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Quick and Easy Guide to All Bridal Party Events

Feb 8, 2019
By Wedding Spot

Before the wedding bells ring and the party begins, you’ll need to attend a whole lot of other parties. The bride and her bridal party will spend a lot of time together in the months and weeks before the big day. Interested to know what you’re in for? Check out the complete bridal party events guide, which lists all of the events that the bridal party traditionally participates in before you tie the knot.

Explore the bridal party events guide:

The bridal shower

Anywhere from three months to a few weeks before the wedding, you might choose to have a bridal shower. Traditionally hosted and organized by the maid of honor or the bridal party as a whole, this event is all about the bride.

Typically only the bride’s closest female friends and family are invited to, well, shower gifts upon the bride. This is a fantastic opportunity to play games and have intimate conversations with women from both families.


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The bridesmaids’ luncheon

As a “thank you” to her attendants, this lunch is traditionally hosted by the bride to show gratitude to her bridesmaids. Usually, you can present an attendant’s gift of some kind to your bridesmaids during this event as well.

Many people on a time crunch will skip out on hosting this event and choose to shower love on their bridal party in other ways.

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The bachelorette party

It’s time to shake off those wedding jitters with a night out on the town with your favorite ladies! Adventurous brides may want to jet off to Vegas or a faraway locale to party it up, while more low key brides might simply want to spend a night in with the girls, a few bottles of wine, and some chick flicks. The bridal party should plan a night based on the bride’s wishes and her personality. Think about the things that help her unwind!


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The rehearsal dinner

Wedding rehearsals are typically followed by a rehearsal dinner, which involves close friends, family, and members of the wedding party coming together for a nice meal. Sometimes any out-of-town wedding guests will also be looped in.

The rehearsal dinner is a great opportunity for the most important people in the bride and groom’s lives to get to know each other. The event doesn’t need to be extravagant. Have a nice dinner at a restaurant or even at someone’s home!

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