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'60s-Themed Wedding Ideas: 31 Must-See Options

Feb 16, 2021
By Wedding Spot

Whether you love nostalgia, have a fascination with mid-century modern architecture, are a fan of 1960s fashion, or have some other interest in the era, a ‘60s-inspired wedding gives you endless options to create a truly unique and memorable celebration. You can simply use a ‘60s color scheme and shapes, go all out and theme your wedding (including guest attire), or anything in between. The choice is yours! To give you some inspiration, we’ve compiled 31 ‘60s-themed wedding ideas to help you put together the big day of your dreams.

Explore 31 of our favorite ‘60s-themed wedding ideas:

The best ‘60s-themed wedding ideas revolve around the venue, invitations, decor, attire, and hair and makeup. Create your perfect ‘60s-inspired ceremony and reception with these 31 tips, shoppable links, and inspiring examples.

Venues that can accommodate a ‘60s-themed wedding

1. The Fig House - Los Angeles, CA

Bold colors and textures, as well as geometric shapes, will help you create a stunning 1960s-themed wedding at The Fig House. There are also multiple locations on the property to choose from, which transport couples to “a place where mid-century California meets lush landscaping, and modern glamour.”


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2. Madonna Inn - San Luis Obispo, CA

The Madonna Inn is perfect for the couple who wants to indulge in some over-the-top 1960s style. It has 110 rooms, all with different themes, on a 1000 acre property. There’s a reason Elle Decor dubbed it an “unabashedly kitsch wonderland.”

3. Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Bungalows - Scottsdale, AZ

The resort was featured on the cover of Arizona’s Finest Wedding Sites and Services magazine and was described as a venue which “highlights the best of mid-century modern design era mixed with unparalleled views of the Scottsdale desert!” What more could you ask for?

4. The Lautner Compound - Palm Springs, CA

Created by legendary architect John Lautner, The Lautner Compound has mid-century modern elegance down to a T. A bit more subtle than the classic bold colors and shapes found in other 1960s-inspired venues, the Lautner Compound offers an element of sophistication that’s hard to beat.

5. The Parker - Palm Springs, CA

The Parker was built in 1959 but has still held onto its “mid-century soul” despite a few makeovers over the years. A Coachella Valley “it” spot, The Parker has hosted the likes of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, John Travolta, Leonardo DiCaprio, and many others. Put simply: This venue is the perfect place to host a 1960s-themed celebration.

6. The Statler - Dallas, TX

Just like The Parker, The Statler made sure to keep its mid-century modern appeal and aesthetic during renovations. Everyone from Frank Sinatra to Gene Autry have graced the stage of the ballroom, so if you’re looking for vintage charm, it doesn’t get much better than this.

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Invitation ideas for your ‘60s-themed wedding

7. Utilize the bold colors of the 1960s to inform your wedding invitation style.

8. Unique shapes are a keynote in mid-century modern design, so consider including some starbursts or geometric circles on your wedding invites.

9. People tend to overlook font when it comes to invitations, but for a 1960s-themed wedding, make sure your font matches the era! A few great font options are Wanderlust, Irish Grover, and Atomic DooDads.

10. To really lean into the 1960s theme on your invitations, use expressions from that decade. For example, “Come have a gas with us!” or “RSVP: Yes, outta sight! / No, big bummer!”

Ideas for ‘60s-themed decor

11. Geometric accents

Whether you decide to add geometric shapes to your ceremony backdrop, include bold lines in your reception chairs, or infuse patterns and prints into your table linens, making sure to add fun and funky geometric accents to your decor is a must for a 1960s-themed wedding.

12. Hairpin and tulip legs

Consider adding some tables with hairpin and/or tulip legs to your reception decor. It may seem like a small detail, but it makes a huge difference in taking your mid-century modern theme to the next level.

13. Velvet furniture

Implement a bit of luxury and drama with velvet lounges added to your reception. Mix and match colors and various metals to complete the look.

14. Mid-century modern colors

There are a few different color palettes of the 1960s depending on the year. Choose one that speaks to you and that you find exciting and fun! You can go for the more bold colors like turquoise and yellow or opt for more muted tones with black and white accents.

15. Vintage rentals

When searching for rentals, see if any vendors have actual vintage pieces, or at the very least vintage-inspired. Things like vintage monochromatic glassware, glasses with atomic prints, vintage-inspired candles, and vintage couches create the 1960s ambiance that you’re looking for.

16. Mix and match furniture, patterns, etc.

One of the super fun things about decor in the 1960s is that boldness is valued. Mixing fabrics, colors, patterns, furniture, etc. is actually a must to get the perfect mid-century vibe. So don’t shy away from mixing and matching.

17. Atomic starbursts and sputniks

Atomic starbursts and sputniks were all the rage in the 1960s due to the space race. Add these design elements to any part of your wedding, whether it's on invitations, your day-of signage, your ceremony backdrop, your cake, as a hanging light fixture, or just as decoration.

18. Vintage tablescapes

Pull in mid-century modern elements to your tablescape so the vibe is carried into dinner. Printed tablecloths, pops of color, antique candles, and even props like vintage radios, fondue pots, and lamps will keep you on-theme.

19. 1960s-inspired cake design

Rather than a traditional white cake, consider making your cake appear as an abstract work of art from the 1960s. Cake decorators can use fondant to create incredibly intricate designs or just add a vintage star here and there for a more mild take on your theme.

20. Brass/gold detailing

Incorporating metals, especially brass and gold, into your reception is an incredible way to heighten both the drama and the vintage feel. Whether you add a brass bar cart, brass cutlery, or even just glassware with gold trim, there are tons of easy ways to use metals to highlight your theme.

21. Retro font in signage

This is one of the best ways to tell the story of the 1960s at your wedding. When creating your signage, whether that’s a welcome sign, escort cards, menus, etc., choose a font that has been specifically created with mid-century modern in mind.

‘60s-themed wedding dress ideas

22. Bow detail

Bows are a fun and feminine way to bring your theme into your attire. Consider a gown with a bow right under the bustline. This will work especially well if the cut is an empire waist.

23. Three-quarter length sleeve

Another way you can incorporate ‘60s style into your wedding is by choosing a gown with three-quarter sleeves. Add a romantic touch by incorporating lace as well.

24. Tea-length dress

A nod to the late 1950s and early 1960s, choosing a tea-length wedding gown will make for exquisite photos. .

‘60s-inspired hair, makeup, and accessory ideas

25. Vintage-inspired shoes

If your dress will show your shoes at some point in the evening, choose a shoe with a vintage-inspired look. T-straps, kitten heels, or even a fun go-go boot-inspired shoe (especially for a second look!) all are perfect to go with your 1960s style.

26. Gloves

Evening gowns were always paired with gloves in the ‘60s. You can choose from short wrist-height gloves, over-the-elbow opera gloves, or anything in between. Get even more unique with a lace or polka dot pattern glove rather than the classic satin.

27. Shoulder-length veil

Shoulder-length veils with blushers make for an iconic ‘60s-themed wedding idea. You can have it attached to your hair with a classic comb or go full-on vintage by affixing it to a hair accessory like a floral headband, a tiara, a bow, or even a fascinator.

28. Mod eye makeup

For a dramatic look, try the iconic mod cut crease that model Twiggy made famous. Go a step further by using a bold color or a little more natural with a blended-out neutral color cut crease.

29. Pink lips

Bubble gum pink to pale rose were popular shades of the 1960s and look fabulous on every bride.

30. Statement earrings

Depending on your gown, you can really get creative with statement earrings as a bridal accessory. From mod-geometric shapes to gold hoops, the more fun, the better!

31. Teased roots

Teased roots creating big hair was a big look in the 1960s. You can go for a more classic updo, a messy half up/half down style, a simple teased hair down look, or add hair accessories for an extra kick.

Put these ‘60s-themed wedding ideas to good use!

Wow your wedding guests from the time they enter onto the ceremony site to the moment they watch you drive away with these 31 tips for a super groovy 1960s-themed wedding. No matter which ideas you decide to incorporate, remember to remain authentic to yourselves and your love and you will surely do it right.

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