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Known for its exoctic flora and breathtaking georgraphy, Costa Rica is a first class choice for your destination wedding. Commonly called "the happiest place on earth," it's little wonder that many couples see this gorgeous country as the perfect place to kick off their lives together. Unlike many other international destination wedding locations, couples have the ability to get legally married in Costa Rica. To tie the knot, all you need is a lawyer officiant, passport, birth certificate, and two non-familial witnesses. However, a symbolic ceremony is also a great choice for your wedding day! Currently, same-sex couples can't be legally wed in Costa Rica, but the country's Supreme Court recently lifted the ban. Same sex marriages are expected to be fully legalized by mid-2020. The new law reflects the country's open-mindedness. Many towns in Costa Rica are LGBTQ+ friendly, particularly tourist areas like Tamarindo, Manuel Antonio, and San Jose.

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Costa Rica is a country of diverse landscapes and sights. Long considered a mecca for lovers of the outdoors, this stunning country has seemingly endless attractions and activities to offer couples and guests alike. Ecologically, Costa Rica is like no other. You can experience breathtaking white sand costlines, soaring mountains draped in greenery, lush tropical rainforests, and even awe-inspiring volcanoes -- all in one place! Aside from numerous recreational activities like rafting, hiking and, ziplining, participating in an outdoor activity that takes full advantage of the country's ecological diversity is a must. Take a birdwatching tour and admire the colorful birds of the rainforest. Enjoy scuba diving and seeing what life under the sea has offer. There is no shortage of things to do in this beautiful country!

The cost of having a destination wedding in Costa Rica will vary depending on the type of event you're hosting, but most basic all-inclusive packages begin at $3,000. Some can go to $8,000 and above. Booking prices for hotels vary depending on the season, but many experts suggest booking in April or May if you want to save. This is the beginning of the rainy season, where prices are lower but the weather is still gorgeous. While slightly more expensive than some other destination wedding locations in Central America and the Carribean, Costa Rica provides unrivaled scenery that couples and guests are bound to remember forever. As a bonus, many of the all-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica offer robust wedding packages that allow you to bypass the stress of planning. All you need to do is simply show up to the event!

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