquet halls and hotels, join us as we explore 36 types of wedding venues all engaged couples should know.

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