How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers Based on Season

How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers Based on Season

Flowers are, at this point, a staple at every wedding. They offer pops of color; lend beautiful scents; and can tie the décor together in a simple and effortless way. Flowers can set the tone, in terms of color palette. So if you’re currently searching for some perfect blooms, here’s a guide by season for some classics and lesser-known beauties.



Classic and elegant, the peony is a popular springtime flower, but there are other ways to get bright spring colors into your floral arrangements. For a fun twist, see what your florist can do with cherry blossoms, which add both pastel delight and sturdiness.

If you light bright but bold, zinnias may be for you. Related to the daisy family, zinnias are part of the sunflower group with the fanning petals to show for it. They come in a multitude of colors (sometimes on the same flower) that can be fairly intense. Perfect for saying hello to a late spring day.

Hollyhocks grow multiple flowers per one long stem on a plat that rather resembles a bush. With a range of colors, from intense violet to sunny yellow, they make a nice addition to a bouquet or arrangement, the stem covered in flowers and buds.



Bring Provençal dreams to life with some sprigs of lavender- fresh or dried. Have your wedding planner or coordinator save them, and distribute to your guests to toss as you make your exit!

Another option is the dahlia—bulbous and somewhat cheeky, they’ll add a spot of fun to an arrangement as the main piece or simply an accent. For more fun, go with sunflowers (perhaps the definition of summer) or delicate daisies, all good for bouquets, flower crowns, and centerpieces.



True to their name, these flowers are golden like the sun. Heliopsis would be lovely for an early fall wedding as you kiss summer goodbye and ease into fall. Asters would work for a later fall wedding, with a darker color that signals the changes of seasons. And for that last burst of summer cheer, think about using chrysanthemums, known for being brightly colored with many varieties.



You may not think winter affords many options, but there are a few! Snapdragons, far from vicious, resemble colorful cotton candy, and carnations also come in a rainbow of colors. And despite the cold, camellias are a great option for a more delicate, feminine touch.

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