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What to Do With Flowers After Your Wedding

Nov 18, 2020
By Wedding Spot

Whether you opt for real or faux flowers, get a florist, or DIY your arrangements, flowers are a beautiful addition to every wedding. They elevate your venue and create a wonderfully romantic vibe. But what do you do with your flowers after your wedding? Just know, they don’t have to go to waste! We’ve compiled a list for both real and faux flowers of things you can do (and feel good about doing!) with your gorgeous arrangements after the big day. 

Wondering what to do with the flowers after your wedding? Explore these 20 ideas:

What to do with real flowers after your wedding

1. Donate them

There are a few different ways you can donate your flowers. We recommend staying local to aid in community development. For example, reach out to your local hospital, senior living homes, and women’s shelters and ask if they accept flower donations. There are also companies that will take your flowers after your wedding and donate them.

2. Repurpose them for your home

One of our favorite things to do with your flowers after your wedding is repurposing them for your home. You can break them down and create an array of bouquets in different sizes to place around your home. You can even give these smaller bouquets to friends and loved ones, maybe even the wedding party, to show them how much you appreciate their support during the wedding planning process.

3. Have a bouquet station at your wedding

We love the idea of creating a bouquet station at your wedding reception so that guests can take home a piece of your special day as their wedding favor. Create a station with brown butcher paper and monogrammed tape towards the exit of your venue so guests can stop by and gather a few blooms to take with them on their way out.

4. Dry your flowers

The most common way to dry flowers is by means of air drying. Essentially, you tie your flowers upside down and hang them in a dry, warm place, like above a radiator. However, you can also dry them using silica gel by placing them in an airtight container, pouring silica over top, and letting them sit for two days to a week.

5. Have your flowers photographed

Companies like The Heirloom Bouquet can style and photograph your flowers, creating an exclusive one-of-a-kind work of art that will last for generations, and the process is very easy!

6. Make your own candles

A romantic way to keep your wedding flowers from going to waste is by turning them into candles. Candle making requires you to first dry your flowers, but the rest is super easy and super fun. 

7. Hire a professional flower preserver

If you’re not looking to preserve your wedding flowers yourself, there are many different types of professional flower preservers that can complete this for you.

8. Press your flowers in glass

Having your bouquet and other wedding flowers dried and pressed in glass is a beautiful way to display and remember your big day for the rest of your life. If you want to add art to your walls, this is the way to go. A few companies we love for this are Pressed Floral, Glass House Collection, and Framed Florals.

9. Use epoxy resin

If you’d like to preserve your flowers in a more usable way, using epoxy resin is the perfect choice for you. Companies like Glass House Collection and Soul + Soul can take your wedding flowers and turn them into coasters, candle holders, ring holders, paperweights, guitar picks, cake trays, block letters, and so many other incredible pieces of resin art.

10. Turn them into jewelry

For a wearable option, take your wedding flowers and make them into jewelry! From necklaces to earrings to loose beads, using your wedding flowers to make beautiful jewelry is not only a wonderful way to remember your wedding day, but it also gives you the option of gifting pieces to your loved ones — maybe the wedding party — and even save them as an heirloom to be passed on for generations. A few companies that turn wedding flowers into jewelry are Impressed By Nature, Fantastic Blooms, and Bloombeads.  

11. Make potpourri

Smell plays a huge part in memory. If you want to relive your wedding over and over, consider making potpourri out of your wedding flowers! This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know to create this delicious smelling craft. You can even make these in large quantities and give them to wedding guests when you return from your honeymoon!

12. Wax dip your flowers

An affordable way to preserve your flowers after your wedding is by dipping them in wax. Check out this step-by-step tutorial on waxed flowers so you can keep your stunning flowers from your big day forever. 

13. DIY floral bath salts

If you’re looking for a way to relax and unwind after your weekend of celebrating, consider having a spa day at home using the flowers from your wedding! There are plenty of DIY resources on how to make bath salts from flowers.

14. Remember loved ones

Some couples choose to take their flowers to the burial site of their loved ones who are no longer with them. This gives you the opportunity to share your wedding with special people who have passed and give them a tangible piece of your important day.

What to do with faux/artificial flowers after your wedding

15. Gift them to guests

If you’re looking for party favors to give out to your guests, consider gifting them the faux flowers from your wedding day! 

16. Reach out to an artist

We love the idea of having an artist paint a rendition of your wedding day flowers so you can hang it on your wall and remember the day you said “I do,” forever. To find an artist, try contacting local art studios or searching on Etsy. A few fabulous artists for you to consider include Megan Carty, Things Unseen Designs, and Fiorello Art and Design.

17. Frame your flowers

Get crafty by using your faux flowers to create a fun frame! This step-by-step guide for DIY artificial flower framing will help you make a gorgeous statement piece to add to your home to help you remember your wedding day. You can also press your silk flowers into a picture frame and display your beautiful arrangement that way as well. Shadowbox frames are another fantastic way to preserve your artificial flowers because the colors and textures of the blooms never fade. 

18. Make a wreath for your door

If you enjoy DIY activities, you should absolutely use your wedding day flowers to create a wreath for your door! Whether you want it to be holiday specific or something you can leave up year-round, a wreath will add vibrance and life to your home entrance. If you have leftover flowers, you can make wreaths for your wedding party as a thank you!

19. Make a centerpiece for your home

Split your wedding day flowers up and create different floral arrangements around your house, including a beautiful centerpiece for your dining room table. We recommend finding vintage mix and matched glassware and vases from thrift stores, secondhand shops, and Etsy to put your wedding day flowers in. Get vessels in different textures, sizes, and colors to bring a bohemian vibe to your home, or keep it more simple with classic crystal vases. 

20. Create flower letters

Another lovely way to display your artificial wedding day flowers is by making DIY flower letters using you and your partner’s initials or maybe your new last name if you decide to change it. Both this video tutorial and this step-by-step guide are a great resource to guide you on this super fun post-wedding day craft.

Now you know what to do with your flowers after your wedding!

No matter the type, amount, or style of your flower arrangements, these beautiful blooms do not have to go to waste after your wedding day is done. There are so many different options for not just your bouquet, but for your altar and tablescape arrangements as well. From donating to children’s hospitals to creating a locket, you can have a floral-adorned wedding and eliminate waste all in one. If you’re looking for more ways to make your wedding green, check this list of eco-friendly wedding ideas to help you during your planning journey.

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